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I had promised some flash backs…

04 Mar

So here’s a flashback going back to the year the old business was started ( and I made my first video game. Tertullian’s┬áTomb was on CD back then. Isn’t the headline hiliarious?

Then after Tomb came Fleming Castle Single and Fleming Castle Multiplayer. These were multiplayer Internet games. You would need an old Windows computer to play these now.

Game Industry News ran an article on the release of the game.

It’s hard to believe I made Tomb 15 years ago.

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Black Shiny Dress for the Date in South Beach…

15 Feb

We are going to South Beach to celebrate Valentine’s Day tonight (on Saturday). This is the dress that Julie bought for me for Christmas.

And these are the photos I was saying that anyone could take with a few pointers.


1) Lighting is everything

2) For older women ask them to look up a bit

3) Have them tilt their head a bit

4) Ask them to straighten their posture a bit

And with a few tips, you will have a much better photo, don’t you agree?

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Hard Rock Hotel – Anyone for a pink Lambo?

29 Jan

I forgot he had taken these of me as well on our trip to the Hard Rock Hotel. Again, the car looks great and the model needs some coaching. I hate photos of me smiling. This was before I changed into the silver dress.

We saw the Chriss Angel show.

Pretty dress. Bad lighting on the head. I must cut it off….

I snapped these with my iPhone.

And here are the best parts – the videos I shot with my phone of the hotel:

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Dress Options for the Evening at The Hard Rock Guitar Hotel

08 Dec

Ok, feedback please from friends. Here are 3 options of outfits for the evening at Hard Rock’s Guitar Hotel. We are going to see the Chriss Angel show as well (he’s like Harry Houdini). Because this is a Hard Rock Hotel, it calls for a little glitz. My hair and my makeup isn’t done so were not looking at that this evening. We’re looking at the dresses. Yes, I hate the black glove splint, I still have a problem with my hand at the moment but I am hoping by next weekend that will gone.

Here is option number 1. It’s a little silver number and I’ve put a jacket with it.

This is option number 2. I like the slit up the side.

And here is option number 3 which I think is the weakest choice. It’s pretty but not the statement I am looking for…

So what do you think?

The bathing suit for the pool will be the classic Palm Beach look. What I mean by that is that it’s the type of suit Marilyn Monroe would have worn. I’ll accessorize that with a big Palm Beach Straw Hat. I know he likes this look because we went to an art show once and I asked which was his favorite painting. The lady was wearing some thing very similar in the painting. He loved it because it was classic Palm Beach. So the pool attire will be classy.

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Dress that fits…

07 Oct

To illustrate my point from a previous post, here’s the dress I wore to a meeting today. This dress actually fits. In my size, they only had black so that’s why it’s this color. But I think you can see the gym efforts are paying off.

These are the shoes that I paired with this dress.


Which is a photo where I was heavier? You can see it on the regular Google Search for my name. It’s the one where I am standing in between Kylie and Julie and I’m wearing a pink dress, sunglasses and have a camera around my neck. That was my top weight ever. It’s the only time in my life where I’ve gained weight. Now you can see from the photo above that I’ve lost the weight. Which version do you prefer?

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So how do I look?

17 Aug

I decided to go with the dress I bought in Paris for my date tonight. How do I look?

Laura Kerbyson - Dress from Paris

Here’s a shot with the eventing bag I also bought in Paris. This is getting hard – holding the bag, holding the camera….

And here’s a quick makeup check….the kitchen has better lighting.

Laura Kerbyson

We are going to Flagler Steakhouse (that’s a Breakers Restaurant) and then we are going to The Breakers afterwards.

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Back from the show and watching the situation in New Orleans…

13 Jul

I’m back from the show. I need to do some rest and relaxation this weekend.

Over the next 24 hours I’ll be watching the situation in New Orleans carefully. I pulled my Verve – Crescent City Theme Park, Hotel and Resort project from there a few years ago when the drainage systems failed and we had 3 feet of water in downtown New Orleans after a hard rain. My concerns were of course that a real storm would cause catastrophic damage and loss of human life. That was just a few years ago. I had been assured that they had fixed the problems but that’s not what happened when the water came.

After spending all that time on the project, I can’t help but watch the situation carefully. I would love nothing more to be wrong about what I think will happen. The Wall Street Journal has reported today that the Army Core of Engineers has strengthened the system. For the people of New Orleans, I sincerely hope that this is not a lie.

