I was right – he’s a terrorist

22 Mar

We received a demand letter today, one day after I had already figured out the thief that broke into her house and stole the laptop is from Iran. . He identifies himself as being from Iran in the letter.

He threatens to blackmail and extort money from her. He’s also a hacker.

Policy number one – we don’t deal with terrorists. I will be contacting the Department of Homeland Security tomorrow and filling them in on everything I figured out.

I know certain people in the office doubted me when I told them what I found. I don’t think they doubt me anymore.

The scumbag even threatens to make fake porn videos of us and to send them to all of our contacts on the laptop.

As I said, I don’t deal, negotiate or pay terrorists in anyway.

I knew this had nothing to do with a drug rehab house resident. These people cased that house for the right moment.

Server logs don’t lie. There’s dark data on those servers that leads to clues and information.

And everything in my bones tells me he’s still in the U.S.

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I found clues to the thief…

21 Mar

I think other people in the office are completely wrong that this robbery was done because the person was involved in drugs.

The laptop was used after it was stolen. I found a record where it was used that traces back to Iran. I traced the IP back. The site accessed was in Farci. I’ve got the site, the time and day stamp. Server logs don’t lie. It was one of Monica’s logins and emails used to access the site.

To me this is very clear.

The thief was not someone from a drug rehab house. What a terrorist wants with that laptop, I’m not sure. That laptop is only worth $50  – tops. So to me, the interest would be the data.

They didn’t wipe the drive. If they had stolen it to resell, they would have wiped the drive. And they took the time to steal the power cord.

I wish this email server had been one of my Godaddy servers. It wasn’t. It’s one of our Canadian servers. Those servers don’t track nearly enough data like a Goddady dedicated server. Had this been running through one of my servers, I could of had them arrested already. But the reality is that I have limited data to access.

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We’re in a dangerous, dangerous job…

20 Mar

And it doesn’t bother me a bit.

They broke into Monica’s house last night and stole her laptop and the keys to the store.

They waited for a night when someone left a door unlocked. So how long were they casing the house?

We’ll see how stupid they are if they think I won’t be waiting for them. I spent all day shutting down accounts and getting ready.

And at my own home, I had un-pickable locks installed. They are level 1 security. $320 a lock.

You want to screw with us? It’s a stupid, stupid thing to underestimate me. Now I’m mad.

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I’m back to working on the deal tomorrow…

19 Mar

And that’s where I am in my element. I spent this weekend talking to lawyers and now I have additional papers to prepare…

In other news, I finished painting the guest bathroom. I looks good. As soon as it dries I’ll have a photo. You know I ended up having to do this stuff because the renovations went over budget and I said, “I guess yours truly will have to do some of the work to finish it…”

It wasn’t as bad as when I had to patch the ceiling. That’s at my list of “all time jobs I hated the most.”

The smart thing would be just to complete this deal and pay someone else for this stuff. But then of course, if I have to work for it then I won’t be selling it anytime soon because I had to work hard for it…

See the logic?

My neck is killing me. That’s why I got shots last week. I shouldn’t be doing this stuff. Yes, I know I still have to do the doors and the new doorknobs…

By the way in case you were wondering… I mastered that safe and the security systems. I am an old pro at it all now. Whatever I need to learn in life, I keep at it until I master it. Always.

I’ve been opening the store for weeks now. I did end up reprogramming both systems in order to tighten security.

Yes, there’s something thrilling about putting hundreds of millions of dollars in merchandise in place every morning. You know I’m a woman and what woman doesn’t love diamonds?

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My thoughts and prayers are with F.I.U.

18 Mar

I worked for Florida International University from1990 to 1996. My thoughts and prayers are with them now due to their tragedy. They are a school that deeply cares about their students.

The year I started at F.I.U. we had 17,000 students. When I left, we had over 30,000 students.

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I just wanted to prove that I don’t look a thing like those photos…

16 Mar

It’s 8:24 pm and I’ve had this makeup on since 7 am this morning.

Here’s a selfie. This is what I look like. Today, right now. There’s no Photoshop work on that image.

Here’s a stupid close-up, which I hate but I am trying to prove a point.

What made is such a painful experience is that someone who was a party to all this insulted me for the bad photos and not the photographer or the bad makeup. I’m shooting these photos to prove what I really look like and simple, stupid selfies look 200% better than those ridiculous photos. It was totally rude and unnecessary to blame me for a photoshoot that I had to trash. Some people just don’t know how to act and they don’t care who they hurt with their comments.

I’m just not in to that…

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I’m not doing it…

14 Mar

I saw the photos today from yesterday and I was horrified. The makeup was bad. The photography was bad. They are the worst pictures I’ve ever seen of myself.

