Documentary - Carolina Web Development and Laura Kerbyson

Documentary – Carolina Web Development

Happy Holidays! This is the documentary story of Carolina Web Development and Laura Kerbyson.


This is 38 minutes of the first part of the documentary on the history of the companies and the backstory. The company was started in 2011 on Hilton Head Island and grew into far more prestigious clients than anyone would expect. In an unusual story, through a series of dramatic turns, this is the business and personal story of an entrepreneur and pilot in the chapter that proceeds Florida Web Development and Palm Beach. Carolina Web Development 2011-2024.


If you only ever watch one thing that I do, it should be this. It has taken a month just to pull the visuals together. The video on Florida Web Development and its’ story will be released in a few months. I hope you enjoy the story.


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New Social Media Samples Have Been Added

I finally had a chance to update the Florida Web Development site and add some of the recent social media work for K Sahai.

To see some of the recent work, click here. 

To visit Florida Web Development for more work samples to to Florida Web Development is about far more than web development. Shortly after the companies formed in 2012 they quickly became full-service advertising agencies.

Unveiling the Essence: Embracing Vulnerability

This is part of a series of social media posts that will appear on Tuesdays between now and October. I will add each one here as I get time.

Laura Kerbyson - As the Subject of Art


For more than three decades, I’ve thrived in the world of marketing, capturing the beauty of countless women for luxurious advertising campaigns. My lens has graced beauty queens, actresses, and hidden talents in fabulous Palm Beach scenes, while I remained comfortably behind the camera.


Recently, an intriguing opportunity arose—to step into the spotlight and become the subject of art photography, just as I’ve asked my models to do. This assignment was different; its purpose was to strip away the wrapper that surrounds us in the business world—the glasses, the styled hair, the expensive attire—a facade that doesn’t truly define who I am. The objective was clear: to present the raw and unconstrained version of myself through art, allowing people to witness my authenticity.


The very thought of this challenge was terrifying, for I’ve always been camera shy. Throughout my life, this fear loomed large, taunting me relentlessly. I tried to reason with myself, drawing parallels to moments of conquering my fear—like when I first started flying airplanes. If I could do that, surely, I could brave the camera as well. But emotions, as I learned, defy the constraints of logic.


At 54 years old, another concern gripped me—how would I look? The harsh judgment that aging imposes on women weighed heavily on my mind. Yet, I found inspiration in Martha Stewart’s courageous appearance on the Sports Illustrated cover. Her boldness impressed me, and I owe her my gratitude. Encouraged by her example, I resolved to embrace this challenge. Little did I know that this journey would also reveal to me the true reflection of my own self.


For so long, I had hidden behind trademark glasses, but a head injury led me to reluctantly part ways with them. Adjusting to life with new contacts was a change, but it also opened my eyes to new perspectives. My long hair, often worn up, cascades down to my elbows, a feature that had often gone unnoticed.


Love became the central theme of this shoot, a choice deeply rooted in my core values. Love, I believe, should guide every interaction and decision in life. It has the power to uplift and support, and I have always strived to attract more love and kindness into my world. Even in the cutthroat world of business, entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their dreams need love and support as much as any friend.


Thus, the essence of this visual journey became an intimate revelation of vulnerability and authenticity—shedding the wrapper that society imposed on me and embracing the unfiltered truth of who I am. It is a reminder that, in a world driven by appearances, it is love that truly sets us free.


I will begin the first post with the shot I like the best. There will be other posts later. You can weigh in on which one is your favorite and why. I invite your feedback. The same posts will be made to Instagram, one post per week for six weeks, you may comment on them in my Instagram account @laurakerbyson. The posts will also appear to

New Luxury Marketing Video

Luxury Marketing

My Condolences to the Royal Family & Friends

Let me extend my deepest sympathies for the loss of Queen Elizabeth. The world has lost a magnificent example of intelligence, beauty, loyalty, grace, and dignity.


In one of my past positions, it was part of my job to reach out to the royal families of the world.


I will never forget the moment I first received a letter from Buckingham Palace and the Queen herself and the excitement that it brought. She was a friend and icon to many.


I wish you peace, love, and serenity. The world was lucky to have had her.

Computer Graphics + Graphic Design

The field of Computer Graphics is a specialization of Computer Science. When you combine it with Graphic Design and Photography, it can make for a powerful combination. A lot of what I am working on these days is applying Artificial Intelligence to images for advertising and branding.

Let’s look at some before and afters –

Before – Problems: Model looks too young. Shot now needs to run in Fall. Humidity during shoot flattened models hair.

Before Computer Graphics

After – Model looks older, heavier makeup, body in the hair plus curls, background replaced.

After Computer Graphics

Before – This is just a simple change of scene. This is a nice shot that was photographed in Palm Beach. However, it needs to run in Fall.


Before Computer Graphics


Using Artificial Intelligence can yield these better results. I’ve done it on thousands of photos.

Before – Problems: Too young, flat hair.

Before Artificial Intelligence

After – Fit for Advertising. This is for an SMS campaign.

