Fashion Show – What to wear????

14 Apr

I am going through my closet looking for a dress for the reception for Monday. These were the dresses that I bought recently.

I bought lots of white because of course we can wear white all year round in Palm Beach. And if you’ve ever seen my design work, you know I like white and aqua.

And you know I love these Aviator dresses. I have them in black, green, yellow and now blue….I love the dress but it’s not dressy enough for Monday.

Then I bought these more for going to the Breakers. Sometimes you want to look pretty, not necessarily sexy. This isn’t a color I ever thought I would buy, but when I tried it on, it matches the gold in my hair and it does look good.

Here’s a closer swatch of the fabric…

And last but not least….

I went today and had my toes done in my favorite color…

I think dress #1 at the top will be my choice for Monday.


I love dress number 2 as well but it’s the dress I was wearing Friday when I was selling the 1.7 million dollar pink diamond. The wife loved that dress. She said, “You are SO Palm Beach. I love that dress.”

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Going to show off my mother here…

13 Apr

This is from last night. This is my mother dancing with her dance instructor Armando.

She looks like a Disney princess. Good Job Mom! You look so graceful. I took the video and put it on You Tube because it plays better from there.
How old is my mother? She’s 71 years old. She stays in shape. She was a triathlon athlete. She loves outdoor adventure sports.

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The day turned out quite different than I had planned…

12 Apr

There was an important appointment that I had forgotten was scheduled, so when I popped up on my agenda, I had to leave the office early today.

This morning a couple came in to purchase the rare pink diamond in the window. I spent some time talking to them about the investment value of pink diamonds. I explained how the mine was closing. I thought the ring looked lovely on her. She was absolutely adorable.

Because I had to leave early, I didn’t get to hear the end result of whether they bought ring. They asked for our best price in order to make a decision. They asked me to read the tag to them. It was listed at 1.7 million dollars.

I’ll have to wait for Monday afternoon to find out if they made the purchase. Jules and I have an event to attend for The Palm Beach Civic Association Monday morning. It’s a champagne reception at the Henry Flagler Hall. I have to pick out an outfit this weekend. I wonder what she’ll wear this year. I’ll have to give her a call this weekend.

For those of you that don’t live in Palm Beach. This is Henry Flager Hall. The story behind the story is that Julie and I met at this same building for a champagne reception for the mayor over a year ago. Monica also plans to attend Monday so there will be a trifecta.

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Was I right?

10 Apr

Was I right about the problem with Frankie’s Range Rover?

He told the mechanic what I said. The mechanic said, “Let’s try what I think is wrong with it. I’ve got the parts.”

A couple of hours later a call comes into the office. “It didn’t work. What was it she said she thought needed to be replaced?”

“The ignition coil and the fuel pump,” I said.

A couple of hours later the mechanic calls, “It’s fixed now. She was right.”

I am a walking set of encyclopedias about all kinds of subjects. Because I have a mind that just stores vast quantities of information and I’m a natural born problem solver so I draw on that stored information. It doesn’t matter if it’s real estate, tax codes, medical, cars, boats, airplanes, accurate color information, computer science, names of eyeshadows, colors names of eyeshadows, numbers assigned to the eyeshadows,  or anything.

But there’s no doubt I inherited my father’s mind. He was an engineer. I always tested high for speed at problem solving. It’s one of the things I am good at in life. Pattern recognition and recall of complicated sequences. It is what it is…

I’ve got a scary mind for color. I look at a swatch and hours or days later pick out a paint to match or look at a color on the computer and know the proportions of the number for the hexidecimal or the CMYK. Color and it’s mathematics and color theory are one of my strongest points.

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Time to change the look again…

10 Apr

I’m growing my bangs really long for a sexier look. They are already a half inch longer than usual. I must have had them four or five inches long about 10 years ago…

I have to think about these things now that I am an executive, design professional, computer science and “can you come out here and model this piece of jewelry…”

“Can you pose for this picture?”

I advise my models all the time on beauty secrets and how to look sexy. Sometimes you have to take your own advice. So let’s make it a little sexier.