I have an appointment Saturday to have someone remove these stupid eyelashes. I absolutely hate them. I can’t wait to get them off.

I’m not the right person to be doing this. I’m not comfortable as a model. I want to stick to the business and design side. I prefer to be behind the camera. The whole experience did not make me feel good about myself.

Florida Design’s Palm Beach The Island hit the newstands today. The ad I designed is on the back cover. Also they ran an editorial piece about Kaufmann de Suisse. I shot the photos of the model.

This is how I want people to see me. Not overdone as I would expect a hooker to look. This is “me” below and this is part of what I do. I just need the right man who finds this sexy. That’s what I think. I don’t want a man who likes the overdone look.

I don’t like drama in my makeup or my life. I like excitement, a little edge and brillance. I admire intelligence more than anything in this world. I find that sexy.

My personal opinion is if the buyer is a serious jewelry collector, he doesn’t want to see it on a model. He wants to see it in a case. I feel the same way about the guitars I collect. I don’t want people playing them. I want to see them as they are… for the beauty they have.

Honestly, I feel like the only usable shot was the one  showing my cleavage and no head. Because I appeared to be “well endowed” in the shot. But I still like the photos best of the necklace in the bust in the case. That’s my opinion. The necklace should never be worn by anyone. It looks better off of a person.

With my most prized guitar, I never liked a shot with my hands on the guitar, it took away from the instrument and it’s value. This was the best shot. It also showed off my car. I am just a third party to the shot.

At the end of all of this, I almost feel the need to hire a real photographer to prove that I don’t look like those pictures today. I can take a decent shot if it’s the real me.

Those photos were shot just a few years ago. They aren’t that old.

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Much better…

14 Mar

I did it myself for today’s shoot. I think it’s much more accurate coloring.

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So stressed about it…

13 Mar

I had my makeup professionally done and I thought it was too dark. Tommorow, we are reshooting with me doing the makeup. I am stuck with the eyelashes for five weeks. How ridiculous do I look in fake eyelashes?

Tell me the truth, how ridiculous do I look like this?

I am hoping to be happier with the look tomorrow. It’s so stressful to look in the mirror and not really like the look. Everyone else said I looked beautiful but I didn’t really feel that way. I felt made up.

All of the outfits had to be very, very low cut because the necklace hangs down quite far. The outfits looked good and thanks to the right bra from Victoria’s Secret, the cleavage really worked. I just wish I felt more confident about the face.

Well see how it looks tomorrow when I do it.

I guess I am personally much more comfortable with my “nerd” look…

This is more like the lighting in the store. You see what I mean – the eyebrows are too dark. I am a natural blonde. My natural color is just a little darker than the color I use. Even I don’t darken the eyebrows that much. It’s a little “vampy.” Tomorrow I am doing them lighter.

When a look isn’t perfect it really bothers me.

I was talking to one of our models today and I said, “I’m getting a taste of my own medicine. You guys always complain to me about how you don’t like your makeup. This is a payback.”

I am much, much more comfortable negotiating the deal.

We were attracking quite the crowds outside of the store when everyone saw what was going on. One couple yelled, “Oh, a bride! Congratulations!’ I wanted to cry. I don’t even have a boyfriend much less be a bride. Other people were just mesmerized by what I was wearing. They couldn’t help but stop and stare.

I kept reminding myself all day – “It’s good to go outside of your comfort zone. It’s the only way you will grow is to face your fear.” Computers don’t scare me. Airplanes don’t scare me. Boats don’t scare me. Being in front of a camera as a “model” – that scares me.

Company spokesperson? That never bothered me.

Do I look 48? Am I making a fool out of myself? Seriously????

I am so upset about it I didn’t eat anything today. I just talked to my mother and I told her – “Get online and look at the images and tell me what you REALLY think.” She’ll tell me the truth.

I was even more upset by the bill for doing all this. It’s outrageous what they charged to do my makeup Never again…

I hope I can turn this around tomorrow…I just want the necklace to sell.


My Mother and Lindsey said the same thing, “You are just not used to the look.”

I am going to try to calm the anxiety down for tomorrow. It’s hard because this isn’t my comfort zone but I agree I have to learn.

I have blazing green eyes in person. Particularly when I cry, which is never except for today. Why doesn’t that come across in the photos?


My friends might be right, “You are having a melt down, which you never do. Land that plane, hack that server, bring it home…” Got it. 10 4. Ok, prepair for landing. Right or wrong.

Sell it. I got it.I haven’t had to do this since I showed up in black leather skirt for Hard Rock. It’s just like when the right engine blew and we refused to make an emergency landing on one engine.

