Laura Kerbyson

When you go from behind the camera to in front of the camera…

Now I get to tell you about something fun. Late last night I was contacted by an Italian sunglass company who would like for me to model a couple of their products.

They had reached out to me over a personal Instagram page. I did do some modeling in the past year. It’s a different, yet fun experience when you go from behind the camera in establishing a brand’s identity to being in front of the camera. I love working with the images that help to establish people and brand identity.

In the case of the upcoming modeling, I will actually shoot, edit and model. And of course I think they might get a little expert marketing advice…

I loved that the reached out to me because they thought I had a great vibe.

When I receive the photos I’ll set aside a day for a shoot and of course you’ll be able to see it here.

And, there might be some modeling opportunities for some friends….

I have asked for a special discount for readers and followers. There will be a special promo code.

I actually have a shoot planned for November in Miami where a friend who’s a great photographer wants to learn how to shoot people so I am the subject of that shoot and educational experience.

Now in other news. Let’s talk about Fast Company’s Innovation Festival. . It will be September 27-October 1st.

Fast Company Innovation Festival brings together thousands of forward-thinking creators, makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders from across the country and around the globe who are embracing change, blazing new trails, and moving our world forward. Join us for an immersive virtual experience—5 days of inspiration, connection and meaningful takeaways.

Under the theme, THE REBUILDERS, this year’s #FCFestival will shine its lens on those innovative companies, leaders, strategies, and trends helping reimagine, reinvent and rebuild business, society, culture, and community—all with an eye on a truly better tomorrow.

There will be an exciting lineup of speakers including Drew Barrymore The event is virtual this year so anyone can attend from anywhere. Please join us as one of The Rebuilders.

If you have tickets and can not make the sessions, they will be recorded.