My recommendation would be of course for residents in the path of the storm to evacuate and return afterwards. I’m sorry but after past history and actions, I don’t trust the word of the Army Core of Engineers or officials in New Orleans. I would love to be wrong.

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Fashion Show Continued…

23 Jun

One question that I’ve gotten repeatedly through the years is, “You spent a lot of years in Computer Science, why didn’t you ever want to go and work in California?”

No. Because they dress like slobs. A t-shirt and jeans to work to me says that you don’t have any standards and you don’t care about the details. No self respecting designer would wear a t-shirt and jeans every day. California is not my kind of mentality.

With that said, these are the rest of the items from the other day and why I like them:

Aqua and Pink Lilly PulitzerThis is the same Sophie dress as the other day (you saw me in a different pattern). I like this model because you can wear it anywhere and it’s washable. This is something that you can throw in the suitcase and trapse through anything in it. The sandals are a Jack Rodgers and, I dare say, far more comfortable than the other models of Jack Rodgers that I wear. These are comfy. I paired this outfit with large aqua statement earrings.

In terms of a purse for this dress, I like this bright colored pink Kate Spade.

Bright pink colored Kate Spade purse

The next outfit is a Lilly Pulitzer Linen skirt paired with a dark pink blouse, light pink pearls and a cute pair of pink embroidered mule shoes. Because the bees on the skirt are embroidered you can pick that up and carry it on into the shoes. Where are all these photos shot? My dining room. It’s handy for this purpose.

Closer look at the cute shoes:

Pink Mule Shoes

The next outfit can be paired with different pieces for different reasons. First is a striped Lilly Pulitzer with jeans and pair of white Penny Loafers with driving soles from Lands End. These are comfy and versatile shoes for traveling and walking.

Striped Lilly Pulitzer blouse and white jeans with driving moccasin Penny Loafers

And here’s the same outfit with light blue jeans…

Striped Lilly Pulitzer blouse and light blue jeans with driving moccasin Penny Loafers

And here’s it is paired with a pink blazer…This is actually a good outfit for an airplane. A jacket if you get cold, flat shoes, perfect…

Here’s a closer look at the shoes:

White Penny Loafers with Driving Shoe Bottoms

White Penny Loafers with Driving Shoe Bottoms

Courtney sent a new bracelet as a gift. It’s cute. This is the dress that I would pair with that bracelet. I bought this one a couple of months ago.

White dress on Laura Kerbyson

When I was looking for this one, I found an old favorite in the closet that I like for cocktails.

Laura Kerbyson in aqua cocktail dress.

Then for traveling and going to Paris, I bought some simple t-shirt dresses. I can sweat in it, get rained on, etc in this kind of dress. I can pair with a scarf and some jewelry to dress it up. I bought four of them in different colors. These things take up very little room in a suitcase. I call these “Saturday Dresses.” Because if I am going to the market to shop on the weekend and run errands, I reach for an easy Saturday Dress.

long necklace

Peach t-shirt dress

I also wanted to get more of the cute shoes.

Black embroidered mule shoesThe shoes above are good for adding color into a black dress. I don’t like to wear black but this helps

Red Embroidered Shoes

That’s all for now. I’ll do jewelry another day.

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New Lilly Pulitzer dress…

16 Jun

I have a new favorite dress. Yes, I went shopping in Palm Beach yesterday. I visited one of my favorites, a Lilly Pulitzer store – C. Orrico.

Julie had given me a nice purse from C. Orrico for Christmas. I wanted to find a dress to match it perfectly.

So here’s the dress:

laura kerbyson

and this is how it goes with the bag:

I bought a new pair of Jack Rogers with the cork heel. If you have to walk a whole day in regular Jack Rogers, the wooden heels will kill your feet by the end of the day. I am hoping these have more cushion.

And of course I just put my blue topaz jewelry with this look.

I love this dress for several reasons. I can wear it from work into night. It’s stretchy and comfortable. I feel like I could wear it to do almost anything. This is a good design for a dress. I personally prefer sleeves over no sleeves because of air conditioning. They have other prints in this cut and I might add those later.

So how do I look?

These Jack Rodgers also look cute with it but I prefer the pair above:

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I know, I know…

09 Jun

You want the stupid selfies.

It’s Sunday. It’s storming in Florida. There will be no outdoor plans today. So here’s photos for today. I hate being in front of a camera. What color are the eyes today? They are a mix.

And if rains and storms anymore today…I just might take a nap.

We had a whopper of a storm yesterday. The whole weekend has been like this.

