We have a rule about “No Worrying”….

My mother is traveling overseas to Germany, Vienna, Austria, Budapest, and Hungary.

People want to know if I worry about her at her age traveling with COVID going around.

We have a rule about no worrying. I made her adopt it a long time ago. I used to disappear for days on end to yachts with no phone access.

She is not to worry about me when I do things like fly planes or race sports cars and I don’t worry about her when she travels. I remember when she went behind my back and had some surgery. I got a phone call from the doctor that they were unable to wake her up after the surgery. They had been trying for days. I think I told that doctor, “Don’t worry. She’ll wake up when she’s ready. Trust me. Keep me posted.” Sure enough, she woke up the next day.

I think the last time she truly had to worry about me was during Hurricane Andrew, which was a category 5 hurricane that hit South Florida when I lived in Florida the first time from 1990-1996. I was working in Miami back then and I had a two-story house.

However, this time I think the two of us may be more worried about how her dog will do for 8 days without her. Yeah, that dog is a Mama’s boy. Sweet dog.