The tower kept radioing, “Do you wish to make an emergency landing? You’ve got one engine out.”

“Tower, not at this time.”

“Start you bitch.”

Start. Start. Start.. Third time was a a charm and the engine started and we landed with 2 engines.

All clearned for landing we have two engines running.


To like me as a model you have to like creamy white skin- I am very English and very pale. My skin is almost silver.

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I get to live out a fantasy tommorow…

13 Mar

You know I’ve been working on the materials for the possible sale of the Paraiba. I made a special book for the prospective owners. And as we were looking at models from agencies, much to my surprise, the owner of the necklace turns to me and says, “I want you to be the model.” I’m going to be modeling the $22 million dollar necklace for the photographs. I think it’s every woman’s fantasy and I can’t believe that I get to live it. My life has been pretty exciting lately.

So I am going in for hair and makeup first thing in the morning. I spent all evening picking out gowns. You know I’m 48 years old. Can you imagine if this photograph were to sell the necklace. The stone is in the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s on par with the Hope Diamond. There’s nothing like it.

I hope every woman who’s a designer or in computer science or almost 50 ends up applauding. I hope we get good photos. I am about to step up to the plate and give this a shot. My entire life I’ve been behind the camera. Now I am going to be in front of it.

I snapped a few photos of the book.

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First look…

11 Mar

How exciting right? These photos were shot with my iphone. My professional camera is at the office today. The light is actually overcast today in Florida, which is almost never is but I want to shoot the first photos and walk you through the project.

Here’s what hasn’t been done – the doors need to be sanded and painted. The new doorknobs and knobs for closets are not on yet. The master bedroom, guest bedroom and bathrooms need to be painted. I have not even cleaned the windows so they are dirty. So remember this is a work in progress. There’s a huge closet in the Master Bedroom but I’m not showing it because it’s not organized yet. But I did put a small chandelier in that closet. It has shoe shelves too.

These are video links:


IMG_5216 2




Hey, the sun just came out, check out the view – IMG_5292

Here are some stills and then we’ll look at the BEFORE below.

That’s Nigel. I inherited the dog statue when I bought the property.

Here’s a few night shots which show the dining room table a bit better.

And now here’s the BEFORE IMAGES:

And of course the gorgeous pool did not change..

Here’s a recap of the whole project – new kitchen, new electrical for kitchen, two bathroom overhauls, new faucets, new AC and Furnace, new electrical panel, new floors, new paint and will be – new doorknobs and knobs. I took out 3 walls to make my house look like this.

For those of you who are new to the blog, I am a designer and computer scientist living in Palm Beach county, FL. While I am best known for what I do on the web – web sites, kiosks, print advertising, photography, graphics – I also do real estate, theme parks and yachts. Within the next year, I might be transitioning some of my design work to upscale jewelry as part of my role at Kaufmann de Suisse. I handle the new web site that I am building, print advertising, photoshoots with models, setting up visual merchandise in the Worth Ave. Store, security and some operations. Right now I am working on the sale of the Paraiba. I am known as much for my business skills as my design skills.

I own Florida Web Development, Carolina Web Development and Laura Kerbyson design brand.

The photos above will shoot much better when I bring my professional camera home from the office.

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The painting in the kitchen is done…

10 Mar

One room is now complete – the kitchen. It looks great. I want to be a little further along this weekend before I think about any photos.

It’s going to be a busy weekend…

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The risks are huge…

09 Mar

We’re negotiating terms of a contract because from my perspective we are taking all the risks.

We’ve been turned down by lawyers in Europe because they can’t do business with this country. They call me in the middle of the night because of the time difference. We have to worry about whether this is a setup and take steps to think through what the plan will be if we get to the Middle East and discover it’s just that. Our vetting process is going on as I write this. We have to make it through customs with a very expensive Carnet protection agreement.

As for the necklace – We have to wear it in. There’s no other option.

I’m going to put pressure on the parties to meet me on U.S. soil. it minimizes our risk. Then the focus can be about business. Don’t under estimate me. And don’t screw with me.

And all will be well…and we’ll all get what we want.

You understand?

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We bought an ipad…

08 Mar

We are giving an ipad as gift to the prospective owner of the Paraiba. I am loading up the pictures, videos, links and relevant information onto the iPad. I made and ordered a special book on the necklace so the owner can flip through all the necessary information on the necklace. This stone is on par with the Hope Diamond. There’s not another like it in the world. It’s irreplaceable and as such I take it’s security very seriously. Before we are summonsed to meet, they must see why the necklace and the stone are a one of a kind treasure.