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Instagram Up and Running for laurakerbyson

01 Jun

I worked all day on this. Please enjoy The official Instagram account for Laura Kerbyson is now open!

There will be more to add from the archives, I’m sure.

My life and work has definitely not been boring. Let’s put it at that.

430 posts to Instagram later, you now have a picture story. What you don’t see are the server side work and the video work.

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Just released hundreds of photos. Have fun.

26 May

I just opened up the Pinterest Boards. Click here

Remember I am staring with nothing so the counter is at zero.

I also changed the navigation on this old site (to the right) to reflect the new boards.

I hope you enjoy. Some of those images and photos have never been seen before.

So remember on Pinterest, keyword laurakerbyson.

You need to be logged in to Pinterest but here are some direct links if you are logged in:

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See you at The Breakers tonight?

19 May

I’m going for a cocktail at HMF. Who knows who I’ll see.

So what do you think of the makeup check and the gown? Am I good to go? As always I ask Nigel, the dog statue, “How’s the dress Nigel?”

How do you think the diet is coming along?


Today’s news – I filled in for M. and Frankie today on Worth and I made a sale. It’s the second time I’ve the shop for a day and a second sale. I like feeling more confident about a new skill. It’s a welcome break from being behind the computer or the camera all day.


Do you like the shoes?

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Happy Mother’s Day…

12 May

Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! Nothing fancy for my day today. Just finished Yoga, sorry no makeup but I did put on lip gloss. I’m hanging out in my new favorite spot, the pink velvet chaise in the master bedroom.

I will see you in Paris in August…

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It really is very precious…

23 Apr

It’s really very precious to have a visit at the Worth Avenue store by Pius and Eva. Pius is of course E.P. Kaufmann the great jewelry designer. They are visiting from Montreal and I got to spend time today sitting up front and visiting with them. Pius is 91 and I think Eva is 86. I enjoy my visits with them.

My car was in the shop today because it was recalled for an exploding airbag. So upon closing up the store today M. said, “It’s no problem for us to drop you off at the dealership.” So well all piled in the car and of course M. was driving and I was in the backseat with Eva.

On the way there, Eva said something absolutely hilarious. She said, “It’s about time you had a chauffer.”

Moments like that are really precious.

My hair’s an absolute mess and I wasn’t ready to pose for a photo but you have to treasure who was sitting next to me – Laura Kerbyson and E. Pius Kaufmann, April 23, 2019. He opened Kaufmann de Suisse in 1954.

For those of you who don’t know the story. Pius is from Switzerland and Eva is from Germany. He opened Kaufmann de Suisse in Montreal in 1954. He opened on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach in 1994.

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I told you it would be gorgeous…

16 Apr

This is my new 5 CTS Blue Topaz. Blue Topaz is my favorite stone…

Video of the Ring

I went to the Palm Beach Civic Association reception. It was fun to see everyone.

They are into one of my favorite colors:

Remember when we did the boat to match my purse? We paid $40,000 to have that hull painted. I still like that boat dress.

The Civic Association reception was nice. It kinds of reminds me of my time in Rotary on Hilton Head Island.

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Another long day, another workout…

14 Apr

I need makeup….this is the gym rat look…

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Fashion Show – What to wear????

14 Apr

I am going through my closet looking for a dress for the reception for Monday. These were the dresses that I bought recently.

I bought lots of white because of course we can wear white all year round in Palm Beach. And if you’ve ever seen my design work, you know I like white and aqua.

And you know I love these Aviator dresses. I have them in black, green, yellow and now blue….I love the dress but it’s not dressy enough for Monday.

Then I bought these more for going to the Breakers. Sometimes you want to look pretty, not necessarily sexy. This isn’t a color I ever thought I would buy, but when I tried it on, it matches the gold in my hair and it does look good.

Here’s a closer swatch of the fabric…

And last but not least….

I went today and had my toes done in my favorite color…

I think dress #1 at the top will be my choice for Monday.


I love dress number 2 as well but it’s the dress I was wearing Friday when I was selling the 1.7 million dollar pink diamond. The wife loved that dress. She said, “You are SO Palm Beach. I love that dress.”

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Nothing in this world makes me as happy….

07 Apr

Nothing makes me as happy as the ocean.

I only had one day off and I decided to spoil myself. I go to the beach and hike five minutes up the beach and that’s where there are no people and I can have total peace and solitude.

Video of the View Today

This is my view from under my little beach camping chair with a roof. It’s one of the greatest inventions ever made.

