Not a good day…

24 Jan

I work hard to make things into successes. It’s never a good feeling when you see someone begin to make decisions that will ultimately undermine a success or possibly prevent future ones. I spent 30 years building expertise and experience that other people don’t have. It can be difficult to listen to someone without that experience.

It’s never a good feeling.

It wasn’t the good week I was hoping for…

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Busy week…

23 Jan

I worked all day yesterday to finish another back cover of a magazine – this one is a tourist guide.

The assignment was challenging because M. wanted to change the necklace in the photo for another necklace. So I had to quickly shoot the necklace, take the old one out of the photo and then try to put the new one in and make it match. It would have been so much easier had we just shot the original with the other necklace.

Then I had a very nice dinner with a friend.

Today, I hope to return to making the marketing materials for the Guinness Opal Belt. We are still short staffed and I keep getting pulled in so many directions.

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It’s going to be a fabulous week…

20 Jan

Why you say?

Because of the simple things in life.

I have made my very favorite lunch to take to work this week. Part of my resolutions are always to cook more because I make everything fresh and organic and the things I cook are fewer in calories than eating out and generally taste better.

My very favorite lunch is my home made vegetable soup, a piece of bread with Irish butter, an apple and my homemade black, raspberry hibiscus iced tea. I built a big kitchen a year ago when I renovated the property that is now my home. I absolutely love this kitchen.

I have never, so much as thrown out one bowl of left overs of my vegetable soup. I went to the gym and came home and made it today and it’s perfect.

I also have an adorable little dress that I’m wearing tomorrow that I’ve never worn. Occasionally I say, “This is a week when you have to treat yourself right. Perfect food, enough rest, herbal teas, sugar-free hot chocolate, Spa “Laura” treatments, and long hot showers.”

It’s going to be a fabulous week.

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The Indiana Jones type…

20 Jan

This week M. had me meet with a stone dealer who’s the Indiana Jones type. He travels to countries all over the world and goes to mines and finds the stones himself. When he sells the stones to people he can tell them the stories of how and where he found them.

You see it doesn’t really matter if it’s a fine stone or a fine guitar – if the piece has a story it gives credence to it’s provenance. It’s inherently more interesting than the next item.

That’s why for one of Guinness Book of World Record pieces that I am getting ready to market, I called the man who found the stone in Australia and I said, “Tell me everything about where and how you found it.” He is also an “Indiana Jones” type. It turned out to be a really fascinating story.

When most people think of jewelry they think of a beautiful woman or love. But there’s another side to the business and it’s the adventurer who understands the science of the gems – the geology and the geography from which they are found. This is our Indiana Jones type. They love the thrill of the chase and the hunt for the best and rarest. I get to have some very interesting conversations with these guys.

I think we’re going to host a party for our best clients and let our new friend who’s an Indiana Jones type educate them. Men always want to know more than other men about something. This gives them the opportunity to actually learn. We can serve champagne and make a party of it.

So I took him over to the Sunrise Avenue store to show him the space because it is much larger than the Worth Avenue store. While we were there his inquisitive mind asked me all kinds of questions about the Internet, Servers, how I grow traffic, marketing strategies, strategies about look and feel, what makes a sellable image, etc.

When we got back to Worth Avenue, he said to M. “That woman’s a genius.”

“Oh yes, I know. I’m well aware,” she said and smiled at me.

People don’t really get a sense of it until they ask me for my expertise.

So I think this will make a very interesting party in Palm Beach.

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I finally booked my spa day at The Breakers in Palm Beach

19 Jan

I finally booked my “performance bonus” from work. M. is giving me a full day at The Breakers spa. I’m getting a half day of the luxury massage services, manicure, pedicure and hair done. I’m going to soak in a tub overlooking the ocean and enjoying a glass of the finest champagne. We’ll be starting at 9 a.m. and finishing at 6 p.m.

My neck needs this right now. As a matter of fact, I am thinking about scheduling the procedure again where they kill the nerves that go from my neck to my shoulder. Every time we do it, it gets more painful because the needles have to go through scar tissue and they can’t use anesthesia. I am not allowed to drive too and from the procedure. It gets old having to go through this by myself. But that’s life.

I am certainly ready to enjoy the performance bonus, particularly after yesterday. The office was hit by a power surge and I spent yesterday fixing hard drives and computers. It even managed to fry the UPS backup.

