Over $20,000 in clothes…

11 Jun

Wow. M. had me over to her house. She’s a millionaire that owns a business on Worth Ave. She had all these clothes that she bought for the models to wear for all the photo shoots that we did. And then I guess she was a compulsive shopper for a while and she bought closets full of designer clothes that still had the tags on and they aren’t her size. She has a six bedroom house and she filled every closet.

So she had me try each one on. I thought there was no way the clothes for the models would fit me. I was wrong. Practically everything fit and fit really well. She gave me 202 dresses. Yes, I said two hundred and two dresses. These are clothes from Switzerland, clothes from London, and many, many Calvin Klein dresses with the tags still on. If I conservatively said each piece was worth $100, it’s over $20,000 in clothes.

It took me 7 hours to try on each piece and to let her look and see what she thought.

She was so sweet. She kept saying, “You look like an angel.”

When I bought the condo in January, it was originally built like a true luxury condo. I have a room in the master that’s a walk in closet that is about 3 times the size of most peoples walk in closets. Then I have a full size closet in my bathroom.

Now those closets are completely full of new clothes. I could wear a different dress to work every day for a year and you wouldn’t see me in the same outfit. She gave clothes for work, gowns for going to the Breakers and dresses for the beach. It was enough merchandise to open a store.

I took her a dozen roses and all I could really say was, “Thank you so, so much. And if you ever decide to clean out the diamond closet, feel free to call me for that too.”

Her boyfriend joked, “When she would buy this stuff I would tell her, ‘That’s not your size.’ But then she would say, ‘Yes, but it will look great on Laura.’”

And she gave me a brand new $300 black purse with the tags still on it. It’s cute. It’s small just like I like my purses.

I’ll be one of the best dressed women on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach that’s for sure.

Of course we had a good laugh.

And there were some dresses where we said, “That’s a total seductress dress.”

Well you know I’m looking for a man so I had to take those dresses….

And we laughed because when I moved up from a zero and 2 to a little larger dress I gained a little weight. But I gained a lot of it in my bust. I know some people think I had breast implants but I didn’t. I just gained a little weight and the figure came in…

For our super skinny models, I had too much bust to wear those outfits. Surprisingly, the skirts fit but the the tops wouldn’t button. But I am not a zero or a 2 anymore. A few, very few of the 2’s fit.

She was even nice enough to say that I have a great body. How sweet of your friend to say that…

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Quick makeup check…

09 Jun

Quick makeup check. I am going out tonight to one of the places my friend suggested.

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Photos of some my favorite recent work…

09 Jun

As promised, these are a few of my favorites from recent work….

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My Friday night…

08 Jun

is going to be homemade pizza (to cut calories), listen to some music while I’m in the kitchen,  and a movie.

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We were talking about Pebble Beach today…

08 Jun

M. asked me to check into doing some kind of Pebble Beach event today.

I was telling her that anyone who attended the Pebble Beach Pro Am is wearing a piece of art I designed. I did all the Pebble Beach logos onto shirts for Arnold Palmer Apparel in December for this year’s tournament and pro shops.

It’s amazing how many clubs across the country I’ve done. Outside of the Laura Kerbyson brand, I hadn’t done merch since Hard Rock and that one pattern for Lilly.

But if you have a Pebble Beach shirt, you have a piece of my work.

I’ve made a living off of designing luxury brands for some of world’s best names across a variety of professions. My clients are like a Who’s Who in business.

Right now of course, I am working on the best in jewelry – Kaufmann de Suisse.

I’ve always said, “I Create Memorable Experiences With Style.”

Maybe this weekend, I can show you some of my advertising and designs that we just released on social media. After all if it’s on social, it’s public.

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A friend told me I looked amazing…

08 Jun

They were commenting that it was unbelievable the difference in my face and it’s permanent without surgery.

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I had seen it. It’s subtle, yet so effective.”

Technology is grand, isn’t it.

And there’s still 3 weeks to go with possibly more results. I’m glad I did it. I see the difference.

Maybe Sunday I’l have time to take a shot.

The dial on the scale is looking good too. Overall I am making progress on my goals. I will tell you – it is possible to turn back time. You just have to have a good plan.

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Today was a mixed bag…but there was some girl talk

07 Jun

We all have to do things in our work lives that we find boring but necessary. Today was one of those days. Actually, it’s been the whole week…I think I have photographed and cutout my millionth pearl…

It’s necessary because we are getting ready to sell online and I am working on the Lariat Look Book. But I’ll be glad to get the product finished. Books take a while to get right and pearls are actually time consuming to do right.

So my bestie girl Lynds and I girl chat while I do the monotonous work.

Mostly we harp on why I don’t have a date this weekend.

“You really have to change this situation,” she tells me.

“I know… I know…”

The problem is right now, I go to work and then I go home and I love my home so I don’t like to leave it very much on the weekends and I am going to have to make an effort to get out and meet people on my weekend time if I ever expect to have a date. You don’t meet a guy on the golf course or while walking for exercise.

She wants me to do online dating. I think that sounds awful. I’ve never done it. I don’t want to do it. But I agree that I should be having a date this weekend.

