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The New Site Has Launched

Enjoy! Graphics change frequently…I had fun with the photo shoots, picture editing, graphics and code. We have a full team.

This was that SaaS server with a different platform I mentioned.

I know I owe you an update…here it is for now

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update.

I have been working very hard as I try to rebrand and reposition a company that will take well over a year to do.

We are probably 2-4 weeks away from a new web site launch that has been a team effort. This is a Saas platform but I’ve done my usual, interface design (UI/UX), a lot of hand coding, shooting pictures, editing pictures, making graphics, managing the photo and graphics staff under me, etc. etc. I brought in the models and did all the logistics for the shoots as well as select the outfits and jewelry. This platform is not my favorite because it’s missing a lot of core features but we’re making it work. It was chosen before I was brought in. Many of you realize my computer science and IT backgrounds as well as design.

I spent 3 years in high jewelry on Worth Avenue and this time the client is in fashion jewelry but same concepts.

I will get new photos up to show soon but here are a few I shot and the rest I served as the editor. Keep in mind we probably shot about 10,000 photos. You’ll have to wait to see the web site. We’re in the final push now.

I shot these….

Photography by Laura Kerbyson

And I edited, directed and styled these…

And then I take photos like this and make them into banners, and then into web pages and into sites….

I can say, I don’t think I’ve had a social life since I started all this. I am hoping after launch to change that.

As for me, my business and look may be powered by computer science and design but fundamentally it is about style. I bought these earrings from England and their mistake as jewelry designer was to make them post earrings. I converted them to dangle earrings. Here’s a closeup and here’s the look. This were taken in February at the Versace mansion in Miami.

Laura Kerbyson

Laura Kerbyson

And we got the best table in the house that evening. And the funny thing is that red is my least favorite color. I hate it.

In other news, I was quoted again yesterday by Fast Company about ways to grow a small business or local startup. You can read it here:

15 Ideas to Boost Your Recognition in the Marketplace – 

I am currently serving on the board for Fast Company. I haven’t had much involvement since I took on this major project but they will be quoting me throughout the year.

The Announcement You Were Waiting For

On January 2, 2022 I began work as the Director of Creative Services for Palm Beach Jewelry and Seta Corporation. Palm Beach Jewelry is the world’s largest fashion jewelry catalog and company employing over 90 people located in Boca Raton, FL. If you’ve ever purchased jewelry from a major department store (J.C. Penny’s, Macy’s, etc.) or major online retailer, you probably own a piece of Palm Beach Jewelry. Jewelry is also available through channels such as Amazon, Walmart, direct web site sales, catalog sales and other marketplaces.

Responsibilities include developing new opportunities that will generate incremental income for the company and increase shareholder value, oversee ongoing projects to ensure maximizing sales and earnings potential, develop and implement marketing strategy, research competition, create and maintain a successful brand and image that attracts customers, analyze sales numbers in comparison to marketing budget in order to improve profit margin, develop and manage marketing budgets, manage media partners and large internal creative staff, freelancers and contract negotiation oversee the creative assets of the company. Responsible for creating the company brand book and setting the corporate standards. Create creative assets, packaging, templates, and web properties as necessary. Drive the look and feel for the Amazon store.

I previously spent 3 years as a Chief Marketing Officer for internationally known haute couture jewelry store on based out of Palm Beach, FL.

This was my role as CMO – Marketing, computer science and photography professional for internationally known haute couture jewelry store chain based out of Palm Beach, FL. Responsibilities included, web site, dedicated server,  100 page catalog, smaller publications, full page advertisements in prestigious magazines, double page spread in Rolls Royce, back of the Chamber guide each year, creating and placing advertising, design and development of the software kiosk, photography of the jewelry and for the brand, creating the online inventory system, working with the Amazon listings, e-Bay store, direct mail of exclusive luxury packets to billionaires and millionaires from databases I carefully constructed and vetted, store operations including opening, arming and disarming systems and setting up the display window merchandise of millions and millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds, removing the jewelry from the safe and display areas, interacting with the industry professionals who came to the store to sell items, waiting and assisting very high end clients, writing letters to the nine living queens of the World, attending trade shows, setting up the booths and marketing the company, emails, SMS, marketing of the Guinness Book of Records pieces, business dealing with potential brokers in Saudi Arabia, Canada, Qatar, Switzerland, England and other countries as needed, telecommunications, bar code systems, POS, packaging design for the some of the Guinness Book of Records pieces, attending the Palm Beach Chamber events and representing the company, attending events for the Palm Beach Symphony, managing and working with the staff at the store. I worked with virtually every facet of the business.

Yes, I still own my companies, but I do get a nice compensation package and profit sharing with the new role. My business has always been about style, and I have always loved jewelry. I love this opportunity.

Remember fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with it.

Loving it…

I would imagine that I will say more soon, as promised about the new and exciting work (and announcement that I will make) that I am doing.

I am absolutely loving it. It’s exciting, it’s fun, there’s a great team involved. It’s very financially worthwhile for me to do this and I think together we’ll make this bigger.

I know I’m not telling you much of the specifics. Bear with me…

I still have the big smile on my face. I am just loving it. There’s going to be much to be done…

Sometimes you put on a pair of gloves and they are a magical fit.

I shifted gears right after the first of the year.

I wanted to get things underway before I elaborated further.

Happy New Year everyone!

The year could not be ending on a better note…

I am grateful for the blessings that have come my way recently. Honestly, the year could not be ending on a better note. 2022 is poised to be one of the best year’s yet and I am looking forward to all the excitement and good things that January will bring.

I want to spend January getting things underway before I tell you what I’ve been working on. This is something that is exciting and honestly, great fun for me.

On a personal note, I look forward to finishing out the year in a beach house with my Mom and her puppy Dylan. I don’t have the proper time for a dog but I sure do love to love on other people’s pets and children.

Nick is spending time with family as well but he’ll be back in town in January and has promised to take me out to celebrate my good news that I will share with you later.

It’s going to be a fantastic 2022! Happy Holidays to you and your family. May 2022 also be spectacular for you as well.

Super excited…

I am super excited about the work I am going to be doing beginning right after New Year’s.

I’ll give you more details later. But I can tell you that this is an incredible fit with my name written all over it and it’s with a great bunch of people. It’s a company to be admired as they are the world’s largest in what they do. And if you love some of the things you’ve seen here, you will love this.

And it specifically draws on my creative abilities.

I can’t wipe the smile off of my face. It’s a fantastic opportunity. It’s a great way to start 2022.

I know some people thought I was going to go a different direction and pick up different work and I thought that too and then magically this appeared and it changed the game. I could never say no to this.

I am so incredibly happy about this.

MSN News picked up the last article I wrote… 

Check it now. My last article has now been pushed on MSN News.

It was also picked up by:

11/9/21 Newsbreak – Why graphics technology could be costing your company millions

11/9/21 – Opera News – Why graphics technology could be costing your company millions

Why Your Choice of Graphics Technology Could Be Costing Your Company Millions $$$

I hope you enjoy my new solo article that now appears on Fast Company about why your choice of graphics technology could be costing your company millions of dollars. I explain a few Computer Graphics basics that really add up.

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One of my favorite interviews…

This is one of my favorite interviews about which companies have the greatest mantra for diversity and inclusion. They asked me who I would recommend and why. Without hesitation, I would recommend Hard Rock International from my previous work with them. They were one of my favorite employers. They truly get it.

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