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I had promised some flash backs…

04 Mar

So here’s a flashback going back to the year the old business was started ( and I made my first video game. Tertullian’s┬áTomb was on CD back then. Isn’t the headline hiliarious?

Then after Tomb came Fleming Castle Single and Fleming Castle Multiplayer. These were multiplayer Internet games. You would need an old Windows computer to play these now.

Game Industry News ran an article on the release of the game.

It’s hard to believe I made Tomb 15 years ago.

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Sports Cars

22 Nov

I promised myself to swear them off for now. But you know, I”ve had serious fun with them in the past.

My Dad had 1958 MGA (he was the original owner). My brother and I had a lot of fun with that car including taking the whole car apart when I was 12 and he was 15.

My mother had a Miata for 25 years. I put 3/4 miles on that car.

My first sports car was candy apple red Mustang. Then I progressed up to the Porsche. I love a roadster. You can see why.

One my co-workers was asking about the navy blue Porsche Boxter S that I redesigned and the history of the car. I’ll tell you what I know. I was told that Michael Moore, the director was the original owner. I’d had been looking at Porsche’s for a couple of years when I bought that one.

I was so serious about finding just the right Porsche that I rode 9 laps with Paul Walker’s driver, Rhodis a month before they were killed. Rhodis and I took at GT3 up on the speed as far as he could on a track in Savannah. All four wheels left the ground. I called it the flying squirrel. I didn’t like the engine in the rear of the car. So I persisted trying to find the right Boxster (a center engine car). I was driving on 278 on Hilton Head after a massage when I spotted the car at the BMW dealership. Navy blue, with dark limo tint. I pulled a u-turn, went in and asked, “How much?” The most fun I’ve had in years, ensued after that purchase.

$8000 Italian wheels 20 inch wheels on the back, under car blue lighting for my high heels, removed the limo tint and put clear coatings on the windows, a bat-out-of-hell radar detection system and I ripped the entire center console out of the car to redo all the electronics. I had a boyfriend back then and I would drive the car to dinner and restaurants would put it in the best parking space because she was beautiful when I was done. I cannot tell you how many people wanted to buy that car. Everyone who saw it loved it.

Of all the cars I owned, that is the one that I took the top speed. Part of you really wants to find out what a car can do and it’s like a temptress, just daring you to test her engineering. I drove that car from Hilton Head to Palm Beach more times than I can count in the years I owned her. I never got a ticket. Now, you have to be a really good driver to handle that kind of car. It’s not for the timid. And I could pack more stuff into that car than you could imagine.

Those were the days when I flying on a plane on the weekend and we’d just put the car in the hanger and take off in the plane. An airplane hanger is the best parking spot for a car. In the end, after all the money I spent on her – she screwed me like a greedy bitch. I had catastrophic engine failure. I could have bought 2 Porsches for the money I had to put into the car to fix it and sell it. And that’s what keeps from buying another even though; I love the drive of Porsche.

I was t-boned by a black Mercedes SUV and walked away. My phone was smashed all to hell. It was the other driver’s fault – completely. And believe it or not, I had another friend who also owned a navy blue boxster and he had been hit 3 times. Together, we figured that people don’t see that car because it’s low and dark.

The whole ordeal inspired all that art that I did for the Porsche club. I liked evolution, but when I was ticked over the money I spent, I personally liked the Frunk U art.

What can I say ? Life is for the living. It’s fun to play a little fast and loose for a while. You can’t take it with you.

Ok, now laugh (and sing) along with me, ”

“She was a fast machine.

She kept her motor clean.

She was the best damn woman that I’ve ever seen.” – AC/DC

I am wickedly fun am I not?

And that’s what a fun is really for – a good time.

Yes, you can tell from the art – I like to rock the computer like I do a car.

I’m thinking about writing a new book, “Computer Science For Broads…”

So tell me, “Do I look 47?” That photo was taken 6 months ago.

“What do you do for money honey? Where do you get your kicks?” – Owner, developer and designer. Owner, developer and designer. – Owner, developer and designer. – Vice President, developer and designer.

On Amazon… Designer and owner.

Hard Rock Park - original animator , web developer and designer.

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