Boat Show Weekend and a low key week…

It’s been a low-key week. I am healing up from a cosmetic procedure. I managed to catch a garden variety virus from sitting in the waiting room. It will be gone in a couple of days.

I am looking forward to the weekend of October 27th. We have plans to go to the Ft. Lauderdale boat show. I have been to Miami and Palm Beach’s shows more in recent years. It’s probably been 6 or 7 years since I’ve been to the Ft. Lauderdale show. I am really looking forward to this.

I love a boat show. I do. I do.


Fast Company Executive Board Interview: For CEOs looking for Social Media Advice

If you are a CEO looking for social media advice, check out our latest Executive Board interview at Fast Company.



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Effective Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

My first solo article of 10 appeared today on Fast Company:

10/7/21 Fast Company Article by Laura Kerbyson – Effective Marketing in the Age of COVID-19. This article is on email marketing and items that are often overlooked but very necessary.

New Article with the Board Just Published in Fast Company

The latest interview with the Executive Board was just published in Fast Company – 16 successful entrepreneurs share advice they wish they’d been given when starting their companies

My first solo article for Fast Company should be released tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

Delays, but for good reason…

It’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks.

I was asked to be part of a project that involves some technology that I’ve never worked with so I have been researching, understanding and asking some tough questions. It is taking up a good bit of my time but it’s worth it to learn something new and this is something that really interests me. If we get further along, I may be able to tell you about it at some point.

I’m delaying the photo shoot for four weeks. I decided to get a minor non-surgical cosmetic procedure on the 16th and it might cause some swelling for a few weeks. So that will get delayed for a while but I think we’ll have a better result. The photo shoot is really just for fun for me to be on the other side of the camera.

In terms of work it’s been email campaigns, facebook ad campaigns, web pages, code,  social media and now I getting ready to work with influencers.

It’s been very busy.

My first solo article is scheduled to appear on Fast Company on October 7th. It’s on email authentication. My second article should appear sometime late Fall and it’s on why understanding some basic graphics technologies can save a company millions of dollars. I do explain all the math behind it.

Thowback Photo of Kayne West

I have to do the repost of the throwback photo of Kayne West at the 2017 Fast Company Innovation Conference. This year’s conference is starting virtually next week and features Drew Barrymore. I’m on the board now so this stuff catches my attention…

Kayne West Fast Company Innovation Festival

Fast Company – 16 effective ways to praise your team for their great work

Fast Company has published another article featuring myself and the team from a session I participated in from the Executive Board – “16 effective ways to praise your team for their great work.”

Read all the great advice of my team mates Tevis TrowerAndrew Miller (Mounier)Jessica ThorpeAlexandra CavoulacosLane Kawaoka, Ryan AndersonRami ElghandourWill ConawayViveka von RosenSolomon ☔️ ThimothyPhnam BagleyNoah MitsuhashiLiza StreiffJason Hall – ROI Driven Digital Marketing. Great job everyone! I really enjoyed what you had to say and your wisdom on management and leadership. #leadership #fastcompany #management #positivethinking #positiveattitude

We have a rule about “No Worrying”….

My mother is traveling overseas to Germany, Vienna, Austria, Budapest, and Hungary.

People want to know if I worry about her at her age traveling with COVID going around.

We have a rule about no worrying. I made her adopt it a long time ago. I used to disappear for days on end to yachts with no phone access.

She is not to worry about me when I do things like fly planes or race sports cars and I don’t worry about her when she travels. I remember when she went behind my back and had some surgery. I got a phone call from the doctor that they were unable to wake her up after the surgery. They had been trying for days. I think I told that doctor, “Don’t worry. She’ll wake up when she’s ready. Trust me. Keep me posted.” Sure enough, she woke up the next day.

I think the last time she truly had to worry about me was during Hurricane Andrew, which was a category 5 hurricane that hit South Florida when I lived in Florida the first time from 1990-1996. I was working in Miami back then and I had a two-story house.

However, this time I think the two of us may be more worried about how her dog will do for 8 days without her. Yeah, that dog is a Mama’s boy. Sweet dog.