Our asking price is $22 million. If you think you can top that, then call me. You know where to find me.

There is something so calming and smoothing about the energy of the Paraiba Tourmaline. There’s really nothing like it in this world. You’ll know it when you see it. I feel it every day when it goes from the safe to the case. It’s the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen. One of a kind…there really are no words to describe it’s magic.

It is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I am concerned about the country who has interest because diplomatic ties have been cut to this country and airspace has been restricted by all neighboring countries. It’s very difficult to get an airplane into this country. This is a dangerous deal from my perspective. I would be happier if we met on U.S. soil to conduct business – I am sure you understand.

I expressed as much in our meeting today. None of us want to be on a plane that gets shot down. And if you fly through restricted airspace, that’s the risk, we have to go in on a approved path and then there’s the issue of customs….This would be so much easier on U.S. soil.

Yes, our prospective buyers are in the Middle East.

It’s one of the world’s most coveted jewels in the world.

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An incredibly busy week…

07 Mar

I’ve worked this week on getting the marketing materials and presentation together for the Paraiba. I created a book that is being made to go along with the other materials as well as prepared the documents necessary for the sale and presentation.

Very busy and important week…

On the home front, the painting of the walls is under way…

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The kitchen is done…

04 Mar

OMG – it is gorgeous. I absolutely love it and it’s so big. When all the painting is done I will take photos. I’m not ready to show yet but it looks spectacular.

I am so happy.

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Kitchen isn’t complete yet…

01 Mar

They delivered the wrong refrigerator. So it will be Saturday before I have complete kitchen with appliances and back splash. I can’t wait.

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Putting my feelers out…attention all private pilots

27 Feb

Attention all pilots friends – I know this sounds like a James Bond novel but this really is my life.

We’ve received a request from a royal family to potentially see the stone that’s in the Guinness Book of World Records. They might be interested in purchasing the necklace.

The royal family is in the Far East.

I told Monica, “I’ve got some aviation experience, I can get you a private plane to make the journey.”

I need a plane that can carry enough fuel to cross the Atlantic and I need it for a reasonable price. But if you do it for reasonable price, you may become part of history.

I just request that for security reasons I do the final inspection of the aircraft in addition to your inspection prior to takeoff.


I clear the takeoff and landing.

And by stone I mean the Paraiba Tourmaline – Star of the Ocean – world’s largest stone of it’s kind.

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The kitchen is spectacular…

27 Feb

The kitchen is like SPECTACULAR all caps. To see my design actually built, it’s even better in person. I love it. This looks like a kitchen out of 10 million dollar condo. It’s huge. It’s goregeous.

When I am all done with the project I will take photos and post them. The appliances are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how they look. I am loving my design choices on this project. And that’s good because it’s my home. I’ve done other properties in the past that were my home, but this is one is really turning out fabulous.

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Slight delay…

25 Feb

Some of the stone arrived but one of trucks broke down and the large slab isn’t here. The guest bathroom is in and is looking fabulous. I can’t wait for the rest of it to arrive. The same stone is used throughout the kitchen and both bathrooms. Very expensive look…

In the meantime, I am working on the ceiling issue that I could no longer farm out because all the other renovations went over budget. But it is money well spent as you can see the difference in the choices. It’s beginning to come together.

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We’re back on track…

24 Feb

Tomorrow is a big day. The stone is arriving. But it wasn”t without last minute drama – the contractor tried to slip in a 6 inch cabinet that I didn’t order and it screwed up my whole design. By the end of the day we were able to settle on appropriate 3 inch spacers, eaqually placed on the peninsula to create asymmetrical, desired design.

I kept reiterating ” the look, is very, very important.”

Now I have to fix the bad ceiling patch work they did – that may be the hardest part.

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Passed inspection…

21 Feb

Just the way I like it – when people get out of my way and let me do my thing. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t done right. That’s how I am about everything in my life. But I am glad that all the bogus B.S. ended after I had to set a few people straight.

That means all construction can proceed. There won’t be another inspection until the final inspection.


The chandelier went up in the dining room yesterday. It’s pretty. That ought to fun to swing from.

I say “dining room” and that’s a joke now too because I had them tear out all the walls so absolutely everything is open. The kitchen, living room and dining are all completely open. What will definite it will be the furniture.

I moved the whole dining area in the floor plan because I wanted the “dining room” to have the lake and golf course view. I want to be able to set at the table and do things on my Air Book or laptop, have a nice dinner and enjoy the view. The view is a strong point.