Then we had to deal with a security problem that came up while I was out of the Worth Avenue location. Now that the team is back from the Sunrise Avenue location back to Worth, I can deal with this problem.

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Artistic camoflauge?

19 Jan

The photo is kind of funny. Nick snapped it at the Art Show at the Palm Beach Convention Center the other evening. I seem to match the painting. Another friend at the show also asked me to pose in front of it.

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A fun art show…

18 Jan

I had a great time last night at the Art Show at the Palm Beach Convention Center. A good friend was in town and asked me to go.

Of course I saw several other friends from recent parties that we’ve all attended in Palm Beach.

I saw Julie at the show. We had corresponded by text earlier when she told me she was in the New York Post Gossip Column that day for going to the art show.

I told her, “Next time have Cindy Adams call me and I’ll send her a much better photo of you.” It’s always a good day when you get mentioned in the same sentence as Mick Jagger. He was always one of my favorites.

Sporting my signature colors of course, I ran into a fashion designer friend who had to snap a photo of me. She called me this morning and we’re going to get together one weekend so I can see her recent work.

It’s always fun to see friends when you’re out.

In business news, I am back on Worth Avenue. M. called me this morning to say how much she missed me and she needed my skills and talents back at the Worth Avenue store. So I moved all the employees out of the Sunrise Avenue location. That location will now be closed during the day. It will only be open in the evenings.

When I got back to Worth, everyone welcomed me home and sure enough there was a matter that really needs some attention.

It’s always nice to hear, “Welcome back. We missed you.”

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Filing an FTC Complaint Against Apple

15 Jan

When the government shutdown is over, I’m filing an FTC complaint against Apple.

My account was breached because of their security issues and then they had the audacity to turn around and tell me that if it was breached again they would shut down my account.

I’m not responsible for your security problems. That’s like saying end users of web sites are responsible when they’re are hackers that attack the servers. As as being one of the people responsible for those servers, I would never do that an end user.

I will not stand for that kind of injustice from a greedy monopoly that has gone too far.

Oh and on another note, why wasn’t Apple held accountable for fraud when it was discovered that your system updates are intended to deplete your battery and shorten the life of your hardware. I was just told that if users don’t update their software, Apple is not responsible and can shut down your account. Gee, they aren’t updating the devices, because you were crooks.

Apple needs to be prosecuted for this. How dare you?

Enough is enough.

When the government reopens, I’ll be writing every government agency and legislature about the prosecution of what is really is going on here.

We can not make end users responsible for the damages that hackers cause.

And I’ve had my absolute fill of personal distaste in watching a company get rich off it’s customers and then treat them with little respect when they are brought a problem to which they should be solving.

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Security Breach….what a pain…

15 Jan

My Apple account was breached and so was one of my credit cards. What a royal pain…

Even after resetting everything, some apps still don’t run on my phone.

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A trip…

14 Jan

My mother called today about my birthday, which isn’t for six months. My birthday is in July.

She wanted to know what country I wanted to visit. She wants to take me on trip for my birthday.

Several years ago, we had a two week trip to Italy planned and I had to cancel. I had wanted to go to the Vatican.

If I had to pick three countries in order to start a list to narrow it down they would be – England, Ireland or Scotland. I pick those three for obvious reasons. Those are the countries, where my families are originated.  We had coats of arms from all three countries. I’ll have to give it some thought.

I always have difficulty making time for travel these days.

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Today’s Fortune…

13 Jan


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Why do you have to do everything yourself?

12 Jan

I went in to get my nails done and I got a lecture.

“You cut this out yourself! Why do you have to try to do everything yourself?”

“Because at 2 o’clock in the morning when this thing is digging into me, you don’t make house calls. That’s why.”

“You didn’t do this right.”

“I’m not surprised at this point. Really I’m not.”

I can’t be expected to do everything well can I?

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Totally exhausted…

12 Jan

I am tired and in pain. I did not sleep well last night.

I cannot wear closed toed shoes because I always end up with an ingrown toenail. Too much on a treadmill, also does it because I’m wearing tennis shoes. My feet and heels are narrow and they always push to the front of the shoe.

It was so cold a few weeks ago that I wore closed toed shoes to work for a week. That’s all it took.