I told her what happened when I was in New Orleans last summer when I went to visit a psychic and what he said. Actually I have an audio recording of the whole thing. According to him some guy from England is supposed to be the man of my dreams and he’s supposed to track me down between August 2018 and January 2019. “Don’t go looking for him because he’ll find you…” How interesting…

I distinctly remember telling the psychic, “Well this should be interesting on this is going to work because I’m not leaving Palm Beach County, Florida.”

I told her what I thought, “I’m tired of waiting on the mystery guy to show up. My thought is that if he’s going to show up, he’d better do it soon because I’m tired of waiting…” We both laugh and now we are placing bets on whether the psychic will be “wack” or “quack.” Place your bets now.

As for this weekend, I know I am watching the Belmont on Saturday. I have to find out if my horse Justify is going to win the triple crown. I’m not sure where I am watching the race – at home or out. I don’t know yet.

She gave me her suggestions on where to go to meet a guy. Ok fine but these are the criteria that I am looking for:

- No more terminal bachelors. When a long term relationship ends, it’s like someone dies. With a terminal bachelor, it’s always going to end. They aren’t the world’s best on understanding women or being able to compromise on anything. Who wants to invest years into something where there is no future. Been there, done that – it was a mistake.

- The guy needs to love my design work because guess what? If it works out, we’re living in it. My environment is very, very,  important to me.

- He needs not to be after my money, he should have his own. I want an equal in life in terms of level.

- He needs to think I’m beautiful and intelligent and talented and actually mean it.

- He needs not tell me what to do in life. That tells me that he thinks he’s above me and I’ve done just fine without anybody telling me what to do. It’s beyond offensive when a guy does that to me. It tells me they have no respect.

- I don’t like liars, scammers, cheaters or womanizers. He should have a good character.

That’s kind of the basic criteria and believe or not, that is hard to find.

So that was the gist of our girl talk for today.


Some of the stuff the psychic told me was spot on, he did a palm reading.

He said, I was very, very intelligent. I was in good health. I was very creative. My mother will live a long time and that we have fun together. I will actually live a long time.

He told me that 2018 (remember he told me this in 2017) was going to be a great year – I would have love and money. There was not a single thing bad in my cards. That’s what he told me.

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Kate Spade…

05 Jun

The news of her suicide was so incredibly sad and surprising as she was my favorite designer. If you’ve read the blog for a long time, you know that. Her companies were bought and sold many times through the years. I heard the last sale was as high as $2.4 billion.

When these things happen it tends to go back to one of the reasons – love, money, health or just not happy with who you are. Only time will tell us what the reason is but it’s probably a safe bet it wasn’t money. She was worth a considerable sum from the original sale.

She was a such a talented woman who’s brand brought a lot of smiles to women’s faces.

As a designer, it’s hard news to hear and how sad you feel for her family. Especially since she was only 7 years older than I am. It’s tough to see a successful woman in your field lose it all.

I’ve said this to many, many friends over the years including recently as you know – “Money isn’t everything. You have to do what makes you happy in life.” The only person who can change your life is you and if you’re not happy, you have to find a way to change what’s wrong. That’s not always easy or instant, but it can be done.

I was so sorry to hear the news.

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04 Jun

I was able to wash my hair and find out how my version of the retexturing was vs. my stylist (who is awesome but charged me $300). I hate to tell her this but I won. My hair is like silk. It has never looked better in my entire life. It lasts for 3 months.

I started on this journey of trying to roll back my looks to how I looked in my early 20s. And everything is actually working out beautifully. My jawline and neck have tightened up from the injections (yes this stuff is permanent). I still have five more weeks of results to go. I can’t wait to see the full deal if it looks this good this early. The skin tightening treatments are working.

I only have 9 pounds to loose before I am back to my weight in my 20s. I suspect that will come off beginning in July when my clear liners arrive to straighten up my teeth that have moved with age. At the end of June, I’ll take a photo (no smile) and in January, I’ll take a photo. Straightening the top teeth will raise the cheekbones a bit and complete the aesthetics on my face.

Designers who are truly obsessed with design (like myself) design themselves too…

I design me, I designed my house, I design my web sites, my companies, my technology accessories – I design just about anything. I live to figure out how to take something and improve it ways that people couldn’t imagine to to create things that people couldn’t imagine. That’s what makes me happy in life.

Right now looking at the skin, I would say we’ve taken off 5 to 10 years of age with the changes to the skin and the structure. It will be interesting to see if that goes further in the next few weeks.

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Who’s the Queen?

04 Jun

My mother is going to have to admit that I am the Queen of figuring out a way to do things.

She told me to throw this chair away when I told her that I wanted to paint the wood white. “It’s not like you can’t afford a new chair.”

Why would I throw it away? I like the shape. I need a chair in the bedroom to throw my clothes on at night.

She told me to get rid of it because she thought since it was upholstered I would never be able to paint down to the upholstery and I wanted to completely change the color of the wood.

Well I did it. You want to know how. A flexible kitchen spatchula. You jam it down between the upsolstery and the wood and then you can paint all the way to the edge.