I took dinner with me and had dinner on the beach. I had a cocktail. I took my magazines and my music. The air from the ocean and the sound literally sucks all of the stress out of me and makes me melt like butter. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

In my short one day weekend I really spoiled myself. I went to dinner last night and had a steak and mashed potatoes and salad. I went to breakfast at the Club this morning and watched the golfers tee off.

On first pass of the beach, I couldn’t get parking because the lot was full, so I went shopping and bought 7 dresses and four pairs of shoes. I bought two gowns to wear to The Breakers and five dresses for work. I am such a girly girl. It’s usually dresses, shoes, lingerie, purses or jewelry.I didn’t need any of this but it was fun.

Then I was able to get a parking space and I hiked my way up and spent four hours in absolute perfection. To redeem myself for dinner, I took a nice veggie and humus in a sweet potato wrap with strawberries and blueberries on the side.

Last year the water scare was on and you couldn’t go to the beach. This year it’s back to normal and it feels, so, so, so good to be back in my little Nirvana. There are few things in life that I love like the ocean…

Now time for a long, hot shower…

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Sneak Peek – This is the new Back Cover Advertisement…

06 Apr

I can go ahead and show you this because when the magazine is published, the publisher is going to give me the full digital copy and I’ll be able to post it here. She already told me to send it out.

This is the new back cover featuring the incredible 17.57 D Flawless Diamond. It’s a rare diamond that I put in the window each day. There are less than 10 stones like this in the world available for sale.

Very sexy….

17.57 D Flawless Diamond

And this is an inside page of the magazine with my photos and byline. I’ll show you the 12 page insert another day. I am all over this magazine.

If you’re interested in the ring, call or stop by tomorrow.

My advertising agencies were created many years ago with one simple principle, “We Create Memorable Experiences With Style.”

“We” being the client and I because all work – code, design, servers, photography, graphics, kiosk design and buildouts – we created by me.

I specialize in luxury brands.

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Photos from The Palm Beach Boat Show…

31 Mar

It was easier just to make a little movie of some of the images from my day yesterday at The Palm Beach Boat Show.

This is the longer version with more photos The Palm Beach Boat Show 2019 (Longer Version)

The Palm Beach Boat Show 2019 (Shorter)

Changes are posted above.

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In Love with a Boat in Palm Beach….

31 Mar

More details to follow…

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A few of my favorite shots from the past year…

26 Mar

Someone was asking for a few of my favorite shots from the past year…

These are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy the eye candy.

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I’ve now modeled a 2.4 Million Dollar Diamond…

08 Mar

17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond Ring

Well they asked me to model the 17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond Ring worth $2.4 million today. I will be posting these images all over social media tomorrow for Kaufmann de Suisse as we search for the next owner of this very special ring. No photoshop work was done to the images.

There are only about 10 diamonds in the world on par with this diamond. It’s exceptionally rare to have one in your possession.

I can now say I’ve had a $2.4 million dollar diamond on my hand and I’ve worn a $20 million dollar necklace that’s in the Guinness Book of Records.

If you are in the market for such a perfect stone, come see me at 210 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480. Or you can call the office at (561) 832-4918. Just ask for Laura. This is an investment grade diamond.

Click here to see the video of a 17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond.


I never thought when I went into computer science and design that I would be asked to model some of the world’s most fabulous diamonds. Usually, I am the photographer and on the other side of the camera.

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27 Dec

A friend just texted me and said, “Didn’t you own a white Porsche?”

Nope. Navy Blue. White is not a custom color for Porsche. Navy Blue is a custom color. I drew the white one for Porsche Clubs of America but mine was Navy Blue.

That was the car that I ended up calling “The Greedy Bitch” because the tires cost me $1000 each because I put 20 inch performance wheels on it, I lost the engine at 60,000 miles and then I was hit (car accident that was not my fault). I had ripped out all the electronics and replaced the center console. That car got more love than far most of them. One year I paid $8000 for tires because I went through 2 sets.

Butwhen something finally costs you enough money, you get rid of The Greedy Bitch even though you loved it. I’m right aren’t I?

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Dress for Party Tonight…

15 Dec

Julie got us invited to a big party tonight. She called and said, “There’s some people I want you meet. You look great in aqua or turquoise so I want you to wear something in that color.” Well surprise. It’s my favorite as you know.

Ok, my dear. Here goes. What do you think of this? I would ask Nigel the dog but Nigel just a statue. I love it because I always have Nigel’s attention when I look in the mirror.

This is the necklace I’m wearing.

What do you think of the shoes?