I started that beauty treatment this week that I do that takes years of age off my skin. It’s amazing how just one week improves the look. I need to make time to do this all the time.

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It was like being an air traffic controller…

09 Apr

That’s the only way to describe my day.

M. is in Montreal and I’ve got Frankie to look after. By my description you must think he’s a small child but he’s really a 60 year man with a gift for sales and creating total disorganization in 3 seconds or less. Then I have his 21 year old adopted son, who is like a sponge for knowledge and asks me a million questions because he really, really wants to learn everything. Which is kind of amazing considering he didn’t want to go to college.

So the last few days have been like this – open the store, disarm the security systems, open the safe, give the jeweler his work and materials, sign for the Fed X, UPS, Brinks. Open all the packages, photograph everything as I open it, lay everything out and attach it’s paperwork. Put some items in the safe. Take the diamonds out of the safe and put them in the front window. Then I go to the front while Frankie looks at what came in. Then I go back to the office and see that a tornado has blow through it. So I go about asking, “Where’s X? Where Y papework? Did you call client W?”

Then I finally have time to get back to my project. If I can find the right buyer for this piece. I know I can do absolutely, absolutely anything in the world. I am determined to do it. This is a major data and marketing operation. The 21 year peers over my shoulder, “This is a major operation you’ve got going on here. How do you find X? How do you find Y?”

So I educate him. Now he’s doing some of things I was doing. If there’s a piece of information in this world, I will find it. I am relentless when it comes to the Internet. I am the Queen of this. Nothing can hide. It’s like this – when I was growing up, my dad started me on archery at the age of 7. Regular ladies bow. When I go after a piece of information, it’s like harpoon fishing. I find the target. I shoot. I reel it it it. It’s astounding what I’ve uncovered the last two days.

Meanwhile, Frankie’s car quit running. It’s a Range Rover.  “Describe the problem for me and I’ll tell you what it is.”

I get the whole story.

“That’s an ignition coil and fuel pump.” I get on the Internet, I find the parts. I text it to him.

“How do you know all this?”

‘It’s a long story but you would be amazed at all the stuff I do know about all kinds of crazy things.” If people could physically see inside of my head, the sheer amount of data about all kinds of things would be enough to scare them.

Then I do social media, web site updates. server backups, I call to get information on making a couple of business deals. Meanwhile, I have to have eyes in back of my head and on the security cameras to see if Frankie has carried off a piece of paper that’s important.

I sent a package of print materials that I need to the printer.

I design some new LinkedIn banners.

I make a bunch of marketing packets. I printed over 75 letters that I need for M. to sign when she comes back.

I get home at 7 p.m. I still need to eat dinner (a piece of salmon, a baked potato and broccoli) and then I have to head to the gym. I bet I get home around 10 p.m. It takes a lot of stamina to get through a day like today. But I have to do it and I will sell that piece if it’s the last thing I do. I absolutely have to conquer that challenge.

I’m just trying to make sure that every plane ends up on runway and not in a swamp.

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Nothing in this world makes me as happy….

07 Apr

Nothing makes me as happy as the ocean.

I only had one day off and I decided to spoil myself. I go to the beach and hike five minutes up the beach and that’s where there are no people and I can have total peace and solitude.

Video of the View Today

This is my view from under my little beach camping chair with a roof. It’s one of the greatest inventions ever made.

I took dinner with me and had dinner on the beach. I had a cocktail. I took my magazines and my music. The air from the ocean and the sound literally sucks all of the stress out of me and makes me melt like butter. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

In my short one day weekend I really spoiled myself. I went to dinner last night and had a steak and mashed potatoes and salad. I went to breakfast at the Club this morning and watched the golfers tee off.

On first pass of the beach, I couldn’t get parking because the lot was full, so I went shopping and bought 7 dresses and four pairs of shoes. I bought two gowns to wear to The Breakers and five dresses for work. I am such a girly girl. It’s usually dresses, shoes, lingerie, purses or jewelry.I didn’t need any of this but it was fun.

Then I was able to get a parking space and I hiked my way up and spent four hours in absolute perfection. To redeem myself for dinner, I took a nice veggie and humus in a sweet potato wrap with strawberries and blueberries on the side.