I am the Queen of figuring things out…

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Today was a project day…

03 Jun

I got up this morning and my jaw and neck is still swollen a week later. I think it’s going to take two weeks to go all the way down. It’s still sore to the touch. I am allergic to anti-inflammatories so I went to my kitchen to make the natural anti-inflammatory – chicken soup. Chicken decreases swelling. It turned out so well. I used chicken, carrots, onion, celery, celery leaves, vegetable broth, chicken broth and garlic quinoa and brown rice. It was so good. Really good…

What was wrong with my jaw and my neck? I went to a plastic surgeon and got 20 injections of the stuff that eats away fat cells permanently and tightens up the jaw line. It takes a full six weeks to work but you can already see it has worked. I can’t wait to see it at the end of six weeks. It does make me look younger. And that i like…But let me tell you before you think about doing it – it’s really painful for a while.

At the end of six weeks, I’ll take a photo for you and then we can compare it to something that was shot a few years ago and you will see a big difference.

Then I decided to take on some household projects. My large sliding glass doors on the golf course desperately needed cleaning. Wow, did that improve the view. There was so much dirt in the tracks of the doors, it’s no wonder they didn’t slide right. I bought the condo January 3rd. It was previously owned by a 92 year old woman who died. I don’t think she was climbing ladders and doing windows. This had been neglected for a while. I shop vac it and put WD-40 on the tracks. Much better now…

I did the windows in the Master. I cleaned house, did laundry and then took on my hair.

Three months ago I went to my stylist to have my hair retextured. It turned out fabulous but it cost me $300 and it only lasts for 3 months. Everybody wanted to touch my hair after I did it. It was so silky. I love my stylist, but I’m not increasing her budget by $1200 a year. So I watched how she did it and then I bought the stuff online. I did it today and it turned out the same as when she did it. Of course I am going to keep this look. Everyone has loved it.

Then I worked on my skin for a while.

It rained again today just like it has for weeks. I can’t wait for this to be over but in the meantime I am working on everything I need to do indoors.

It was just a day of projects.

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The Theme Park Project and it’s Problems….

02 Jun

This is the project I took on last summer. I took a residence in New Orleans and I put this project, “on the shelf” until I feel differently – which I don’t think is going to happen.

Originally, I was hired to come to New Orleans and resurrect the dead – the old Jazzland Theme Park. This is what I started with -

But the people who brought me to New Orleans didn’t have the proper background for this type of project. The land that Jazzland sits on is water soaked and too low. The equipment was submerged in salt water and the park closed when Katrina hit. Any theme park equipment that’s been sitting in salt water is prone to corrosion and can kill people. It should all be trashed. I actually toured the property with city officials. If you want to see how bad it is for yourself watch They had me wear gloves and “snake boots.”

So I told them, they no idea what they were doing with a theme park or on the business side so I set about trying to figure out if you could build a park somewhere else in New Orleans. This was the best I could come up. You have to track down the owners of the land and meet with them and find out who will sell and who won’t.

So I marked off everything I wanted on this map…

One of the big problems with the original Jazzland overhaul was that their creative work and concept was very, very weak. So I developed and drew the creative concept for the new park to be built in New Orleans East.

Verve in French means, “vigor and spirit or enthusiasm.” Plein de Vie means, “alive and kicking.” This was a much stronger concept and my 41 page business plan is very, very detailed down to the penny of cost and how the revenue gets created. That business plan, I will not share with you because that’s where the money is in the project.

But this land I was looking to purchase was owned by John Cummings, one of this country’s high powered lawyers. I like John. He’s a character – just like me. We looked at his land. We had breakfast. He showed me the dump trucks working trying to raise the land. But in the end, I just don’t think it’s enough to keep the water off the park. My gut just doesn’t like it.

I also went through this whole process of planning a park in Florida. That project isn’t off the table. There are things about that project that bother me.

I have overseas investors who will spend $750 million to build another park. But they know I’m not going to do it unless I’m willing to bet on it. If I thought I could solve more problems, that might happen. But for right now, it’s on the shelf.

Admittedly, I was happy to come back to Palm Beach county after all of this. I wanted to love New Orleans, but I didn’t.

Do you see why I love to fly? You really see the big picture from the air. You think about things in a whole different light.

My role with Verve Theme Park and it’s accompanying businesses would be to be the CEO and Chief Creative Officer.

I’ve been fortunate in life to have a good head for business, and strong creative and technical skills.


The song for the signature coaster? Go to YouTube and enter, “House of the Rising Sun.” The coaster would have been built for that song.


Of course people who know history will want to compare the above projects to Hard Rock Park. Go ahead, compare away…that’s where my original park experience comes from. The skills come from being a professor in design, computer science and business. I used to have the BSBA degree program too…


I do a park, like a house flipper does a house – except I design a whole development.


What was my favorite night in New Orleans? When I flew my mother out and took her to Broussard’s for dinner.

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It’s going to be a project weekend…

01 Jun

The weather is still not good for the forecast so I think this weekend will be a bunch of projects I’ve been putting off. It’s been raining for weeks in South Florida.

I will also find those land plats and plans I worked on because I know a few people want to see those.

