Fast Company – 16 effective ways to praise your team for their great work

Fast Company has published another article featuring myself and the team from a session I participated in from the Executive Board – “16 effective ways to praise your team for their great work.”

Read all the great advice of my team mates Tevis TrowerAndrew Miller (Mounier)Jessica ThorpeAlexandra CavoulacosLane Kawaoka, Ryan AndersonRami ElghandourWill ConawayViveka von RosenSolomon ☔️ ThimothyPhnam BagleyNoah MitsuhashiLiza StreiffJason Hall – ROI Driven Digital Marketing. Great job everyone! I really enjoyed what you had to say and your wisdom on management and leadership. #leadership #fastcompany #management #positivethinking #positiveattitude

We have a rule about “No Worrying”….

My mother is traveling overseas to Germany, Vienna, Austria, Budapest, and Hungary.

People want to know if I worry about her at her age traveling with COVID going around.

We have a rule about no worrying. I made her adopt it a long time ago. I used to disappear for days on end to yachts with no phone access.

She is not to worry about me when I do things like fly planes or race sports cars and I don’t worry about her when she travels. I remember when she went behind my back and had some surgery. I got a phone call from the doctor that they were unable to wake her up after the surgery. They had been trying for days. I think I told that doctor, “Don’t worry. She’ll wake up when she’s ready. Trust me. Keep me posted.” Sure enough, she woke up the next day.

I think the last time she truly had to worry about me was during Hurricane Andrew, which was a category 5 hurricane that hit South Florida when I lived in Florida the first time from 1990-1996. I was working in Miami back then and I had a two-story house.

However, this time I think the two of us may be more worried about how her dog will do for 8 days without her. Yeah, that dog is a Mama’s boy. Sweet dog.


Laura Kerbyson

When you go from behind the camera to in front of the camera…

Now I get to tell you about something fun. Late last night I was contacted by an Italian sunglass company who would like for me to model a couple of their products.

They had reached out to me over a personal Instagram page. I did do some modeling in the past year. It’s a different, yet fun experience when you go from behind the camera in establishing a brand’s identity to being in front of the camera. I love working with the images that help to establish people and brand identity.

In the case of the upcoming modeling, I will actually shoot, edit and model. And of course I think they might get a little expert marketing advice…

I loved that the reached out to me because they thought I had a great vibe.

When I receive the photos I’ll set aside a day for a shoot and of course you’ll be able to see it here.

And, there might be some modeling opportunities for some friends….

I have asked for a special discount for readers and followers. There will be a special promo code.

I actually have a shoot planned for November in Miami where a friend who’s a great photographer wants to learn how to shoot people so I am the subject of that shoot and educational experience.

Now in other news. Let’s talk about Fast Company’s Innovation Festival. . It will be September 27-October 1st.

Fast Company Innovation Festival brings together thousands of forward-thinking creators, makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders from across the country and around the globe who are embracing change, blazing new trails, and moving our world forward. Join us for an immersive virtual experience—5 days of inspiration, connection and meaningful takeaways.

Under the theme, THE REBUILDERS, this year’s #FCFestival will shine its lens on those innovative companies, leaders, strategies, and trends helping reimagine, reinvent and rebuild business, society, culture, and community—all with an eye on a truly better tomorrow.

There will be an exciting lineup of speakers including Drew Barrymore The event is virtual this year so anyone can attend from anywhere. Please join us as one of The Rebuilders.

If you have tickets and can not make the sessions, they will be recorded.

Fun Day, Sunday

Hi everyone! I had a great day today. I started by playing around with my hair and my makeup and then I went to downtown Lake Worth to a new cafe that just opened, Monada. Delicious.

Laura Kerbyson

It’s so nice to see Lake Worth get revitalized with this kind of business.


Monada Cafe

Then I went onto the beach (Boynton Beach) that is one of my favorites and just a few minutes away. I love it here so much.

Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach


So incredibly peaceful…

I got to have one of those golden moments in life when you realize that you’re experiencing something that few get to see. And they were moments truly made for me.

I went out to swim as the sun was going down. With my fair skin, I prefer to swim at night.

The water was still and warm as I swam and floated on my back and gazed up at the sky. Because the sun was going down, the pilots were coming in for the day so I could see the planes descending to land.

I started flying in 2012. And once you do and the flying bug hits you, you forever look to the sky. I like to watch the planes. The private airport in Palm Beach county is right outside of my gate.

When I got out of the water I could look out onto the lake as the sun was setting and peer down the beautiful green grass of the golf course.

Not a soul in sight anywhere. Not the pool, not the lake and not the course. Only in the skies. The pilots wanting to land as the first stars start to faintly twinkle.

And it makes me think about some of my favorite moments. One of them is to be on the tarmac before a flight and to walk the plane and run my hand over it and check everything. And then to climb up in and flip the switches and feel the air rush around from the engine or engines depending on the plane. Tarmacs in Palm Beach are warm, windy glorious places filled with excitement and anticipation.

As I floated in the pool, my mind went to some of those moments.

I can remember racing my Porsche into the hangar at Hilton Head knowing that the fun was about to begin. There is so much freedom in the skies.

And I can remember Joe and I flying out of Palm Beach International in the dark as the orange and red streaked across the skies and you could still make out the clouds. He wanted to show me what the Cheyenne could do so he would turn the plane in as far a pitch as he could. First left and then right and then left again as we flew over the cloud line around Palm Beach. Flying with him was guaranteed to get the adrenaline flowing in your system.

It’s not quite the peaceful easy feeling of my Lantana Diamond airplane.

It’s fun to think back about all those moments as I hang on the edge of the pool and look up at the sunset.

Laura Kerbyson

Welcome to the Journal

The Journal is a replacement for the old personal blog. For 15 years I had a personal blog where I wrote about things like life, projects, food, fashion, style, design, friends, entertainment, events – anything you can think of that went into a life well-lived.

Through the years it was amazing to realize how many opportunities came to me through the blog. Often even people in business would start reading the blog and that’s how they got to know me before they called me.

So I am bringing back the personal blog in Journal. Any professional articles that I write this year will appear on Fast Company with my agreement with them. So the Journal is just about life and the journey.

I’ll try to update with a longer post this weekend that includes photos.

Marketing & The Positions of the Companies

“I don’t aspire to walk, run, or drive your brand. I aspire only to fly it.” – Laura Kerbyson.

Like all great entrepreneurs before me, we look to the heavens to shoot for the stars. And when we look down, we see the Earth as it is. Each of us a small part of it’s collective makeup.

You desire for reach, exposure, clients and customers in broader areas and in new ways that until now have been beyond your grasp.

It’s our job to put them within your reach.

This is not your average web development firm. Not your average photographer. Not the run of the mill Internet strategist. Not your average designer. Our perspective, skill set and knowledge are different. This is where you plan for your brand to Take Off.

Welcome to Palm Beach and to Laura Kerbyson and Florida Web Development. Where some of the most exclusive brands and some of the biggest names have landed.

We create some of the most memorable iconic moments of a brand, their story, and their success through unprecedented lead generation driven by the desire to “have to have it.”

We are the best at what we do and you expect it.

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