Last year the water scare was on and you couldn’t go to the beach. This year it’s back to normal and it feels, so, so, so good to be back in my little Nirvana. There are few things in life that I love like the ocean…

Now time for a long, hot shower…

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My opinion on the Glass Cockpit…

07 Apr

Now, understand that you are getting this opinion from a computer science and design professional and who flys…take it for what you feel it is worth.

I started on a manual airplane. It reminded me of my Dad’s old MGA car with the gauges, but manual aircraft are fairly straight forward. The most complicated part was more than one engine. It’s almost double the work of single.

Being what I do for a living, I was eventually hired into an aviation firm for a consulting contract.

When I was handed the manuals for the expensive private jets and saw the cockpits and how the plane was put together, it gave me great concern.

By putting all those systems digital, we were now susceptible to the failure rate of computing. The aircraft industry used to have one tried and true mantra, manual switches are safer, avoid digital. Somewhere in the name of sexiness we threw caution to the wind and what I was looking at was less reliable and far more complicated than the manual systems. I was asked to make flight training applications out of these manuals.

The whole time I kept thinking the same thing when I heard Elon Musk and Tesla were making a self driving car…the technology will ultimately kill people.

I work with servers every day. Hardware has failures and we make virtually nothing anymore in the U.S. I lived through backup systems that fail on the second and third tiers. I live in an area where Motorola and Quantum used to own these streets and now there’s not a trace of them in town. It’s all outsourced to cheap Chinese technology.

So when I saw the schematics I knew this is going to kill people sooner or later. Aviation got bored with what was working and now it wanted to play in a dangerous way. Our lust for more information just might get the better of us.

If you want my opinion, I have to be honest.

The race for bigger, better, sexier, has a price and that price comes in complexity and failure rates.

Don’t think I’m trying to sell you on a manual aircraft. Remember, I’ve been on a manual aircraft during a right engine failure, and it’s horrifying how little data you get from looking at the controls. I get what? Six _______ bars to determine if this engine is running!!!! This is insane.

I specifically remembering thinking that.

Unfortunately in Aviation, there seems to be little compromise between those two worlds. It’s not good enough to be the world’s greatest pilot if the technology becomes the devil himself.

There was a point in time where I wanted nothing more in life to redesign the interface to the glass cockpit. But I knew ultimately no matter how good the interface might be, the technology would kill people and then I have to think about how to sleep at night. So maybe this was just a masterpiece that better left in my head.

There’s no perfect world for us.

And that’s my take on it.


What am I flying on when I fly in Palm Beach? Manual.

For those that don’t fly, I’m not talking about the navigation panel. I’ve never understood why auto manufacturers don’t understand that Garmin does all the Aviation and Marine electronics, why would you think that your lowly auto company could do better navigation? You can’t. Rip that crap out and put in what works.

What I am referring to are when the systems monitoring controls are “glass.” The navigation is far better as “glass.” Trust me you realize that the moment someone hands you some stack of archaic maps and tell you you are the navigator.

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Sneak Peek – This is the new Back Cover Advertisement…

06 Apr

I can go ahead and show you this because when the magazine is published, the publisher is going to give me the full digital copy and I’ll be able to post it here. She already told me to send it out.

This is the new back cover featuring the incredible 17.57 D Flawless Diamond. It’s a rare diamond that I put in the window each day. There are less than 10 stones like this in the world available for sale.

Very sexy….

17.57 D Flawless Diamond

And this is an inside page of the magazine with my photos and byline. I’ll show you the 12 page insert another day. I am all over this magazine.

If you’re interested in the ring, call or stop by tomorrow.

My advertising agencies were created many years ago with one simple principle, “We Create Memorable Experiences With Style.”

“We” being the client and I because all work – code, design, servers, photography, graphics, kiosk design and buildouts – we created by me.

I specialize in luxury brands.

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Trying to decide what to do about next weekend…

05 Apr

Barrett Jackson’s is next weekend. I’ve been many times and I love the car auction. But I don’t have a date for next weekend and Barrett Jackson’s isn’t as much fun by yourself.