Location, location, location – for me the condo was all about “Location.” Here’s why – these are all the things within 2 blocks:

- I’m on the private golf course at the view side of my condo. I have a lake and golf course view. Out my front door, 30 steps and across the street is the Country Club, the semi-private course. Out my front door and few steps down is the pool.

- There’s a private airport right outside the gate (Palm Beach County Private Airport).

- There’s actually a drive in movie theater around the corner.

-  There’s a fabulous public park across the main street with a driving range, small golf course, lakes, outdoor fitness equipment, trails, small water craft, etc. It’s the best park I’ve ever seen.

- I’m 10 minutes to all the great shopping I had before.

- JFK Medical Center is right next to the development – which means that I am on their electrical grid. In the event of a hurricane, I will not lose power.

- There’s only about 2000 residents in the development. We are our own city. We have our own government, police, security and fire departments that are just for the city.

This location is awesome.

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Time to shift gears…

18 Feb

I’m already thinking about tomorrow and continuing my work on the Lariat Look Book. They stylish and wealthy await. When we present the look, they then see what’s in fashion.

So it’s time to turn up the speed and effort to finish this book and then move onto working on the database and doing the Look Book for the colored jewels and diamonds.


I stopped by Barnes and Noble to see if they had a copy of Palm Beach The Island so I could see my back cover. It looks like the ad I designed will be on stand beginning March 3rd. The issue on stands now is the old ad that I didn’t design. I look forward to seeing it in print.

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Construction Update…

17 Feb

i can’t have the next inspection until Tuesday because of the holiday.

They brought all the materials and built the cabinets in my living room. They are very nice. They are real wood cabinets with soft close and not some cheap imported crap from Home Depot. They are larger cabinets than what was here before so I am losing a little floor space. This condo was built in 1971 and the cabinets back then were shorter. The new cabinets are taller and deeper. So the plus side is that there will be more storage. I am a little nervous about how much footprint they will take up in the kitchen. We’ll see when they go in…

With everything, here was the plan – a new kitchen, new flooring, new baseboards, new doorknobs, pulls, switchplates, new lighting, new AC/Furnace, and major facelifts to the bathrooms that includes new vanities and stone, new clear modern show glass doors and new faucets. Basically, it’s going to look like a brand new condo with new furnishings by the time I am done. A complete overhaul…I never do anything half way. It’s not my style.

I had to contend with the mirror problem because the cabinets are taller, the old mirrors have to be replaced or relocated. I had to go buy mirrors this morning and a garbage disposal. Every day, more money, more money – I’ll be glad with this is over. But it’s worth it because we already had someone calculate that I added $80,000-$100,000 in value if I chose to sell it.  I don’t intend to sell it. I intend to live here. I did have to take the ceiling work off my list because of cost overruns. It was a minor issue. You have to make choices in construction. I needed to spend the money in other areas.

Whether I was ready for it or not, the dining room table arrived today.

This condo will be vey modern and very chic by the time it is complete. I can’t wait. I am ready for the mess to be over with.

The floors are in, the baseboards are in, the clear shower door is in, the old one was removed from the large tub – I hate closed in tubs. After this week’s inspection, the kitchen cabinets can be placed. Then they will template the cabinets in order to cut my stone slabs I picked out from the granite yard.

It’s coming along.

I am looking forward to the chandeliers being assembled.

I bought a piece of property with a gorgeous lake and golf course view and I said, “Now let me make the inside match this view.”

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It is what it is…

17 Feb

I’ve spent this week doing another photo shoot on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach for the new Look Book. I think I captured some very nice shots of the model. Many women stopped me as they were walking by the photo shoot to ask or comment. “Lovely, fabulous…who’s jewelry is that?…who made the dress?…she looks beautiful…” We shot in front of Chanel, Tiffany’s etc.

Meanwhile people wonder why I haven’t mentioned the recent scandal that was in the Palm Beach Post. Yes, I am fully aware of what was in the newspaper. Look, I have no illusions in life or judgments about some people I work with. I’ve had all kinds of clients in my career. Yes, the brother was arrested on his second domestic violence dispute and yes I knew before I started there that he was in a lot of legal trouble over owing a lot of people in at former jewelry store. It’s all been very public and very in the press. The store is owned by the sister and it makes my job harder when all of page one when you Google the store is the brother’s legal problems which were not this store.

I have no illusions or judgments. The jewelry stores are the father’s legacy. He built the business and designed the jewelry. And he is a very brilliant man. But the whole situation is why I have been tasked with opening the store, disarming the alarms and opening the safe. He’s not allowed to touch any of those things. And I don’t think he likes me because I do as his sister wishes and that means no access.