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Laura with contacts – no glasses

15 Dec

I have to tell you that this makes me feel very exposed for people to actually be able to see my eyes. I am used to hiding behind my glasses frames.

So what do you think of this look? I just took this photo.

Let me analyze this for a while and I’ll get back to you…

If I wear green, they look green. If I wear blue, they look blue. If I wear pink, they don’t know what to do so they’re a little of both.

Wait, I’ve got it. If I wear the contacts, I can wear these!

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The very, very hot debate…

04 Dec

This subject has been hotly debated amongst many people I know and everyone has a different opinion.

Some people think I should go back to contacts, which I haven’t worn since my 20s. And here’s the thing, at least briefly I have to go back to them in order to have my lenses changed in my glasses. My eyes get better every year as I get older because of a particular problem I have. I like the frames I have so I have to surrender my glasses at least for a few days. I know it sounds strange but true.

Here’s a shot of me today, without makeup and with my hair only being blow dried. To me the glasses are just part of who I am. This is me – no fancy clothes, no makeup, no fancy jewelry. This is what 49 looks like. There has been no Photoshop work done to this photo. I personally, don’t even like the way I look without glasses anymore. I cannot believe how much debate this has received amongst friends. People seem to be so opinionated about this one way or the other.

Any thoughts?

I’m not kidding when I say this subject has sparked downright screaming matches between people. It’s glasses people. That’s all it is.

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Miss #WorldPeace is back in town…

27 Nov

Happy Holidays at The Breakers from Julie Hayek and Laura Kerbyson. Look out Worth Avenue! They’re back…

What a fun night it was…and there’s a story about the dress below…

So Jules and I went to the Palm Beach Civic Association Party. I knew I was going there so I wore my dress to work and then to a meeting at the printers and for a few other places today. Everywhere I went, people said, “Wow! Look at that dress.”

It was one of the 202 dresses that Miss Monica Kaufmann gave to me. I consider it one of my favorite performance bonuses. So I asked her, “Tell me where this dress came from because I’m getting quite a reaction.”

She bought it in Switzerland for $2000. And she was sweet enough to rave about the way it looks on me. So that’s why I’m posting a few of the dress. What you can’t see in the photos is that you have to be slightly daring to wear it because the top is a little see through. I don’t care, I love it. And as you know I picked it out of a closet full of dresses, because I had a lot of dresses before I met Monica and now I could wear a different dress every day for a year and you wouldn’t see the same outfit.

And this is my, “Jules, I am not a model like you are…I just shoot the pictures but here’s the dress shot you wanted…” Why are we so bad at this selfie thing? Give me a professional camera and I rock, but give me a cell phone and passable is the only grade I would give it.

Julie is a good, dear friend. She is also a very accomplished woman and we always have a fun time when we go out. So of course we ended up at The Breakers and a Chanel No. 6 was involved.

The dress looks better when I am not trying to pose. Monica’s boyfriend was kind enough to say, “You look like a model!”

No, SHE looks like the model.

So glad that Miss Julie is back in town. We have two more events this week and The Breakers party on the 10th. We are two girls that just like to have fun.

You see what I mean by it takes some guts to wear this. This is how the light catches the fabric…

What can I say, we’re a bunch of girls who’s business is style.

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Quick makeup check…

09 Jun

Quick makeup check. I am going out tonight to one of the places my friend suggested.

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This is why everybody wants my job…

25 May

This is me a day at the office, shooting on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. Kylie (who’s model for Aeropastale) is to my left and Julie Hayek ( , a former Miss USA and actress is to my right. Julie was also a first runner up for Miss Universe. These are two of my girls from my photo shoots.

Then this is Thomas and Cesar with the models. Thomas is our photo assistant. Cesar is a photographer who works with me.

Then as I’m editing the photo reel, I find this shot. It’s Cesar watching Julie and I walk down Worth Avenue. You are so busted Cesar…

Julie is 5′11″ and I am 5′4″.

I shoot the photos, do editing, then I design and place ads in magazines and the new shots will appear on the new web site and in a new in store electronic display that we are planning.

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It was fun…

08 Apr

All we did was discuss business all night. Which is great with me because I love being an entrepreneur. The people I hung out with last night are just friends. We were discussing how our clientele are the same economic class. Sometimes it pays just to make strategic relationships with friends and business associates who are from other cities.

Cheers to go deals.

Like I said, it was fun.

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I just wanted to prove that I don’t look a thing like those photos…

16 Mar

It’s 8:24 pm and I’ve had this makeup on since 7 am this morning.