I tried to remedy the problem myself a couple of nights ago but cutting it out and last night I became aware that the area is now infected. I couldn’t sleep well. I started running a fever. I did not feel that great most of the day.

I’m going to go soak it in Epsom salts and then I’m going to bed. It’s not very exciting for a Friday night.

But this is why I always wear the shoes I do and why I get my nails done.

It also means it’s going to limit what I do this weekend because my foot hurts.

It’s been a long week and long hours.

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Honestly, what did I think of the movie….

11 Jan

What did I think of the movie, “Mary Queen of Scots” considering my family heritage….

I thought they made her look weak in the movie, which she was not. It’s not at all accurate. It’s meant to sell movie tickets.

Perhaps a better portray is the the Netflix series, “The Rein.”

Mary, was indeed a strong woman, never weak.

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Sick as a dog…

11 Jan

I had forgotten about South Carolina still having winter and that people get sick.

He woke up in South Carolina this morning as sick as dog so our dinner will be canceled for now. He has no voice and the point of dinner was to have a conversation.

I do not miss the winters in the Carolinas. In Palm Beach, we don’t really have this problem.

That’s life I guess.

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As far as I know…

10 Jan

As far as I know, G. is coming to town tomorrow to have dinner with me.

Yes, it is the G. from the infamous “G. and Me.”

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A surprise…

09 Jan

Someone who was very important in my life that I haven’t seen in 3 years contacted me this week.

I am now having a surprise dinner guest this week.

We were quite adventurous together. We were each building our own businesses back then and then joined forces to flip a bunch of real estate in a high stakes game, a couple of yachts and in our spare time – flew the airplane. Together we had a taste for adventure and a taste for design.

The first time I ever drove the blue water line in Palm Beach was driving one of those yachts.

Then I decided one business wasn’t enough, I needed a second one in Florida, a designer line of accessories and a kiosk business. And I had my heart set on Palm Beach, which was absolutely the right decision.

Then came a hurricane that kicked both of our asses for the businesses we owned in South Carolina.

Yes, we’ve been through some experiences together – including the two right engine failures on that airplane. I can tell you this – he’s a hell of a pilot and I was there to witness it. And I think I saved his life once, when I wouldn’t let the plane takeoff from the annual inspection because I noticed some things that were wrong. It turned out they could have been deadly and I was glad I insisted on the plane staying on the ground. I did the visual walkthrough after the inspection. So I think the “saving” went both ways…

He was never satisfied with ordinary. When he got his private pilots license, then he build his own plane, then he got a commercial pilots license, his scuba license, his captain’s license, his real estate broker’s license, then his own companies. When we flipped properties we went from condos to million dollar homes. And he wasn’t just working on that project. A deed search would show you he owned hundreds of properties. You have to admire someone who can do anything. Just like when I started with graphics, moved to web sites, moved to computer science, built my own kiosks, my own theme park, my own $750 million dollar deals if I want them. We were similar in our taste for bigger and better. I was the Kickass Web Mistress of Hard Rock with some nice guitars. When I was first invited to his extraordinary house with beach on both sides of the house, he had like six guitars laying on his dining room table with signatures from the Rollings Stones, Pink Floyd and other famous groups.  I was quickly told by one of my friends – he’s a major player on this island. I think there’s only five homes on the East Coast that have beach on both sides. Yes, he understood real estate…

I remember saying, “Now I see why you asked me here…”

He was always larger than life in every way. To have dinner, I had to haul out the highest heels because he’s over 12 inches taller than me. I’m five feet four.

Figuratively and literally, he was always someone to look up to….I respect his opinion.

He’s owned all kinds of businesses – real estate, a gun range, a Victoria’s Secret (briefly he bought it at an auction), a pawn shop – I mean all kinds of stuff. So his lessons in life are very interesting.

We spent four years together.

I think it’s also safe to say that we were each other’s most trusted business advisors.

And maybe I am that “larger than life” person for him. I don’t know any other women who have achieved what I’ve achieved in my lifetime if you look at the whole record. I try to make friends with successful women – like Jules and M. because we can relate to each other but they’ve each dominated one industry. I’ve managed to span multiple industries – just like my dinner guest.