But it is true that the employees hear the whispers and the looks as we go into the store each day since this week’s press. Unfortunately, we are the subject of the gossip on Worth Ave. Doing the photo shoot in public was an experience but I don’t let it bother me because it has nothing to do with me. I heard nothing but positive comments from people passing by in regards to my work.

It’s just another day at the office for me and it will continue to be unless people treat me with disrespect. In my business with my experience, there will always be clients and opportunities if someone isn’t treating me right. Over 30 years in my career, I’ve built a reputation for style and excellence.

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It passed inspection today…

16 Feb

When I asked for them to produce the piece of building code that says they have to be hard wired into the electrical panel, they couldn’t do it. So all the sudden the 10 battery smoke detectors are fine.

I’m glad it’s passing inspection but it’s riduclous I had to go take a stand and say enough is enough.

One thing I was not happy about but at this point, I can’t do anything about it – they yanked my GE brand electrical panel and installed a different brand. I don’t buy for a minute that GE doesn’t make a panel that will pass building code. Nonetheless I want these people out o my life so it’s a done deal and it passed. We can move on and start building the kitchen. We have one more inspection next week.

But at least they changed their tune and they spoke more appropriately to my contractor today.

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I made myself very, very clear to the city manager…

15 Feb

I was very clear about the fact that they broke the law when they entered my home with legal authority or permission to do so. I was very clear about the manner in which they need to treat my contractors. The city indicated that they understood and agreed.

I also relayed to him some of stupid remarks the “inspector” said to my contractor. Some of it was just down right asinine. He actually told my contractor that he couldn’t use a General Electric electrical panel. Excuse me? Do you have any idea who I used to work for? No building code says that.

When we submitted the building plans to the city, the plans were approved. The electrical inspector now wants to change the plans after those plans were approved. Which personally, I think there’s some liability in that that process. I pointed out to the city that the law regarding inspections is that when we call for inspection, if there any items that do not meet the code then they are required to tell me that in writing and to provide the code that it does not meet. In all the building inspections we’ve had done so far, they have not done that. They want to do everything verbally and they say ridiculous things.

That nonsense stops today.

The latest utterly ridiculous thing they want to change is that they are trying to tell me is that because this is a level 2 condo renovation, I would have to hard wire in the smoke detectors. I don’t find that written in the building code and I want to see it in writing. What I do find is that in level one construction they allow the use of detectors with 10 year non-removable batters. And I find that  in 2010 the State of Floirda passed a law that was Senate bill 1196. And that law says that condo buildings with less than four stories with exterior corridors built before 1994 would be exempt for the installation of fire alarms. This building meets that requirement. Someone would need to provide me evidence that that law was changed or repealed.

The problem with hard wiring in smoke detectors arrives when you would have to dig into the existing firewall between my unit and the unit next door. That wall is structural and should not be tampered with. Hard wiring in smoke detectors would actually present a safety problem. Detectors with 10 year batteries would be the appropriate choice.

I’ve taped the following laws and code to the front door and we’ve called for an inspection for tomorrow.  I will not be here for the inspection. My contractor will but I they need to speak with me personally at the end of the inspection and they need to issue something in writing. I’ll evaluate what they produce after that and I’ll contact the appropriate authorities if they are incorrect.

The have held up the entire kitchen being installed for over a week over smoke detectors. Meanwhile, the unit has no protection whatsoever and they are needlessly driving up costs. I’ve already gone $10,000 over budget to upgrade everything under the sun.

I think tomorrow they need to produce some documentation because this is beginning to look a lot like harassment. It’s not just me who’s responsible for following laws. They are responsible for following them and they haven’t been and I put a stop to that this morning.

I am also checking in to whether the same requirements were made from another condo owner who did the same construction.

The other issue I have with them is that nowhere on any piece of paper was this ever labled as a level 2 rennovation. But as I said, I don’t even find the code that mandates a level 2 be hard wired.

The “inspector” who entered my home illegally yesterday actually put a “stop work” sticker on the electrical because he said I didn’t have a permit. But I did and the city had to take 2 steps back today when they admitted I had a permit.

The whole situation reeks. I’m not going to stand for this.

Look at the photos below. Here’s the stop work order:

Here’s my electrical permit and below that is where the permit was posted behind the screen in the front window. It’s as visible as you can make it.

And where were the building inspectors when this crap was originally built. Look at the photo of what is in my wall. Yes, that’s a beer can. And I thought only South Carolina allowed crap like that on construction sites. Oh no, what was here was so much bette than what I am doing to the property – NOT.

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I let no one walk all over me or the people that work for me….

14 Feb

Tomorrow, I will be putting a stop to a serious problem.

