The top two pieces are student projects that I "repurposed." The original project I assigned was to build The Caperton Center building as an emergency preparedness simulation. All I handed my students was a 2D floor plan and then taught them a semester of the Unreal Engine (UDK).

The challenge was that they would have to build the entire building, recreate the floor and wall textures and do it with the Unreal Engine. This is game design - not drafting. This was a three hour Intro to Game Design course so the time constraint was very tight for learning the software and having to build a building from scratch. The building is as complete as the time frame would allow.

When I told the students to "bring your best game" to this project, two really stepped up to the plate - Melissa Winston and John Fox. It's students like this who make you excited about teaching. You are seeing their work combined with mine to create the application that you see.

Now, I've repurposed the student work as a Flash Application for an Energy Management Project in a live site at

Had we not been working with an existing building, we could have made it far more visual - but this fell in the simulation category so we needed to match reality.

Contact Laura for complete student samples from all courses (Flash, Graphics (Illustrator and Photoshop), Interface Design, 3D Graphics and Modeling, Game Design (Unreal), Flash Games, Adobe After Effects, and Dreamweaver.

The next example of the dancer was made by Latrisha Kerr for 3D Graphics 2010. She did a great job with the movements and motion.

The last two examples of my students' work from 3D Graphics Fall of 2009.

In each case, they took an existing skin (character), built the skeleton and rigged all the vertices and weighted them to move to a dance.

The top character assignment was to make a full dance for the game Dance, Dance Revolution.

Top was completed by Jamie Brown.

Scroll down - Bottom was completed by Brad Sheppard.

Software used - 3D Studio Max.

Mike Shaffer