Did he ever loan me money for my businesses – never. He’s all about earn it yourself. And that’s the way I was brought up. I have never taken a dime from family or friends to build what I have. I have some strategic partnerships that have benefited my businesses.

M. always says, “You’ve got balls woman!” I’ve had a number of people that have worked with me over the years to say that. Yes I do and a good man respects that in business. He wants an equal.

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It’s just been an ordinary weekend…

06 Jan

It was time to recharge by batteries.

So I watched some Netflix, did some beauty rituals, did some cooking and overall, had a very low key weekend.

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Long week…

05 Jan

There were some 12 hour days this week.

I am looking forward to getting some sleep this weekend.

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There’s never a dull a day…

03 Jan

It was a 12 hour day because we moved half the office to the Sunrise Avenue location in Palm Beach.

We’re hiring for a new photographer to work under me. Yes I shoot the work, but now my work is so large I need someone to share in those duties.

Well it got interesting today because a new guy on trial’s first assignment is to shoot a belt shot.

So when the comps were finished, M. comes and tells me what she thinks.

I can’t be as blunt as our conversation because we’re two women in our 50s who’ve been around the block a few times. But basically she wants me to tell the new photographer that he needs to shoot it again. There needs to be more crotch and more leg showing in order to be sexy. We are selling something and it has to be sexy.

“And you want me to explain this to a 25 year old?”

Of course she does. I’ll be straight and to the point because what we do in advertising is a sexy business and we have to be able to take legitimate feedback and implement it. But I bet this kid still turns five shades of red when I explain.

There’s never a dull day around here…

I thought wait a minute…when her brother was the model she had me cut off his you know what. Oh that’s because it was her brother…

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New Year’s Eve was nice…

01 Jan

I did some entertaining in my home. I cooked a nice dinner. We had champagne and we watched 2019 arrive.

Here’s to a good year.

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Think about who to pull from the rolodex…

30 Dec

It was not an exciting night. We started off at The Honor Bar and then the Palm Beach Grille and then Bucaan’s.

I was more than a little bored so my head turned to business.

You know I’ve now been put in charge of marketing the Guinness Record Book pieces for M. at the jewelry store on Worth. It’s a very lucrative deal for my personally if I sell one of them.

One I definitely see as a piece for the right country music star. So in my head I’m thinking – you know when I worked for Hard Rock and we were building the theme park, what artists did we have in “Cool Country”, who was in “Rock n’ Roll Heaven”, etc.

For the country section, I was able to think of about 52 names and addresses of potential candidates.

For other other piece, I still think it should belong to a Queen or a Queen of Rock or Pop – someone who really dominates the industry.

And so I made my list. The big problem is that the music industry would recognize my name, but they won’t recognize M.’s name and that could blow the whole deal right at the very beginning.

I don’t know what to do about that.

I also made a list of 190 celebrities and addresses that I had. Now I have to consider that list careful and think about who really show own the piece. It has to be the right person.

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There’s always one friend that screws up everything…

29 Dec

There’s always one friend that screws up everybody’s plans for a weekend.

Jules had asked me to dinner the last two nights and I said no because I had something planned with another friend.

Of course the friend was a no show, unreliable and just wants to play games. And she didn’t like this person to begin with. She was right.

If there’s one thing I hate in life it’s unreliable people that want to play games. I’ve had it. I’m done.

That kind of personality is not for me.

People that really know me know that I am very straight shooter and the most reliable person they know. I do not play stupid games.

So now I have to say, Jules – you were right all along. And that means I should be listening to you about other advice that you gave me.

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How I spent my day…

29 Dec

I spent my day writing to nine of the world’s Queens. I am very good now at saying, “Your Majesty.”

I would put the letters in front of M. and say, “Sign here, please.”

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27 Dec

A friend just texted me and said, “Didn’t you own a white Porsche?”

Nope. Navy Blue. White is not a custom color for Porsche. Navy Blue is a custom color. I drew the white one for Porsche Clubs of America but mine was Navy Blue.

That was the car that I ended up calling “The Greedy Bitch” because the tires cost me $1000 each because I put 20 inch performance wheels on it, I lost the engine at 60,000 miles and then I was hit (car accident that was not my fault). I had ripped out all the electronics and replaced the center console. That car got more love than far most of them. One year I paid $8000 for tires because I went through 2 sets.

