Unveiling the Essence: Embracing Vulnerability

This is part of a series of social media posts that will appear on Tuesdays between now and October. I will add each one here as I get time.

Laura Kerbyson - As the Subject of Art


For more than three decades, I’ve thrived in the world of marketing, capturing the beauty of countless women for luxurious advertising campaigns. My lens has graced beauty queens, actresses, and hidden talents in fabulous Palm Beach scenes, while I remained comfortably behind the camera.


Recently, an intriguing opportunity arose—to step into the spotlight and become the subject of art photography, just as I’ve asked my models to do. This assignment was different; its purpose was to strip away the wrapper that surrounds us in the business world—the glasses, the styled hair, the expensive attire—a facade that doesn’t truly define who I am. The objective was clear: to present the raw and unconstrained version of myself through art, allowing people to witness my authenticity.


The very thought of this challenge was terrifying, for I’ve always been camera shy. Throughout my life, this fear loomed large, taunting me relentlessly. I tried to reason with myself, drawing parallels to moments of conquering my fear—like when I first started flying airplanes. If I could do that, surely, I could brave the camera as well. But emotions, as I learned, defy the constraints of logic.


At 54 years old, another concern gripped me—how would I look? The harsh judgment that aging imposes on women weighed heavily on my mind. Yet, I found inspiration in Martha Stewart’s courageous appearance on the Sports Illustrated cover. Her boldness impressed me, and I owe her my gratitude. Encouraged by her example, I resolved to embrace this challenge. Little did I know that this journey would also reveal to me the true reflection of my own self.


For so long, I had hidden behind trademark glasses, but a head injury led me to reluctantly part ways with them. Adjusting to life with new contacts was a change, but it also opened my eyes to new perspectives. My long hair, often worn up, cascades down to my elbows, a feature that had often gone unnoticed.


Love became the central theme of this shoot, a choice deeply rooted in my core values. Love, I believe, should guide every interaction and decision in life. It has the power to uplift and support, and I have always strived to attract more love and kindness into my world. Even in the cutthroat world of business, entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their dreams need love and support as much as any friend.


Thus, the essence of this visual journey became an intimate revelation of vulnerability and authenticity—shedding the wrapper that society imposed on me and embracing the unfiltered truth of who I am. It is a reminder that, in a world driven by appearances, it is love that truly sets us free.


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