Maybe this evening…

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How was my day or days?

31 May

Sorry no post yesterday. I had a middle aged friend who had a complete breakdown yesterday and I had to give the speech that went something like, “Look, what you are going to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and change all the things about your life that you don’t like. Anything that you don’t like about life is changeable but you’re the only one that can make those changes…”

I had to get honest and real and say, “Do you think you’re the only person who’s ever hit a rough patch in life. You want to talk about my worst day at work?”

Some people who’ve known me a long time know the story. In 2008 after spending a year building Hard Rock Park we lost the park when the stock market tanked in the recession. There went my $600 million dollar portfolio piece. I had owned a business that I gave up before doing the park and I had been a full-time professor. So I went back to being a computer science and design professor again and was instantly promoted to being department head of two campuses.

I got a call from a department secretary one day. She told me a series of events had transpired within 3 hours that had nothing to do with one another. My boss who hired me, and was my friend, was just diagnosed with terminal cancer and had only weeks to live. One of my instructors was just in a car accident that killed four people. And another member of my department just committed suicide. And I was the department head.

Six people gone in a flash. No business. No park. It was staggering. Life just unraveled for a while at that point while those of us who were left felt like our heads were spinning.

All that came six months after I had a college student that threatened to kill me and my students and was taken from my class room by the state police and institutionalized.

You have to find it within yourself to move forward.

I went on to design two more parks and line up the financing. I didn’t pull the trigger on either one of them because I am a very careful business woman and if I feel something is off – I don’t do it. Everything has to line up for me.

I planned a park in Florida but there were some things that bothered me. Last summer I took a second residence in New Orleans because I had a private contract for my salary to be $2 million dollars to build a park in New Orleans. I spent three months living there and planning the park. Honestly, I didn’t love New Orleans and I didn’t see a way to keep the water off the park. This wasn’t just a park. It was a park, hotel, campground, spa – the whole nine yards. It’s a fair amount of work to design the park, the business plan, line up inventors, the land, etc.

Maybe this weekend or this week I’ll post photos of the map, the land plats and everything I did.

But in the end, my gut said, “Don’t do it.”

I don’t make decisions based off of what could be my personal gain. I have too much integrity for that.

I’m not saying the project is completely off the table forever, but I’m not crazy about it.

I was very happy to get home to Florida. I have to tell you. I love Palm Beach. It’s my kind of place. But I will never build a park in Palm Beach.

Anyway, I think she listened to everything I had to say and realized that some of us have been through the mill and survived.

I never forget it. On the wall of my home are some of the most interesting pictures. People say, “Wow you drew all that?”

I did and it was during my “dark” period. I turned to drawing during those days, and I created some really interesting stuff. It still hangs on my wall today. I got very creative during those dark days. It kept my mind going and focused on something constructive. I reached for that and my shell pink Fender Stratocaster. Which ironically, I didn’t play a lot since then. Mostly, it’s because it hurts my neck to play and I just leave it on display. I did that and I beat the hell of a few foreign hackers with code who just caught me at a bad moment but they deserved it.

But all those things in my home, remind of what it takes to overcome the bad parts of life. I could put them all in a closet, but I choose not too. They are more of symbol of strength to me.

And today, I own several businesses.

Whatever happened at the university? I finished my three year contract and I’ve never taught a day since then. I went back to the business world.


My friend says, “How’s your neck? The bruising is worse…”

“Yeah, but that’s too be expected.”

“Yeah, but I think it’s working. I can see it.”

“For 2 billion dollars invested into a drug, I hope it’s working. We’ll know for sure in six weeks.”

All I know is that for 20 shots, I paid a fair amount of money. Let’s hope it works. After all, he is the developer of the drug and the top doc in this field.

They don’t call me “Jack Sparrow” for nothing. I am always looking for the Fountain of Youth.

How did I do the salary thing?

Easy. I got a U.S. investment to cover my contract and salary and overseas investment to cover the capital and operating expenses of the park. That way if I have to pull out, I don’t jeopardize the investors who put up the capital to build the park.

For those few people who said I couldn’t sell – who do you think sold all this? Who sold Arnold Palmer, Lily Pulitzer, Linda Hartough, Hard Rock, Pinecrest, Flight Safety – who sold all those people? I did. Every client that belongs to Carolina Web Development, Florida Web Development and Laura Kerbyson – I sold. The $750 million, I sold. Make no bones about it…

With all the “improvements” I have scheduled, I should take 15 years off and be “rock star” gorgeous by January 2019. That’s my target date.

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Today is just simple…

28 May

I went across the road to John Prince Park and hiked the trails about 4 miles or so. That park was one of the reasons I wanted to buy a home in the location I choose. It’s a beautiful park.

I needed to work off everything we ate and drank last night. I told her, “I think I’ve had my sodium content for a month here…”

The dinner I served Saturday night was rich – Lobster Bisque and Bourbon Glazed Salmon over Salad, and Organic Bread.

Today is like iced green tea and fruit.

We are finally seeing glimmers of the sun in Palm Beach and since today has been a really breezy day – i opened up the sliders in the dining room, put some music on the bluetooth speaker and i’ve settled into the couch for some reading. I love to feel the breeze off the lake.