I will not let anyone mistreat my contractors because they are minorities. I was appalled and disgusted over the reports I received from eyewitnesses today.

I will not tolerate that kind of behavior in anyway, shape or form. I’m mad over what transpired today. Fuming. I will deal with it tomorrow.

It really makes me angry when people trespass on my property and attempt to try to tell my workers what to do when I’m not there.

People need to quit looking in the window and showing up at my door without an invitation or legal permission to be there and only I can grant that permission.

There are laws and I intend to enforce them tomorrow.

I have left strict instructions and signage that anyone in violated will be arrested.

Readers of this blog know that I am pretty open person but I have the right to decide who sees my home and how. People should not disrespect me by trying to trespass on the property or look in the windows to satisfy their curiosity. And no one ever, ever has the right to treat a minority as if they are not your equal. That is not what I am about and I will not tolerate this in any way.

i know minorities are being harassed and what transpired today was workplace harassment.

I will put a stop to this.

How dare they disrespect me and my workers like that? I guess some people are going to have to learn respect the hard way.

A police officer doesn’t have the right to enter someone’s home without permission or a warrant so why would anybody, anybody think they could do this?

I don’t care if the person is 18 or 80. Unless they have a legal right and invitation to be there stay away from the property. I’ve made that abundantly clear from everything I posted to the front door tonight. It’s somebody’s home and a construction site. Somebody lives in the property. And the owner has rights. And so do those workers. They only have one boss and that’s me. I write the checks. I am the ONLY property owner.

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The hardest part of my job…

13 Feb

I only have so many seconds to unlock the store, disengage both security panels and open the massive safe. If I don’t do it in time, the police show up with guns if the alarm is set off.

You know how intelligent I am – but this system is hard. Really hard.

I didn’t happen to me but the other store accidentally set off the alarms and the police showed up.

I would say this is the most stressful part of the job. Keep in mind, it’s my job to make the web site and the advertising and serve as designer. But she also assigned me to do the above.

It’s funny because I can over take and master any server. I learned how to fly an airplane. I can design anything. But some dials on a safe manage to be my nemesis.

I am determined to master it. When you have the magic touch, you can get it. But without it, it will be try, try again. And it’s a touch, not intelligence thing.

I used to disengage the security system at Hard Rock Park, but the police were never called if the alarm went off. I thought that system was pretty easy to master.

I feel like I’m part of the Matrix every morning….

But you know it has to be hard. That stone is par with the Hope Diamond.

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Ahh, much better…I hooked up the Internet…

11 Feb

I took a break from my construction mess in my home and reconnected the Internet.

This was the photo I shot the other day that I think will be the new cover of the Lariat Look Book that I am working on for Kaufmann de Suisse. My dress has never looked so good on someone else…There were lots of good shots from the day I shot. I think it will be a nice book. We’ve done some nice advertising this month. We have a double page spread in the Rolls Royce magazine and we’re about to be on the back cover of Palm Beach magazine. My business has always been about style. I love this stuff you know. This is Lyndsey in the photo. We work together.

She was asking me the other day, “When are you going to find a boyfriend?”

“When the construction on my home is over.” Between work and my real estate project, I have no time. Another few weeks to a month to go and things will be better.

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I’ve had no Internet for weeks…

10 Feb

I haven’t had Internet for weeks because of the construction in my home. We have a few more weeks to go but everything is coming together.

I’ll have lot of pictures to show when I’m done.

I just did a photo shoot with a model for Kaufmann de Suisse this week. The photos turned out really well. When I am finished with the Look Book, I’ll let you so. One of the shots will be running in Palm Beach The Island magazine soon. It’s a beautiful photo, with a beautiful piece of jewelry and a beautiful model. It was one of those shots where I feel like I nailed it.

That’s all for now because I’ve got too much to do with this construction project.

I still don’t have Internet at home.

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This quartz is a better fit with the design…

28 Jan

I went to the granite yard today and picked out a slab. I like this quartz better for the design I am working on at home.

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Design, design, design…

25 Jan

I’ve so little time since taking on the new role at Kaufmann de Suisse and renovating the condo I just purchased in Palm Beach county…

At work, we are thinking that after I get done creating the new web site, that we’ll purchase some jewelry cad software and I will design some rings. I would be a designer for the wealthy who want to design their own pieces.

I looked at some software today and I instantly recognized how to use it. You know what it looks like? Like the Unreal Engine. There are viewports and their are jewelry pieces in the library like stone, shanks, settings, etc. I think I could do this. My design and computer science background comes in handy. And you know I’ve designed all kinds of things in my career. Everything from web sites, to advertising to software kiosks, to theme parks to houses, to yachts… There’s a very long list and there’s virtually nothing that I won’t try. I live to design things. I think I would love this challenge and being that I love jewelry, I think I could do well at it.