Butwhen something finally costs you enough money, you get rid of The Greedy Bitch even though you loved it. I’m right aren’t I?

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Christmas was great…

26 Dec

Julie and I partied it up.

We had a very fun dinner with Monica and Leo at the Chesterfield. We ended up going last night and as is usual with me, we were the last car to leave. We all had a blast.

What did I wear? I wore a full length silver skirt and fully sequined and beaded top with a string of pearls and some bling on the ears and the new ring on the right hand. Monica and Jules thought I looked like a princess. Monica had given me the top so I wanted to wear it for her.

We got some good laughs over Monica’s comments about the red dress. “Have you seen her in the red dress? She is sexy beast in that dress!”


Jules stayed over and I got up and made a nice gourmet breakfast. In the afternoon, we walked the neighborhoods, saw the country clubs and the golf courses and when the sun came out she got to see the sparkle on the lake behind where I live. She loved the view. Everyone does. She loved what I had done with the real estate. I ripped out everything last January and redesigned this property.

We fed the ducks. She loves that.

We had horderves in the afternoon and I made us Channel No. 6’s. Then I cooked a really nice Christmas dinner.

Jules saw the New Orleans Project I designed and then walked away from when I felt like I was being dealt with dishonestly. She heard the whole sorted story.

Friends and family were very good to me this year.

I got a 4 carat Emerald Cut White Sapphire with Two Trillions set in 14K white gold. It’s a rock. I have small hands so it looks like a rock. Monica gave me crap about it, “You can’t wear it in front of guy because they’ll think you’re married.”

‘It’s on my right hand. Besides, I need a nice piece of bling for work, right?”

Jules said, “It looks like a diamond but why not a diamond? It looks just like a diamond.”

But both of them expressed concern that you don’t want to look too successful or guys make a target out of you. I’ve been dealing with that for years. I just have to find the right person who’s ok with who I am. It is what it is and I am what I am. Women like me do not grow on trees I do agree with that…

Good question – because I constantly work with my hands and white sapphires are harder than diamonds. On a rating scale diamonds are rated harder but my experience is the white sapphire is more durable. Anyone who’s ever chipped a big diamond knows that they are hard to scratch but you can chip them. White Sapphires take more punishment but look like diamonds. My pink and white is a pink sapphire with white sapphires. This is the same size stone as my big ring but it’s a different cut – it’s Emerald cut. I don’t do 18K because I’ll ding it. 14K is harder.

She gave me $500 in cash. Jules gave me a new beautiful turquoise purse.

Another friend sent a beautiful gift from Tiffany’s. I love it. It’s perfect.

Jerzey brought in chocolates for me from overseas. Monica gave me a nice bottle of Champagne to celebrate with…

It was a really nice Christmas.

Thank you to everyone.

Want to see the ring?


It’s funny because I never thought of myself as a model. But I keep hearing Monica and Julie say, “You’re a model, you know…”

It’s true when someone comes into the store to buy a diamond for their girl, they now drag me out of the back away from my servers, web site, advertising, my models, the deals, etc.  to model the ring, or the earrings, etc. They make videos of them and send them to clients.

I modeled the Paraiba once and told Monica, we can’t use this.  I hated the shots the photographer took. I’m in better shape now than I was back then but I’m a little uncomfortable being the model for a Guinness Record Piece. But those shots were a motivating factor in getting my game together. I hated them. I still like being behind the camera but I can do a better job now then when I started because I’ve learned a lot from Julie. And Monica pushed me to become “the sexy beast..” They definitely took me out of my comfort zone.

I am still unsure about the contacts or glasses thing so we’ll use both in life.

Jon Binkowski did that to me at Hard Rock Park. “Guess what? You’re going to be the girl with the limo in the Christmas Parade who does the Miss America wave!” I did it but that was not the job of the Kickass Web Mistress.

Of course this was back then…

But it is true that I’ve now modeled hundreds of millions of dollars of diamonds and gemstones. You just don’t realize it’s me.

And the bottom line is, I’m responsible for the security and placement of those pieces. Jules says, “You have one dangerous job.”

It doesn’t bother me at all. Every business venture has a risk. This is just part of the job.

I think I’ve learned the hard way, I need to protect myself like I do those diamonds.

Jules made the comment everyone does who meets me in person, “How do you get that skin?”