So I am contemplating two things – am I ready to get back in an airplane and go fly around Palm Beach for an hour. Or am I going to be so tired because this Sunday is my only day off in two weeks – do I just want to crash for the weekend and chill on a beach and get some rest?

I’m not sure yet.

I’ve have to go in tomorrow. I have to open the store on Worth and open the safe. It’s not my usual day of servers, web sites, social media, magazines, photography, operations, making deals with companies. Tomorrow I am sitting across from Frankie selling diamonds. I’ve been doing more of this kind of thing lately as I am learning all aspects of dealing in diamonds. In the market for a nice 5-10 carat, come see me tomorrow. I’ve still got that fabulous 17.57 D Flawless that’s about to become a famous back cover….

Remember a woman without diamonds is like the sky without stars.

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Drop dead gorgeous….

04 Apr

I am having a five carat, cushion, blue topaz ring made for me. As you know Blue Topaz is not the world’s most valuable stone but it is my very favorite from an aesthetics perspective.

I also ordered five carat blue topaz earrings. I got the earrings today. They are gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous. They are stunning. Nothing pops on me like that color and you know it’s my very, very favorite.

I am going to be a good girl and not wear the earrings until the ring is ready. The color of blue topaz I love is called Swiss Blue.

They made a 16 carat Blue Topaz, yellow gold and diamond ring at the store. They had me model it yesterday. It’s beautiful but I need to be like a foot taller and 100 lbs heavier to pull off a ring in that mount. It’s too big for my hand. But it’s beautiful. The price on the ring is $21,000.

They say, and I know it’s true that sparkly thing release endorphins in women. I am enjoying the endorphins from my earrings. When the ring is done I’ll get some photos. I’m not expecting it to be ready for another week.

I needed something to get me through a long week. M. has to go to Montreal to get Pius and Eva. They are coming to Palm Beach for two weeks. So I agreed to open the store on Saturday. That means only one day off this week. I try not to think about the number of hours I work every week. There’s so much on my plate.

At least now I have some drop dead gorgeous earrings to put a smile on my face.

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The Wing Girls have spoken…

04 Apr

“It is time you move forward and on…”

“No more jerks.”

“Get serious about finding a guy. The right guy.”

“If you don’t find one, I’m going to find one for you.”

Like what are you just going to have him delivered to my door?????

Oh look what Julie got me this year for my birthday…a man. She even gift wrapped him. LOL. That’s Jules, so thoughtful.

Just one question, if this doesn’t work out, can I exchange him?

Oh, and Jules please don’t shop the “Buy one get one free” sale. I’m looking for a guy to date and I’m not interested in the sidekick that wants to go everywhere we go….

“You’re such a good catch but you need to find an equal. Or at least someone you can look up to…”

I heard it all ladies. I hear you and I’m thinking about what to do next.

Meanwhile, the posse will go out soon and we’ll do some looking.

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Thank you for the compliment…

03 Apr

I told you about the ad campaign that’s going to run in this luxury magazine. There’s a back cover and a 12 page insert. I also have an article that is running with some photos.

The publisher of the magazine sent a gentleman from her office to pick up the 12 page inserts that are going to also be placed in the magazine.

He asked me if I was the model in the shots running next to the story. He had already seen the shots.

“Oh no that’s not me but I did take the photographs.”

After he leaves with the materials from the jewelry store on Worth, I get a phone call from the publisher.

“I just have to tell you what he said. He said, ‘Not only is she nice, but she’s really beautiful! I thought she was one of the models.”

Thank you so much for the compliment. That makes my day.

I can’t wait until the magazine is out.

I actually worked today on making one of the web pages match the 12 page insert.

I enjoyed the compliment I received last week as well. A week or so ago one of the diamond dealers was in and he said, “You’re such a gorgeous woman…”

Now I expect smooze from a diamond dealer….

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Long day…

02 Apr

It was a day of strategic marketing and getting materials out the door and then talking about diversifying again.