Here’s a selfie. This is what I look like. Today, right now. There’s no Photoshop work on that image.

Here’s a stupid close-up, which I hate but I am trying to prove a point.

What made is such a painful experience is that someone who was a party to all this insulted me for the bad photos and not the photographer or the bad makeup. I’m shooting these photos to prove what I really look like and simple, stupid selfies look 200% better than those ridiculous photos. It was totally rude and unnecessary┬áto blame me for a photoshoot that I had to trash. Some people just don’t know how to act and they don’t care who they hurt with their comments.

I’m just not in to that…

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Here’s how I look with contacts…

11 Feb

I want to be able to wear contacts on some days. So here’s how I look with my new contacts. I just got them today. And of course with contacts, I can wear the blue aviators…

Or do you like the original look?

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Sports Cars

22 Nov

I promised myself to swear them off for now. But you know, I”ve had serious fun with them in the past.

My Dad had 1958 MGA (he was the original owner). My brother and I had a lot of fun with that car including taking the whole car apart when I was 12 and he was 15.

My mother had a Miata for 25 years. I put 3/4 miles on that car.

My first sports car was candy apple red Mustang. Then I progressed up to the Porsche. I love a roadster. You can see why.

One my co-workers was asking about the navy blue Porsche Boxter S that I redesigned and the history of the car. I’ll tell you what I know. I was told that Michael Moore, the director was the original owner. I’d had been looking at Porsche’s for a couple of years when I bought that one.

I was so serious about finding just the right Porsche that I rode 9 laps with Paul Walker’s driver, Rhodis a month before they were killed. Rhodis and I took at GT3 up on the speed as far as he could on a track in Savannah. All four wheels left the ground. I called it the flying squirrel. I didn’t like the engine in the rear of the car. So I persisted trying to find the right Boxster (a center engine car). I was driving on 278 on Hilton Head after a massage when I spotted the car at the BMW dealership. Navy blue, with dark limo tint. I pulled a u-turn, went in and asked, “How much?” The most fun I’ve had in years, ensued after that purchase.

$8000 Italian wheels 20 inch wheels on the back, under car blue lighting for my high heels, removed the limo tint and put clear coatings on the windows, a bat-out-of-hell radar detection system and I ripped the entire center console out of the car to redo all the electronics. I had a boyfriend back then and I would drive the car to dinner and restaurants would put it in the best parking space because she was beautiful when I was done. I cannot tell you how many people wanted to buy that car. Everyone who saw it loved it.

Of all the cars I owned, that is the one that I took the top speed. Part of you really wants to find out what a car can do and it’s like a temptress, just daring you to test her engineering. I drove that car from Hilton Head to Palm Beach more times than I can count in the years I owned her. I never got a ticket. Now, you have to be a really good driver to handle that kind of car. It’s not for the timid. And I could pack more stuff into that car than you could imagine.

Those were the days when I flying on a plane on the weekend and we’d just put the car in the hanger and take off in the plane. An airplane hanger is the best parking spot for a car. In the end, after all the money I spent on her – she screwed me like a greedy bitch. I had catastrophic engine failure. I could have bought 2 Porsches for the money I had to put into the car to fix it and sell it. And that’s what keeps from buying another even though; I love the drive of Porsche.

I was t-boned by a black Mercedes SUV and walked away. My phone was smashed all to hell. It was the other driver’s fault – completely. And believe it or not, I had another friend who also owned a navy blue boxster and he had been hit 3 times. Together, we figured that people don’t see that car because it’s low and dark.

The whole ordeal inspired all that art that I did for the Porsche club. I liked evolution, but when I was ticked over the money I spent, I personally liked the Frunk U art.

What can I say ? Life is for the living. It’s fun to play a little fast and loose for a while. You can’t take it with you.

Ok, now laugh (and sing) along with me, ”

“She was a fast machine.

She kept her motor clean.

She was the best damn woman that I’ve ever seen.” – AC/DC

I am wickedly fun am I not?

And that’s what a fun is really for – a good time.

Yes, you can tell from the art – I like to rock the computer like I do a car.

I’m thinking about writing a new book, “Computer Science For Broads…”

So tell me, “Do I look 47?” That photo was taken 6 months ago.

“What do you do for money honey? Where do you get your kicks?” – Owner, developer and designer. Owner, developer and designer. – Owner, developer and designer. – Vice President, developer and designer.

On Amazon… Designer and owner.

Hard Rock Park - original animator , web developer and designer.

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