So I showed her some of my secrets and what I do. People get amazed at how soft it is. This is what your best girlfriend is for – you teach me to pose and I’ll teach you about great skin. I’m known for having answers about all kinds of things you can’t imagine, but sometimes people get surprised when I can show them answers to something like great skin – it is after all your largest organ.

Then she wanted to know, “How do you get your hair that texture?”

Easy. Let me show you.

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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas everyone.

We had a blast last night. This morning Jules and I made Jib Jab cards and sent them to friends. They are too funny.

We just have to do something silly and funny.

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Busy, busy weekend…

23 Dec

There’s always a lot to do when you have a house guest coming to stay.

I needed to plan the menus, do the shopping, get the guest room and bath just perfect…

We are going to have a very good time.

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Christmas Plans…

22 Dec

For Christmas, my dear friend Julie Hayek is going to come and stay at my home. I’m going to make a nice Christmas Eve dinner, with drinks and fun.

Then on Christmas Day we are joining Monica Kaufmann and Leo for dinner at the Chesterfield in Palm Beach.

I’m looking forward to all of it. I think it will be a fabulous holiday.

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Big smile…so sweet…

21 Dec

I arrived home to find a surprise present. I wasn’t expecting anything so I thought I must have received something by mistake.

So I opened it. It is something in my favorite color. It was perfect. But the best part wasn’t the present, it was the card and the sentiment behind it and the fact that someone would notice enough details to pick out something perfect.

Very, very sweet and very classy, and very appreciated. It was a very nice surprise.

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Do I want to see “Mary Queen of Scots?”

19 Dec

Of course I do. It’s in my plans for the holiday.

My maiden name is Fleming and my family is descendant from Mary Fleming, the second cousin (technically half-first-cousins however you count that) and best friend of Mary of Queen of Scots. She was one of the four “Marys” in which the Queen surrounded herself.

Cumbernauld Castle in Scotland was one of the Fleming Castle’s. Queen Mary was there when the roof caved in and the castle came down.

Many, many years ago now, I was asked to do a radio show in Cumbernauld because I had made a video game called Fleming Castle. I had recently been assigned to teach a video game degree in addition to my usual web development and graphic design programs.

So as one of the early games I did before joining Hard Rock was Fleming Castle.

It was really stunning to do the radio show in Scotland because until I told them the history of Cumbernauld Castle, they didn’t know before Cumbernauld House that there had been a castle on the land.

They interviewers were so sweet. They wanted to know what my favorite food was…They thought it was sweet that a descendant was teaching them about their local history. It was a fun show.

So of course I want to see the movie.

As some of you know my name is Laura Fleming Kerbyson. I was married 25 years ago and never dropped the Kerbyson after the divorce because so many people knew me professionally as Laura Kerbyson.

I pulled the game Fleming Castle and Tertullian’s Tomb from the Internet when I wanted out of that industry. I always felt like I was kind of thrown into that industry when Ohio had me make that college program. We were on the front page of Google News back then for being one of the first colleges in the country to offer a game design degree. The last games I made were for Hard Rock Park’s web site. And some of you know I was the Kickass Web Mistress of Hard Rock.

As you know, I still own my web companies and designer label.


And as you know the Fleming family was very divided between being Protestant and being Catholic.

I am a confirmed Catholic and when I was married 25 years ago, I was married in the Catholic church. When all the scandals broke out within the church, admittedly, I quit attending after raising a lot of money for the Catholic Church. That in part is how St. Mary’s Church in Marietta, Ohio became St. Mary’s Basilica by order of the Vatican. There are only 69 Basilica’s in the United States.

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There’s a divided opinion…

18 Dec

After Jules raved about the contacts I show up for work and several people are like, “Where’s the glasses! I like the glasses!”

I do too actually which is why I ordered a new pair exactly like the old pair except with the new prescription (which is actually better than the old one). I just like the sporty frames.

They came in this evening. I see laser sharp out of these things. So yes, I’ll have some contacts and Jules is going hate me, but I’m also wearing the glasses. I don’t know why people are so divided about this issue. I find it very strange that people generally feel one way or the other about it. Just consider it different looks I guess.

On other news, Monica asked me to fill in for her today. I had a nice lunch today with the Ladies of the Palm Beach Symphony luncheon. They were lovely. We had a very good time.