She brought up doing the real estate company with me. The problem is that I know what I’m doing but they’ve never done it before. It’s a lot better to to just get silent investors rather than go into doing this with people don’t have the background. Being a contractor is not the same thing – that’s only a small piece of the knowledge you need.

I won’t do projects with anyone who won’t give me full design control because I am the trained designer and I have done this before.

That’s neither here nor there, the whole conversation was enough to kill the boat fever.

We know that there are a few items that have to be sold in order to do any kind of diversification at this point.

Now to switch gears – I can’t tell you how many times people ask me, “What’s up with the Porsche and the guitar?”

I was the Kick Ass Web Mistress of Hard Rock before the collapse of the economy in 2008. That guitar is a 1956 Shell Pink Fender Stratocaster. It’s one of the most rare guitars in the world. If you Google “Shell Pink Fender Stratocaster” you will see my guitar on page 2. After I became the owner and started writing about the guitar, Fender now makes a reproduction based off of my 1956. My guitar is an original not a reproduction. I used to collect guitars. Now I just have 4 of them.

The Porsche was a redesign that I did. At the same time I was making artwork for PCA (Porsche Clubs of America). If you Google my name and Porsche you’ll see some of the art. The car was a flip.

Now that I’ve had my neck procedure, I started back to the gym. I got there at 9 p.m. last night and didn’t get home until after 10 p.m. It makes for a long day but it needs to be done.

Jules called last night. I told her I met with “Susie ‘Q’” at the boat show. We are going to get the posse together next week.

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Photos from The Palm Beach Boat Show…

31 Mar

It was easier just to make a little movie of some of the images from my day yesterday at The Palm Beach Boat Show.

This is the longer version with more photos The Palm Beach Boat Show 2019 (Longer Version)

The Palm Beach Boat Show 2019 (Shorter)

Changes are posted above.

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In Love with a Boat in Palm Beach….

31 Mar

More details to follow…

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There will more details tomorrow…

31 Mar

Basically I went to the Palm Beach Boat Show and I fell in love with a Ferretti and a Pershing yacht.

I will be talking to M. Monday about money….

All I can think about it being on that boat for a week out in the middle of no where.

And finding one guy who’s great at romance for a week to join me would make the deal better…

This is my idea of a good time.

I actually prefer if it’s the size boat that two people can handle by themselves but with an optional captain.

I’ve already been told numerous times that the Italians plan their boats to have full crews. I’m an independent kind of woman and I enjoy doing things myself and knowing how to do everything. I know it’s against the grain of the boat design…

I shot lots of photos. I will post them tomorrow.

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Very excited about this advertising campaign…

30 Mar

I went into the office the day after my neck procedure just so I could make the deadlines on this ad campaign.

We will be having the back cover, inside full page advertisement, plus a special 12 page mini-catalog magazine insert and this magazine will be in:

The ship THE WORLD – where people own their apartments on the ship and travel the world. The magazine is the only magazine in their rooms and will be in the rooms for six months.

The Biltmore Hotel

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York

The Chesterfield Hotel in Palm Beach

Delta Sky Club – Miami International Airport

Delta Sky Club – Fort Lauderdale Airport

Delta Sky Club – West Palm Airport

Delta Sky Club – Atlanta

Naples Bay Club

Remember the day I modeled the 17.57 D Flawless Diamond? I took the ring off my hand and put it on a model who’s prettier and she will be the back cover.

In addition, I’ve got an article in the magazine with a byline for a piece on Style.

I am very excited by this package. When the magazine comes out, I’ll show you.

I just had to push through it to get it done. And tomorrow I’ll be going to the Palm Beach Boat Show and looking forward to a good show.

It was a tough week but I think I nailed it. We’ll see.

I’ve got photography, design work and an article on 14 pages in the magazine.


Late breaking news – This has NOTHING to do with politics. I heard they wanted it and so we agreed that the magazines would also be in the rooms of Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter. If they want it, who am I to say no.

What can I say, they like style.

I’ve actually seen this client before. When I was doing work for Arnold Palmer Apparel, I made the shirts for Pebble Beach tournament in California. That order was followed up by an order from the Trump Golf Club in Jupiter. So I made those shirts as well. It’s a client on the list, that’s all.