After Artificial Intelligence



Behind the Scenes Video

As promised, here’s a behind the scenes video. I hope you enjoy the fun facts behind Shoot 1 and the behind the scenes look.


  • The hardest thing to photograph in the world is jewelry.
  • We introduced our bride and groom Hugh and Kelly 60 seconds before we started the shoot and the role they had to play was as a couple in love.
  • Hugh had never modeled before. His background was as a VP of Marketing, and he owns his own consulting business. Hugh is 6’6”. I selected Hugh out of a friends contact list to pair with Andrea who is very tall as is Julie.
  • The bridal dress was ordered for Andrea. I thought height wise, Hugh and Andrea would look good photographed together. I ordered a size 10 for Andrea. When the dress arrived a few days before the shoot, it’s about a size 4. I’m a size 4 and I weigh 110 lbs. I put it on and it fit me perfectly. I snapped a photo of me in the dress and sent to my team with a message, “We have a problem…” We put out an emergency call for anyone who had a good-looking blonde friend who wears a size four. We got Kelly, who’s a real estate agent and marketing professional. She was delightful to work with.
  • Hugh forgot his pants and tie the day of the shoot. He left in a hurry right before the start of the shoot to get the tie. I said I didn’t need the pants because Kelly is about 5’4” so for all the shots with the two of them, I needed to have them seated.
  • The tourists were fascinated by the shoot. One called Hugh’s look without pants, “very European.”
  • Some of the clothes on the models are from my closet.
  • No one on my crew had ever done a shoot like this before. I did them for many years in Palm Beach for luxury brands. One year, I had six back covers of magazines or double page spreads as well as the website and advertising for the brands. So, I had to train an entire team and crew. We 244 pieces of jewelry in one day. The inventory of Palm Beach Jewelry is very extensive and will require many shoots.
  • The editing and postproduction work took months. Before I went back into the business world in 2011 in marketing and computer science, I was a dual computer science and design professor and department chair. I used Artificial Intelligence algorithms to achieve some of the looks for the models. The videos have nothing applied to them. The photos have been edited.
  • Update – Since Shoot 1, we did Shoot 2. We put a new web site into place plus a new Amazon store. Anna Kim moved on in her career and we wish her the absolute best. We hired Maria Kerrigan recently who works under me as a graphic designer. She worked with me on Shoot 2, which you’ll see in future work.
  • We just hired Don Gatehouse as our studio photographer. Don has been the photographer for names such as Mikasa, KitchenAid, Farberware, Cuisinart, Pfaltzgraff Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, Bombay, Hoffritz and many more.
  • On Shoot 1 we had former Miss New Jersey, Miss California, Miss USA and first-runner-up for Miss Universe.
  • It was a pleasure to work with everyone on the team. Thanks for joining us behind the scenes.

As promised, here’s the behind the scenes look from Shoot 1 at PalmBeach Jewelry in the first steps of repositioning a brand. I hope you enjoy it and everything that goes into creating the magic.


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New Website


New Amazon Store

The New Site Has Launched

Enjoy! Graphics change frequently…I had fun with the photo shoots, picture editing, graphics and code. We have a full team.

This was that SaaS server with a different platform I mentioned.

I know I owe you an update…here it is for now

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update.

I have been working very hard as I try to rebrand and reposition a company that will take well over a year to do.

We are probably 2-4 weeks away from a new web site launch that has been a team effort. This is a Saas platform but I’ve done my usual, interface design (UI/UX), a lot of hand coding, shooting pictures, editing pictures, making graphics, managing the photo and graphics staff under me, etc. etc. I brought in the models and did all the logistics for the shoots as well as select the outfits and jewelry. This platform is not my favorite because it’s missing a lot of core features but we’re making it work. It was chosen before I was brought in. Many of you realize my computer science and IT backgrounds as well as design.

I spent 3 years in high jewelry on Worth Avenue and this time the client is in fashion jewelry but same concepts.

I will get new photos up to show soon but here are a few I shot and the rest I served as the editor. Keep in mind we probably shot about 10,000 photos. You’ll have to wait to see the web site. We’re in the final push now.

I shot these….

Photography by Laura Kerbyson


And I edited, directed and styled these…



And then I take photos like this and make them into banners, and then into web pages and into sites….

I can say, I don’t think I’ve had a social life since I started all this. I am hoping after launch to change that.

As for me, my business and look may be powered by computer science and design but fundamentally it is about style. I bought these earrings from England and their mistake as jewelry designer was to make them post earrings. I converted them to dangle earrings. Here’s a closeup and here’s the look. This were taken in February at the Versace mansion in Miami.

Laura Kerbyson

Laura Kerbyson

And we got the best table in the house that evening. And the funny thing is that red is my least favorite color. I hate it.

In other news, I was quoted again yesterday by Fast Company about ways to grow a small business or local startup. You can read it here:

15 Ideas to Boost Your Recognition in the Marketplace – 

I am currently serving on the board for Fast Company. I haven’t had much involvement since I took on this major project but they will be quoting me throughout the year.