See they are just like the old ones. It’s been a long day and this is not fresh makeup so don’t hold it against me. Her favorite color is red. M. is a red fanatic. My favorite is blue but I have on red because of the lunch today. This is not a great picture but you get the point.

Yes, Governor…you can still my eyes with glasses on. :) I think I look like a Christmas tree today…

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Papperotzi & Loyalty….

16 Dec

I would say that is a fitting title for what went down last night.

First, it was a really rocking party that then spilled over into an after party at HMF at The Breakers. I have certain friends in my life that are fiercely loyal and protective and last night it was on full display. I am grateful to have a friend like Julie. You’ll see why by the end of the story.

The evening started off with Jules wanting me to wear my new contacts and a turquoise dress. She knew that at the party there would not be soul in that color but me and it would stand out. Friends and business associates from Hilton Head are now probably laughing hard because I built one of my original businesses by always dressing in that color and going to all the Chamber of Commerce meetings and parties. Everyone knew me for the color. I essentially branded my self.

So I pick Julie up and we arrive at the party and she’s checking out the dress and the eyes. “Oh my God your eyes are gorgeous! You can’t go back to the glasses. You look so beautiful tonight.” Of course I thanked her for the compliment. It was a sweet thing to say. And I had forgotten that once I leave contacts in for a few hours and my eyes get slightly irritated, they really glow green blue. By the time I got home last night at 2 a.m. they were down right radioactive.

And then about every 10 minutes she would tell me the same thing about how beautiful I look. I told her, “Your starting to sound like Monica. She tells me this every day. I honestly thought it was a Monica thing.” Jules says no it’s not. “You look like a doey eyed kitten and that’s what I’m going to call you from now on – Kitten. Seriously, you have like an angelic quality about you and it comes out in your eyes. ”

Cesar, who was one of photographers thought I looked like an angel and yes, Monica has said that too.

So I told Jules, “If I could just get a man to gush over me the way you and Monica do, I’d have made.” So Jules tells me, you don’t realize it but you have that effect on men. I wouldn’t have guessed that how interesting.

So Jules had a long list of people for me to meet at the party, some personal and some business. And they started making their way to us throughout the evening.

So one gentleman and his lovely wife and I had an impromptu meeting. Other people heard the conversation so I can’t say that this is some big secret because it isn’t. He worked for Harry Winston. So I let him know about one of most important pieces -  that we are considering selling the World Record Paraiba Tourlamine. And I would give Harry Winston, or any member of it’s executive suite, an open invitation to come and see me and view the Paraiba.

To me, if they have any interest, now is the time for us to discuss it. Because if we end up taking it to auction, they will end up paying more for the piece because we have to pay the auction house. So this was a party for pleasure so they weren’t carrying cards. So I gave them my card and if they would like to see it they’ll find me. Without having a card in hand, I can not tell you the gentleman’s rank within Harry Winston. His wife certainly had some beautiful diamonds on and she looked stunning. We also discussed Harry Winston’s recent purchase of the world’s largest pink diamond from a Christie’s auction.

So right after we left the discussion, the Papperotzi shows up and wants a Photo of Jules and I. I honestly didn’t think they knew my name but I heard a lady say, “That’s Laura Kerbyson, the designer and that’s Julie Hayek, Miss USA and first runner up for Miss Universe.”

Well as you know, my comfort level is behind the camera. I have a reputation for making people look very good in photos among the many other things that I do.

So comfortable or not. I posed for the shots with Jules. Then I said to Jules, “You really have a lot more to teach me about being in front of the camera…” And so then a nice young lady walked up to me and gave me a nice compliment. She said, “I’ve been watching you and you have so much class. I’m from Miami and we don’t see that very often.”

“Thank you so much..” What a nice thing to say. I have no idea where those photos are going to show up.

So we had a good time at this rocking party. It was an opening for club in West Palm called “Todd’s.” They built it like a club in Miami so the energy level is high. The owners came over and spent a good amount of time talking to Julie and I and we all had cocktails together.

So then we headed out to the after party at HMF at The Breakers. When we got to The Breakers, Jules says, “I have something I want to talk to you about. I made an appointment and I went to see some experts and I have some cards for you.”