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I went to the office today…

29 Mar

I went to the office today and survived it. I am sore and hoping that this will gone by Saturday because it’s boat show weekend.

Traffic is a nightmare in Palm Beach right now. It also that way because Trump is in town.

I am seriously thinking that I will park my car in my $6000 parking space at Worth Avenue and then call an uber to get to the show. Everything on Worth Avenue is expensive, including our parking spaces.

But that might be the easiest thing to do.


There was no impingement on my right hand or arm so I think we have another success story.

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It’s done…

27 Mar

I think it went well but I won’t really know until tomorrow after the numbing medicine wears off.

We did three levels of the vertebra. Unfortunately, my injury starts at the base of the spine and is too high for an epidural.

So during the procedure, you can’t put a needle into where the hairline is located. So we went in at an angle. It worked until the needle and probe needed to come out and then it caught several inches deep. Absolutely excruciating. I think I held my breath.

After that there was some numbing medicine going in so I’ll know tomorrow after all that wears off.

I’m going back to sleep but so far I would give this a thumbs up and a big thank you to the doctor. I’m just worn out by it. The insurance changed what they used to pay for. In the past they paid for 3 levels. This was it was to. My doctor very graciously did a third level. I’m very appreciative.

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Positive thoughts for tomorrow…

27 Mar

My neck procedure is tomorrow. I’ve had it done four times before. It is risky business when you are dealing with your nerves, your spinal cord or your right arm.

But this is what enables me to do what I do, therefore I take the risk.

So send all your positive thoughts my way…

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Let’s do it.

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A few of my favorite shots from the past year…

26 Mar

Someone was asking for a few of my favorite shots from the past year…

These are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy the eye candy.

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What a bummer…

23 Mar

I thought the boat show was today because I guess I marked it wrong on the calendar. Traffic was shut down because Trump was in town, not the boat show.

It’s next weekend.

I’m off to my regular weekend stuff.

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That sore throat cure really worked…

23 Mar

I’m not kidding. It really worked. Pius Kaufmann is a genius. The next day I didn’t have a sore throat.


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Another back cover….

22 Mar

I’m racking them up this year. We’re everywhere you want to be, on every prestigious back cover in Palm Beach….we’re the back cover of The Palm Beach Tour Guide for an entire year…

Here’s the publication:

Here’s our back cover:

In terms of back cover advertising, we own this town this year.

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The Palm Beach Boat Show is this weekend…

22 Mar

The Palm Beach Boat Show is this weekend. I missed last year but I’m going this year.

I can’t wait to see what’s new. Last time my favorite was a boat made by Princess. As usually, I’ll take some cell phone photos.

It’s always a fun time for food, drink and getting on board the boats to see what’s new in design for yachts.

I’ve been doing important diamonds now for over a year a half, I haven’t had a chance to think about the boats again. I’m looking forward to going.

It’s rained all week in Palm Beach but Saturday is supposed to be beautiful.

So much so, that I scheduled a brief photoshoot Saturday morning to get a multi-million dollar diamond shot. I just bought an advertising packing where we will be the back cover of the only magazine onboard the ship “The World.” That’s the ship where people have to own the apartments on the ship. It’s home to 60 residences.

The same magazine will also be delivered to to top level rooms at some famous golf resorts and hotels like the Biltmore.

I really hope I get a good shot Saturday. I am worried because the stone is so large that it bounces back the light. It’s very, very, challenging.

Then I’ll take it and make the advertisements.

And again this week, I am reaching out to people that I could see wearing our most prestigious pieces. My businesses are about sytle and I look at piece and try to to determine who I think the owner should be.


M. bought a yacht this year. I still have to design the boat name for the back of the boat. I’ve been advising her on what to do on a yacht. I advised her when she bought it. The show will give me a chance to see the latest and see if I can make an recommendations. She and I are both very different women who are not afraid to take on this kind of thing.

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We’re trying an old trick…

21 Mar

I have that all important neck procedure scheduled for Wednesday and I can’t get sick. I never get sick except it’s been a week with not enough sleep.

