Computer Graphics + Graphic Design

The field of Computer Graphics is a specialization of Computer Science. When you combine it with Graphic Design and Photography, it can make for a powerful combination. A lot of what I am working on these days is applying Artificial Intelligence to images for advertising and branding.

Let’s look at some before and afters –

Before – Problems: Model looks too young. Shot now needs to run in Fall. Humidity during shoot flattened models hair.

Before Computer Graphics

After – Model looks older, heavier makeup, body in the hair plus curls, background replaced.

After Computer Graphics

Before – This is just a simple change of scene. This is a nice shot that was photographed in Palm Beach. However, it needs to run in Fall.


Before Computer Graphics


Using Artificial Intelligence can yield these better results. I’ve done it on thousands of photos.

Before – Problems: Too young, flat hair.

Before Artificial Intelligence

After – Fit for Advertising. This is for an SMS campaign.

After Artificial Intelligence