I knew instantly, we were not talking about diamonds anymore. I was the victim of a crime and it’s a very complicated. It does unfortunately change your life after something like that happens. But what a good friend to take the time to make an appointment and go talk to some experts and then bring back cards. And so she told me, “The people who were supposed to handle this have been jerks and so in the future, I don’t want you calling the police, I want you calling this number.” She had some other ideas about a weapon.

She asked if Monica knew the whole story. “I said no, because honestly if she knew the whole story, someone would be dead by now.” I’m not quite sure why I inspire such love and loyalty but the reality is that I do. I still remember the trip that Monica made to New York where they were going to shoot the Paraiba for a magazine cover and at dinner in the middle of a New York restaurant, the publisher decides to criticize me and a huge screaming match ensued between Monica and the Publisher and the whole thing ended with, “FUCK YOUR COVER! You do not speak about Laura that way!” I heard the whole story from Cesar and Monica when they came back. Honestly, it just makes me love the woman more after someone does that for you.

So the after party when on at The Breakers and at one point I’m talking to gentleman who’s getting a little too fresh and Jules walked up and grabs him by the back of the shirt and says, “Get your hands off her.” So he leaves and Jules said, “I’m going to tell you who you can talk to because this is what worries me. Ok, see that guy over there…Yes you honey, come here…talk to this one, he’s ok.”

And so with that the momma cat had come out, extended her claws and dealt with that problem. And the momma cat picks up the kitten and drops her where she wants her to be. And we laugh because I am so tenacious in business.

When it got to be very late, and people have had too much to drink and say things they shouldn’t I dealt with it for her. This guy was being really disrespectful to me and then to her. So I said, “Jules, walk to the end of the bar with me. This guy is being really disrespectful and you’re trying to defend yourself and you don’t need to do that. You don’t need this. Let’s just walk away.”

So when we got to the end of the bar, she starts fixing my hair and putting my hair behind her ears. A gentleman was staring at us so Jules turns and says, “We’re not lesbians, we’re more like family, except we ‘re not technically.” He laughed and said, “You two obviously have a tight bond. That was an intense conversation.”

And that’s the truth we do. AndI have with Monica as well.

So we got caught up on things that have been happening since Jules was in New York. I told her about my friend Nick that gave me the security camera for the front door, which we both agreed was a really nice thing to do. Nick is a very classy guy and we’re friends. He lives in New York and isn’t in Palm Beach very much. I live on hole number 3 on the golf course and his second home is on hole number 1 and that’s how we became friends. He’s just not here very often so good friends is where we’ve left it.

But it means a lot to me to have friends like Julie and Nick who actually care. If Nick and I go to dinner, he always walks me to the car or door. If he ever needed anything, I wouldn’t think twice about doing it. Jules was not happy when she found out the last date I went on the guy did not walk me to my car. And it turns out she knew the guy and I’m not surprised since Jules knows everyone. So that launched us into a conversation about why do we sometimes like men who really are not probably good for us.

And this guy who was just hanging out with us says, “Men are no good. They’re jerks. I can tell you this because I’m one of them. But it’s like you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.” To which, we got a good laugh.

I was very intrigued by a famous designer that Jules knows. He was impeccably dressed. I enjoyed the conversation. Later, I had a nice conversation with an architectural designer from Delray.

So what can I say, Julie’s a friend. I love her and after last night, I love her even more. She is the perfect example of that beauty is not just skin deep.

As always it was an interesting and fun evening.

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Dress for Party Tonight…

15 Dec

Julie got us invited to a big party tonight. She called and said, “There’s some people I want you meet. You look great in aqua or turquoise so I want you to wear something in that color.” Well surprise. It’s my favorite as you know.

Ok, my dear. Here goes. What do you think of this? I would ask Nigel the dog but Nigel just a statue. I love it because I always have Nigel’s attention when I look in the mirror.

This is the necklace I’m wearing.

What do you think of the shoes?

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Laura with contacts – no glasses

15 Dec

I have to tell you that this makes me feel very exposed for people to actually be able to see my eyes. I am used to hiding behind my glasses frames.

So what do you think of this look? I just took this photo.

Let me analyze this for a while and I’ll get back to you…

If I wear green, they look green. If I wear blue, they look blue. If I wear pink, they don’t know what to do so they’re a little of both.

Wait, I’ve got it. If I wear the contacts, I can wear these!

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