Behind the Scenes Video

As promised, here’s a behind the scenes video. I hope you enjoy the fun facts behind Shoot 1 and the behind the scenes look.


  • The hardest thing to photograph in the world is jewelry.
  • We introduced our bride and groom Hugh and Kelly 60 seconds before we started the shoot and the role they had to play was as a couple in love.
  • Hugh had never modeled before. His background was as a VP of Marketing, and he owns his own consulting business. Hugh is 6’6”. I selected Hugh out of a friends contact list to pair with Andrea who is very tall as is Julie.
  • The bridal dress was ordered for Andrea. I thought height wise, Hugh and Andrea would look good photographed together. I ordered a size 10 for Andrea. When the dress arrived a few days before the shoot, it’s about a size 4. I’m a size 4 and I weigh 110 lbs. I put it on and it fit me perfectly. I snapped a photo of me in the dress and sent to my team with a message, “We have a problem…” We put out an emergency call for anyone who had a good-looking blonde friend who wears a size four. We got Kelly, who’s a real estate agent and marketing professional. She was delightful to work with.
  • Hugh forgot his pants and tie the day of the shoot. He left in a hurry right before the start of the shoot to get the tie. I said I didn’t need the pants because Kelly is about 5’4” so for all the shots with the two of them, I needed to have them seated.
  • The tourists were fascinated by the shoot. One called Hugh’s look without pants, “very European.”
  • Some of the clothes on the models are from my closet.
  • No one on my crew had ever done a shoot like this before. I did them for many years in Palm Beach for luxury brands. One year, I had six back covers of magazines or double page spreads as well as the website and advertising for the brands. So, I had to train an entire team and crew. We 244 pieces of jewelry in one day. The inventory of Palm Beach Jewelry is very extensive and will require many shoots.
  • The editing and postproduction work took months. Before I went back into the business world in 2011 in marketing and computer science, I was a dual computer science and design professor and department chair. I used Artificial Intelligence algorithms to achieve some of the looks for the models. The videos have nothing applied to them. The photos have been edited.
  • Update – Since Shoot 1, we did Shoot 2. We put a new web site into place plus a new Amazon store. Anna Kim moved on in her career and we wish her the absolute best. We hired Maria Kerrigan recently who works under me as a graphic designer. She worked with me on Shoot 2, which you’ll see in future work.
  • We just hired Don Gatehouse as our studio photographer. Don has been the photographer for names such as Mikasa, KitchenAid, Farberware, Cuisinart, Pfaltzgraff Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, Bombay, Hoffritz and many more.
  • On Shoot 1 we had former Miss New Jersey, Miss California, Miss USA and first-runner-up for Miss Universe.
  • It was a pleasure to work with everyone on the team. Thanks for joining us behind the scenes.

As promised, here’s the behind the scenes look from Shoot 1 at PalmBeach Jewelry in the first steps of repositioning a brand. I hope you enjoy it and everything that goes into creating the magic.


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