There’s plenty of other projects at work that I have to take on like print advertising, in store electronic displays, email campaigns, etc. etc.

Now when it comes to design, let’s talk about this condo renovation. It’s on a championship private golf course and also on a lake.

I’m doing just about everything – tearing out the kitchen and putting in a custom kitchen about double in size, new floors, new light fixtures, new door knobs, handles, bathroom vanities, new shower enclosure, new faucets, new paint, new floors. I purchased this condo as an estate out of probate. So I bought the furniture too and I’ve had to get rid of some and figure out how to blend what I do want to keep with my modern new pieces that I like.

I wanted to keep her bedroom suit because it’s a large bedroom and she had a lot of pieces and this was expensive furniture for it’s time. But the finish was definitely dated. So the only way to get a good finish is to take everything apart and spray it. The place looks like a war zone right now so I will only show a few with a before and after. Before is this not so attractive yellow green finish. After is my white and chrome accents.

My new, white bedroom modern furniture is now in the guest bedroom.

These are things I’ve done this week:

Here’s the before on the type of finish:

Here’s some after photos so far. I still have four more pieces to do.

Then I did this art piece. I am thinking about doing the birds in a metallic sea foam green.

Here some of the floor I bought. These are just boards laying on the floor. Below that is a shot with the flooring a piece of the quartz countertops that I am considering.

If you’re not a designer and can’t visualize where I am going with all this – in 3 months I’ll have the completed photos.

Yes, the wall color will be changing too…

I going to be adding some bling though the dining room. My aqua velvet mid century modern chairs will go around a glass table with a crystal

chandelier over head. I need just the right mix of modern, elegant and a little casual as contrast. You’ll see.

In the meantime, I am a woman on a mission…

Paint and I have a long history together. I’ve done everything from repainting a Toyota Highlander by hand with a totally smooth finish, to a Porsche dash panel to a repairing a damaged copy of one of the paintings from the Singing Butler series.

I like a good challenge. I know you’re thining – “Who does this stuff?”

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Busy is an understatement…

22 Jan

I am rushing to get everything done in time for the contractors who are starting construction on my condo this week. I bought the floor, door knobs, some of the lighting. I still have more lighting to buy, paint and switch covers. That kind of stuff. I picked out how the new kitchen cabinets will look. I still have to select the granite. The kitchen cabinets are being built by a local craftsman.

Then I realized that I needed to have all the furniture pieces I wanted painted before they laid the new floors. So I am rushing to get that done. It’s a lot of work.

At work, I am loving the work. She bought me a top of the line Mac, new dedicated server and Godaddy and I’ve been designing away. It’s going to take a while to build the new site because there are 1800 pieces of jewelry in the stores. They design and make their own jewelry so there aren’t multiples of the items. I know some of the people who read the blog like to watch me work. With that said, this is a construction zone so there are missing photos and lots more that will be added to the site. Many of the prices and descriptions in the database are incorrect. You know, it’s a site under construction. The development site is our domain minus the “m”. It’s . There’s a lot of photography work that needs to be done.

I really like the Paraiba pages that I designed last week. Back in 1994 that necklace was appraised for over $25 million. It’s the largest stone of it’s kind in the world. It’s considered on par with the Hope Diamond. I walk it everyday. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

I’ve been designing print ads for the Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach The Island magazine and some of the great interior design magazines. I am thrilled that one of the magazines that I always take to the beach, Florida Design – we are doing the back cover the magazine and I worked on the ad on Saturday. It will be one gorgeous pieces of advertising when I am done. I love designing that kind of thing. We are really setting Palm Beach style so I love picking the pieces for the ad.

I’ve got to shoot more photos tomorrow.

My posts are going to be a little sparse until I get a handle on my condo construction. One of the things I am doing is putting in a new kitchen and doubling the size of the kitchen. I can’t wait to see my design come to life. This is condo has the most fabulous view – both of the lake and a very well known private championship golf course. I just love it.

As I said, busy is kind of an understatement for my life right now.

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Love it…

15 Jan

I got moved and then I met with the Contractor who will being doing the renovation work on my new condo. It will take 3 months to complete everything that I need. It will be a mess for a while but so worth it in the end. Now I am selecting materials and pieces for the design.

I already had the new furnace and AC put it. They had to hire a crane to put the new unit on the roof.

I absolutely love this location and the views from my bedroom and living room. So pretty…

I am also loving going to work on Worth Ave every morning. I love luxury items. How fun!

Three months from now life is going to be fabulous.

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