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Documentary – Carolina Web Development

Happy Holidays! This is the documentary story of Carolina Web Development and Laura Kerbyson. https://youtu.be/qK_vc3ph18w   This is 38 minutes of the first part of the documentary on the history of the companies and the backstory. The company was started in 2011 on Hilton Head Island and grew into far more prestigious clients than anyone […]

New Social Media Samples Have Been Added

I finally had a chance to update the Florida Web Development site and add some of the recent social media work for K Sahai. To see some of the recent work, click here.  To visit Florida Web Development for more work samples to to https://floridawebdevelopment.net. Florida Web Development is about far more than web development. […]

Unveiling the Essence: Embracing Vulnerability

This is part of a series of social media posts that will appear on Tuesdays between now and October. I will add each one here as I get time.   For more than three decades, I’ve thrived in the world of marketing, capturing the beauty of countless women for luxurious advertising campaigns. My lens has […]

My Condolences to the Royal Family & Friends

Let me extend my deepest sympathies for the loss of Queen Elizabeth. The world has lost a magnificent example of intelligence, beauty, loyalty, grace, and dignity.   In one of my past positions, it was part of my job to reach out to the royal families of the world.   I will never forget the […]

Computer Graphics + Graphic Design

The field of Computer Graphics is a specialization of Computer Science. When you combine it with Graphic Design and Photography, it can make for a powerful combination. A lot of what I am working on these days is applying Artificial Intelligence to images for advertising and branding. Let’s look at some before and afters – […]

Behind the Scenes Video

As promised, here’s a behind the scenes video. I hope you enjoy the fun facts behind Shoot 1 and the behind the scenes look.   The hardest thing to photograph in the world is jewelry. We introduced our bride and groom Hugh and Kelly 60 seconds before we started the shoot and the role they […]

The New Site Has Launched

https://palmbeachjewelry.com Enjoy! Graphics change frequently…I had fun with the photo shoots, picture editing, graphics and code. We have a full team. This was that SaaS server with a different platform I mentioned.

I know I owe you an update…here it is for now

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update. I have been working very hard as I try to rebrand and reposition a company that will take well over a year to do. We are probably 2-4 weeks away from a new web site launch that has been a team effort. This […]