I know I owe you an update…here it is for now

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update.

I have been working very hard as I try to rebrand and reposition a company that will take well over a year to do.

We are probably 2-4 weeks away from a new web site launch that has been a team effort. This is a Saas platform but I’ve done my usual, interface design (UI/UX), a lot of hand coding, shooting pictures, editing pictures, making graphics, managing the photo and graphics staff under me, etc. etc. I brought in the models and did all the logistics for the shoots as well as select the outfits and jewelry. This platform is not my favorite because it’s missing a lot of core features but we’re making it work. It was chosen before I was brought in. Many of you realize my computer science and IT backgrounds as well as design.

I spent 3 years in high jewelry on Worth Avenue and this time the client is in fashion jewelry but same concepts.

I will get new photos up to show soon but here are a few I shot and the rest I served as the editor. Keep in mind we probably shot about 10,000 photos. You’ll have to wait to see the web site. We’re in the final push now.

I shot these….

Photography by Laura Kerbyson


And I edited, directed and styled these…



And then I take photos like this and make them into banners, and then into web pages and into sites….

I can say, I don’t think I’ve had a social life since I started all this. I am hoping after launch to change that.

As for me, my business and look may be powered by computer science and design but fundamentally it is about style. I bought these earrings from England and their mistake as jewelry designer was to make them post earrings. I converted them to dangle earrings. Here’s a closeup and here’s the look. This were taken in February at the Versace mansion in Miami.

Laura Kerbyson

Laura Kerbyson

And we got the best table in the house that evening. And the funny thing is that red is my least favorite color. I hate it.

In other news, I was quoted again yesterday by Fast Company about ways to grow a small business or local startup. You can read it here:

15 Ideas to Boost Your Recognition in the Marketplace –


I am currently serving on the board for Fast Company. I haven’t had much involvement since I took on this major project but they will be quoting me throughout the year.