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We went to Bradley’s…

28 May

We ended up going to Bradley’s in Palm Beach. I had to have their famous Bloody Mary. We sat outside in the wind and listened to the band, ate nachos and relaxed like we were in the Keys…

Then we walked along the docks to look at the boats.

Here’s the photos.

I think my friend wanted to get together to see how bad my neck looked.

It looks like I’ve been beaten with an ugly stick. Or someone tried to strangle me, I not sure which…

If you don’t like bruises look away. It’s going to take a couple of weeks to go away and six weeks before this looks as intended. I’m curious to see how the jaw looks, which only swelled a little but didn’t bruise. You can tell the whole thing is obviously very swollen. I can’t believe we skipped the anesthesia to avoid bruising. Next time I want the anesthesia. That was pointless suffering if you ask me.

I have a friend that brought over a bottle of whiskey last night. Dare I drink it? I’ve actually never tasted Whiskey. Mmm… how bad does it hurt?

We played basketball, skee ball and ping pong while we were at Bradley’s.

When I was growing up I played 11 years of basketball. I am a little woman, only 5′4″. I got beat to hell on a basketball court one season – broken collar bone, three broken fingers, knee surgery. Finally my step father said, “I don’t have whiskey and a bullet but I have this…”

And he handed me a bottle of Southern Comfort. And I drank it.

Remember I’m English, Irish and Scottish. Liquor doesn’t affect us much. We have tolerance like crazy.

Is Southern Comfort whiskey? If it is then I’ve had it – many times. I actually liked it but I only tended to drink it for “medicinal purposes.”

I walked away from basketball my junior year after being recruited to play in college. I ended up going to my under grad on 13 academic scholarships.

My friend at dinner was asking “Are you really English?”

Descendant from the Royal Line. Mary Fleming was the second cousin and best friend of Mary Queen of Scots. There were many Lord Flemings in the family. All Flemings in the region I am from are descendant from England.

My mother’s family is English heritage too. Both sides of my family have a coat of arms.

Which one from which country do you like?

I will tell you traditionally, I’ve seen our coat of arms with a goat at the top – it means large land owners. No it doesn’t mean I will eat all your Doritos….and the family motto, “Let the Deed Shaw,” is in reference to the fact that Flemings are very loyal. We once cut the head off of an enemy of the King of England and so he bestowed the family motto.

It means let the deed reflect what has been done. And with that became the first gift of the first family castle in Europe.

So be careful, we know how to wield a sword…

I won’t tell you my mother’s maiden name but I will tell you what the family motto on the coat of arms means -

Consider the end – live so that your life will be approved after your death; also – consider the consequences of your actions.

Now I’ve been divorced over 20 years, but Kerbyson is also English, Scottish and Irish. Except they were commoners. But we were basically the same heritage. I kept the name as a business decision, not because I preferred it. I knew eventually, I could own that name – and I do.

If you type in it goes to one of my companies.

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I had no idea it would look this bad…

27 May

I am covered in bruises from the the jaw to mid neck.

I know it’s only temporary but i had no idea it was going to look this bad. It was far more than I bargained for, let’s put it that way.

No post last night because I was entertaining.

Now I am trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my weekend. I don’t exactly want to visit the high profile places looking like this and the weather is awful so it’ killing an ideas I had about outdoor time.

I’m looking for ideas on what to do with the holiday.
That didn’t take long, a friend just texted to meet for a drink in Palm Beach. I guess that’s the plan.

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Whoever said beauty has no price has no clue…

26 May

When you look back at the photo of me, I don’t know what you think. I look at it and I say two things – I want to fabulous at 50 and at 48 I see things that need to be corrected.

I need to tighten that jawline. I need to re-straighten the teeth. I need to cool sculpt my waist.

After all of that, I will look like I had a tune up.

Today, I got the 20 shots into my jaw and chin. Freakin painful. My doctor is the one that developed the drug. Allergan spent 2 billion dollars to develop it. It’s relatively new.

2 billion dollars? It sounds like one of my billion dollar theme parks….

I gotta tell you it’s painful. But if it means I can skip a lower face lift, it’s worth it. We decided to skip the anesthetic because I have a social engagement tomorrow night and I don’t want the bruises. But boy do I have swelling and bruises. Truthfully it’s a risk because he’s had patients with no result and patients with dramatic results from the drug. I decided to roll the dice because I know he’s the best money can buy.

But in six weeks, I should have the result I want. But I did have to explain all this to my dinner guest.

By January, I want to look good. I wasn’t happy with the photo that was taken with Julie. I’ve always been a perfectionist.

The only thing I had had done up until today was my lower eyes.

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This is why everybody wants my job…

25 May

This is me a day at the office, shooting on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. Kylie (who’s model for Aeropastale) is to my left and Julie Hayek ( , a former Miss USA and actress is to my right. Julie was also a first runner up for Miss Universe. These are two of my girls from my photo shoots.

Then this is Thomas and Cesar with the models. Thomas is our photo assistant. Cesar is a photographer who works with me.

