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Delays, but for good reason…

It’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks. I was asked to be part of a project that involves some technology that I’ve never worked with so I have been researching, understanding and asking some tough questions. It is taking up a good bit of my time but it’s worth it to learn something new […]

Fast Company – 16 effective ways to praise your team for their great work

Fast Company has published another article featuring myself and the team from a session I participated in from the Executive Board – “16 effective ways to praise your team for their great work.” https://lnkd.in/d4_W5Jay. Read all the great advice of my team mates Tevis Trower, Andrew Miller (Mounier), Jessica Thorpe, Alexandra Cavoulacos, Lane Kawaoka, Ryan Anderson, Rami Elghandour, Will Conaway, Viveka von Rosen, Solomon ☔️ Thimothy, Phnam […]

When you go from behind the camera to in front of the camera…

Now I get to tell you about something fun. Late last night I was contacted by an Italian sunglass company who would like for me to model a couple of their products. They had reached out to me over a personal Instagram page. I did do some modeling in the past year. It’s a different, […]

Fun Day, Sunday

Hi everyone! I had a great day today. I started by playing around with my hair and my makeup and then I went to downtown Lake Worth to a new cafe that just opened, Monada. Delicious. It’s so nice to see Lake Worth get revitalized with this kind of business. Then I went onto the […]

So incredibly peaceful…

I got to have one of those golden moments in life when you realize that you’re experiencing something that few get to see. And they were moments truly made for me. I went out to swim as the sun was going down. With my fair skin, I prefer to swim at night. The water was […]

Welcome to the Journal

The Journal is a replacement for the old personal blog. For 15 years I had a personal blog where I wrote about things like life, projects, food, fashion, style, design, friends, entertainment, events – anything you can think of that went into a life well-lived. Through the years it was amazing to realize how many […]

Marketing & The Positions of the Companies

“I don’t aspire to walk, run, or drive your brand. I aspire only to fly it.” – Laura Kerbyson. Like all great entrepreneurs before me, we look to the heavens to shoot for the stars. And when we look down, we see the Earth as it is. Each of us a small part of it’s […]