Then as I’m editing the photo reel, I find this shot. It’s Cesar watching Julie and I walk down Worth Avenue. You are so busted Cesar…

Julie is 5′11″ and I am 5′4″.

I shoot the photos, do editing, then I design and place ads in magazines and the new shots will appear on the new web site and in a new in store electronic display that we are planning.

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There’s some kind of email problem…

23 May

People are telling me that they aren’t receiving my emails or that they are in the spam folder (of which I do not send).

A lot of my sites are at GoDaddy but that mail server is at Network Solutions and it seems like there’s always a problem with that company.

Check your spam folders, if you don’t find mail from there, then just text me. They’ve obviously got issues going on.

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I was lucky I wasn’t arrested…

23 May

I get to the jewelry store this morning and I unlock the door with key. Then the remote would not open the door.

I thought what’s wrong with this thing? So I text M. and she tells me that means the power’s been off.

Then she gives me directions for how to break into the store.

It was a sight, I’m telling you. A woman in a flowered skirt, manually prying open a glass door on Worth Ave. Man, she must really love diamonds – get a load of that woman!

I’m lucky I wasn’t arrested. Thank God I didn’t look like thief – all dressed in pink today.

It was still pretty funny because that door is not easy and I really had to work hard at it. I’m sure people driving by wondered what I was doing.

Breaking into a jewelry store…I learn something new every day.
We are right next to Van Cleef, Hamilton’s, Tiffany’s, etc.

It’s embarrassing when you have to do stuff like this in front of them. I am sure they are looking and thinking, “What a bunch of idiots…Oh, she’s having one of THOSE days again.” I am sure that we are endless entertainment for them.

That’s ok. You can look at me and sneer and when it happens to you and your store, you come see me and I’ll charge you $1000 to get into your store….

We went through a two week period where all the alarms kept malfunctioning and I’m sure the whole street heard it. Thank God, they are all fixed now. It was humiliating.

And then the fire department has been there several times. And Christopher actually sold jewelry when the fire alarm was going off full blast and the firemen were walking through the store.

And I’m sitting there programming web code and designing an advertisement.

Oh, it’s just another day at the office. Total chaos.

Well, and here’s the thing. I knew once I loosened it I had to give it a really big yank, because there is backup power on the alarms and once the door is open even a little bit, my count down begins in terms of the number of seconds I have to deactivate the alarms.

So I was able to get the door open like 6-8 inches and I squeezed through it. I thought, “Oh Chickie, you need to lose some weight. This is tight.”

No easy.

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The Shock & Awe Moment…

22 May

It’s shocking I know. Dun. Dun. Dun.

I bought a new purse and it’s not exactly aqua. It still has some blue in it but leaning more toward the pale green.

Aqua is still my favorite but I just liked this purse. It’s actually the same color as the accent colors in my kitchen. I like to mix those blues and greens.

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Our discussion was about men…

22 May

I have this girlfriend in her thirties and all of our conversations tend to be fun. Today’s was about one of our favorite subjects – men.

She asked me, “Your ex-boyfriend was a lot older than you. How did you end up in that and how did it work for you?”

Well, G. had amassed a real estate empire, multiple yachts and built his own airplane. Initially, I just wanted to know, “How does somebody do all that?”

He heard I was on the Island and asked me to come to his house. It turns out he had a an electric guitar collection too – so did I. So I did go to his house. Eventually, I spent enough time with him that I fell in love. I was 44 when he was 63 and that’s the year it ended after four years. He was a really good looking guy. He’s a terminal bachelor and that never works in the long run. Because there’s always a fight that ends that kind of deal. I already knew he had three or four girlfriends before me and the max that lasted was about four years. History is the best prediction of the future when it comes to men. We both flew planes.

He had a temper and would do some crazy stuff when he got really mad. We’ll leave those stories off the blog. And when it came to his airplane he kept putting me in bad positions. Two right engine failures,  after I told him he had a problem the first time. During annual inspection, I litterally had them take apart the plane twice in order to find what I knew was there. More than once, I was the one who had to crawl under the plane to find out if there was a problem but when he made up his mind about something – he wasn’t going to listen. Nor was that really treating me like a lady if you ask me – but you know me if there’s a problem I will find it. But I would really rather someone value my life and my safety.

Only a pilot will understand this story – One time I’m under the plane. He’s in the cockpit letting fuel out and asking me, “What color is the fuel?”

“You’re good to go. It’s my favorite color.”

That’s because jet fuel is blue. Aqua. I’m looking for rust in the fuel. If it’s not blue, we have a problem. Turns out the rust was in the Servo.

On the right engine failures, I finally had to put my foot down and tell the mechanic to take the plane apart a second time when he wanted to pass it out of inspection. “But that’s another $6000?”

“I don’t care. I can visibly see that there’s still a problem and you haven’t found it and I’m not going to let him takeoff.” I wouldn’t pass the visual inspection.

And you know what? The second time they took the plane apart, they found the problem.

“Yeah, that would have killed you.”

I thought so.

We used to get into arguments about the planes because he wanted me to fly a Porsche Mooney Rocket conversion with him. But a regular Porsche Mooney was the worst airplane ever made and they are not comfortable aircraft. I don’t have any interest in that plane. I liked the Comanche. I felt like I knew what I was dealing with and it could go 160 MPH. As I have learned in life, anything with the word Porsche is “unreliable.”

The other big argument ironically was the runway at The Palm Beach County Park/Lantana Airport. He used to tell me, “The runway isn’t long enough for a Comanche. I want to fly into Stuart or Ft. Pierce.” B.S. The Diamond we were flying last weekend had plenty of runway. The Comanche isn’t that much bigger. Get real G. Just like he used to complain about the Hilton Head Airport. There was plenty of runway for that plane.

We were both business owners so we also had that in common.

The funny thing was I am 5 foot 4 inches. He was six foot four inches. I used to call him “Gomez.” He he called me “Tisha.”

But I mean, come on – most people argue about a trip to Walmart and we’re arguing about how fast I’ll let you fling my ass into airspace with some duct tape, rubber bands and missing screws. I always thought it was interesting when at the annual inspection of the plane they would hand back and bag of screws and say, “I don’t know where these were supposed to go.”

“Why did we just pass a sign that says, ‘Bear Crossing?’”

“Can’t you afford a better mechanic? Why are we always out in the middle of no where?”

Yes, there are younger men who really seem to like me and they want to ask me out but they have a hard time finding the courage, I can tell. It’s somewhat of a problem. Older men don’t seem to have that confidence problem. What can I say, that just seems to be the reality of how it works.

She found all this interesting.

I have several guys “interested” but at the moment they are all hanging back – which tells me they are interested enough. She understood what I meant by that…

But I had to be honest with her – you know I’ve never been asked out on a date by anyone my age. It’s always older or younger. My age has never happened. I’ve never actually dated anyone younger but after a date or two you can tell they want to but aren’t quite comfortable with where I am in life. You know what I mean?

Maybe it’s the old adage, “Oil and oil don’t mix. You need oil and water.”

All I know is that he’ll never date a woman as intelligent as me again. She’ll be an airhead compared to me.

“You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever known.”


Anyways, that was my advice about men for the day…

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I was in a “put your feet up and relax” mood…

20 May

I went over to see Kevin and let him do my toes. I don’t know how he does pedicures when I sit in that massage chair and everything moves. Unbelievable right? I always take my own polish. Today I took, OPI’s “Eternally Turquoise.” I think it looks more light blue…

When I got back my mother was wanting to plan to do something for my birthday in July. I said, “You know what? I have a bunch of money to spend at Disney. Let me take care of this…”

So on the Saturday before my birthday, I made reservations for us to stay at the Saratoga Resort and Spa. It’s a horse racetrack kind of theme and resort. My mother loves horses. I booked two signature massages and two signature pedicures and dinner at the restaurant and hotel. And there went $1200 for that day. But it will be fun. We’ll drive up, have a massage and a pedicure, eat dinner, swim in the pool and in the morning we’ll go for a Surrey Bike ride.

She’s excited about it. We’ll celebrate my birthday. That means she’ll come to Florida for a week. Maybe I’ll have her come down mid-week to mid-week or something.


She’ll be happy the restaurant has Mint Julep’s. After all that it will be the best night’s sleep she’ll have all year.

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What a hoot…

20 May

One of my friends texted me Friday night. His brother was in a store and found an aqua and white Calloway golf bag so he was sending me the photo.

Of course I love it.

When my friends get to know me it becomes a game of “I Spy.” They go into a store and the first aqua item jumps out at them.

I’ve had friends tell me, “I never used to spot that color and since I’ve met you, I see it all the time.”

“Well of course you do, it means you actually know something about me.”

And it’s sweet that they “spy” items for me.

It’s just one big old game of “I Spy – a Laura Kerbyson item…”

And you get DOUBLE POINTS – because not only is it aqua, it’s golf related and Calloway.

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The rain just puts a damper on everything…

19 May

It’s been raining all week and now all weekend. You can’t golf in it. You can’t go to the beach or for a walk or to the park.

What can you do with it?

So I am cleaning, doing laundry, watched the Royal Wedding and contemplating organizing my closet.

Even though all my electric and lights are brand new I had one blow so I contacted the company about sending another one since everything is brand new.

This is just going to be one of those weekends. You know what I mean?

Maybe it will be a yoga night, a spa night or I’ll get my toes done.

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Nothing exciting last night…

18 May

All I did was shop for a canvas/painting that would fit over my breaker panel. I finally found one that would work with all the colors.

It should be here on Wednesday.

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What’s up tomorrow?

16 May

I am looking forward to a Palm Beach Chamber happy hour event after work….time to network.

We girls are going out after work…

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Sorry no post last night…

15 May

We are going with “Take it or leave it. We’re tired of this. Let’s move on.”

I’ll put forward the offer in the next day or so. And it will be the final offer.


I spent all evening looking at legal paperwork. The same paperwork I’ve been reviewing for months in this back and forth negotiation.

We’ll see in this morning’s meeting if everyone else feels the same say but I’m inclined to say, “This is our best and final off take or leave it.”

I just think that we are too far apart on points and I’m not willing to bend anymore.

So I have no problem with walking away.

That’s just how I feel about it.

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Flight Videos over Palm Beach….

13 May

This was my first time ever flying a stick. I only had experience with a yoke plane before.

Because I don’t know this plane Chad has to do takeoff and landing. But once we’re up in the air, then I fly. Then you hear the FAA tell us that we’re flying too high. They told us we could go that high but then I guess they were using the east runway of Palm Beach International…

The Go Pro divides the flight into two parts:

Part one -

Part two –

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Here’s the new flyng videos….

13 May

You can watch part one at :

You can watch part two at

You can watch part one one of flying video at:

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The videos will be post in a couple of hours…

12 May

————— 2 hours and 40 minutes remaining on part one upload. Part two is fully uploaded.

You can watch part one at v

You can watch part two at

You can watch part one one of flying video at:

And par two at:

Here’s part 2 –


They are like 40% uploaded. It will take a couple of hours but you don’t want to miss this. I flew by Mara Lago, The Colony Hotel, Worth Ave., the Marinas and a host of golf courses. We flew up the blue water line of the ocean. Chad had to do takeoff and landing because this was my first time with this plane and it’s a stick not a yoke, so you get to see him give me the run down and our chatting in general. It was all caught on Go Pro. There’s 2 videos about 45 minutes to an hour total. It’s a really good scenic tour of Palm Beach.

It will be posted here in a couple of hours.

I was lucky to be able to do it because it was sprinkling and I knew that plane didn’t have IFR rating. But in the end it’s better for us because we aren’t baking int the sun under the glass canopy.

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The guilty culprits….

12 May

While the owner of the business was in Montreal, everything was going smoothly until this morning.

Christopher brings his FIVE dogs into the office and they were quickly ushered into the safe room when the first client arrived.

The little one immediately jumped up on my lap. She’s three months pregnant from Benji, one of the other dogs.

Pumba is crying because the door is closed. And then he starts to drool. Yes, that’s 7 inches of drool hanging off that dog…

So that’s Natalie, wiping the drool off of Pumba’s face…

And then there’s Benji. The guilty culprit in everything. He’s the one that got the little dog pregnant. This is Benji.

He chewed up the doorstop to the door.

I said to Natalie, “What am I supposed to tell her when she gets back. I think you have termites or well you know Natalie’s tooth has been bothering her so we gave her this to chew on. I wouldn’t mess with her this week…

I looked at Benji and said, “You are a holly terror.” I swear to God the dog said with a little voice, “Un-hun.”

And then we have this one, the sweetheart. We didn’t know the dogs name so I glanced around and said, “You know they all have tags, what’s on the tag.” Natalie reads it. “Lemo Chillo.”

Only Christopher would name his dog after a drink. “Is the other one named Whiskey?”

I had a dog in 1992. Her name was Tesla. Does that show you the difference?

Then we glance at the security cameras and Christopher is walking around the store with no pants on. His socks are pulled up to his knees and he’s in his boxers.

“Oh, that’s not pretty. What is he doing!”

“I think the tailor is here. Yes, he’s having that ratty pair of jeans altered.”

Oh dear God. The last thing she said to me was, “No funny business while I am gone,” and now there’s five dogs in my office and he’s walking around the store with no pants.

Why does it have to be my day to watch him?


I’m NOT taking a picture of that. I draw the line there.

I get a text from Cesar, “Can I bring the cat?”


And why do we put up with this? Because in the middle of this pandemonium, he actually sold jewelry. Just like he did the day the fire alarm was going off, the fire department was walking through the store and Christopher was selling a Lariat. And the customer bought it.

That’s why we put up with the craziness.

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I wonder which plane I am flying Saturday?

10 May

I told Joe, I just want to get on the schedule so I don’t know which airplane it’s going to be. I’ll take whatever I can get.

It’s going to be DA20- C1 or DA40 or twin-engine DA42. I’ve never flown on any of those. These planes are fashioned after fighter jets and have the same kind of canopies. This should be fun. The United States Air Force buys these planes. Their Diamond planes.

I’ll ask him if he can snap of photo of me with this bad boy. These planes are spin certified. Here’s what one of the models looks like:

I don’t care as long as I don’t fly experimental or a Porsche Mooney. That was the worst plane ever made. Incredibly slow. It was a disaster for Porsche.

Until I learn these planes, I’m going to lean very heavily on his knowledge. I hope he teaches me everything there is to know about these things. It’s a stick, not yoke.

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OMG is that good…

10 May

One of my new favorite things is what I’ve been making for dinner once a week.

It’s a bourbon marinated salmon served over a spinach salad with egg, red peppers, celery, carrots, almonds, cranberries, raisins, croutons and with a sesame ginger dressing.

I always use wild caught salmon and organic vegetables.

I am definitely enjoying the new big kitchen.


Where did I go to dinner Monday night with Julie – Palm Beach Grill, because she lives at Palm Beach Towers right across from The Breakers. It was ok. Not the best food but great, great company.

I told her, when you go to The Breakers, you’ve got to order my drink a Chanel No. 6.

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