So this morning I have the beginnings of a sore throat. And I can’t take anything for it because I am less than a week before.

M. says, “Oh no, you can’t get sick. I need you here at the office…wait I have the trick.”

This is something Pius taught her.

I was sitting at the desk up front when (and I’m not kidding) at 10 a.m. in the morning, she brings me 2 shots full of Gin. “Put this in your mouth and tilt your head back for 15 minutes. It kills everything.”

Oh, what the hell. Half of it goes in. Sure enough, some clients walk into the store. Here I am at 10 a.m. with a glass of Gin in my hand. So I swallowed it. M. says, “Why did you do that? Ignore them. Do it again.”

So I did it again and then she made me do it again before I left and set the security systems. It’s a good thing, I’ve got lots of Irish blood.

Now we’re going to see if this works.

If it does, this is brilliant.

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Probably no posts for a week…

14 Mar

I’ll be entertaining for a week so there’s a good chance there won’t be any posts.

Check back in a week…

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Very busy weekend…

11 Mar

You know how it is the week before you have company coming to town – there’s a million things to do.

I like to be the perfect hostess. And that takes some planning.

I have been so busy with work. We finished the taxes on the businesses this weekend. I am happy that is done and checked off the list.

I always do them the same time as the personal because the companies are also under the personal.

It’s all owned by Laura Kerbyson…


Next weekend will be a busy weekend. I imagine that we’ll do the grand tour – go to Delray for dinner, check out the beach for a walk, check out Atlantis, take a trip to Worth Avenue. Visit the clock tower and the beach – you know the usual.

I don’t think we’ll have time this trip to go up in an airplane and I fly the aerial tour of Palm Beach, but maybe the next trip to visit. I love doing it. I love to fly up the ocean and down Worth Avenue and come home on the Intracoastal.

We went to the Breakers last time so I don’t know if that will be a stop on the list this time.

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I’ve now modeled a 2.4 Million Dollar Diamond…

08 Mar

17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond Ring

Well they asked me to model the 17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond Ring worth $2.4 million today. I will be posting these images all over social media tomorrow for Kaufmann de Suisse as we search for the next owner of this very special ring. No photoshop work was done to the images.

There are only about 10 diamonds in the world on par with this diamond. It’s exceptionally rare to have one in your possession.

I can now say I’ve had a $2.4 million dollar diamond on my hand and I’ve worn a $20 million dollar necklace that’s in the Guinness Book of Records.

If you are in the market for such a perfect stone, come see me at 210 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480. Or you can call the office at (561) 832-4918. Just ask for Laura. This is an investment grade diamond.

Click here to see the video of a 17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond.


I never thought when I went into computer science and design that I would be asked to model some of the world’s most fabulous diamonds. Usually, I am the photographer and on the other side of the camera.

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Something special we want to start marketing…

06 Mar

There are maybe only 10 diamonds on par with this one on the market in the entire world.

This is a 17.52 CTS D Flawless. We’re going to start pushing this soon.

It’s a fabulous ring. I take it out of the safe put in in the front window every day. This would be an investment grade ring.

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I am supposed to hear tomorrow…

06 Mar

The imaging machine that use for my neck procedure suddenly broke. They are scrambling to get it fixed. They still didn’t know today if my neck procedure for Thursday would still be on.

I don’t like the idea of being first after they fix the machine but the doctor will be on vacation all the following week.

We’ll see what happens when they call me tomorrow. As of today, the machine was still not fixed because the new part did not work.

I’ve had this procedure done four times. I’m always glad when it’s behind me. I like to just get it done and move on.

I want to talk to them tomorrow about possible alternative dates if its an option.

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It was a super funny morning…

05 Mar

It’s just a shame I can’t tell you the story. But it was downright hilarious.

I couldn’t tell you the story without embarrassing someone and I don’t want to do that.

But I will laugh about this for years to come.

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I am really looking forward to it…

04 Mar

I have a very special guest that is going to come and stay at my home for week in about 10 days.

I’m looking forward to all the fun that we’ll have and all the memories that we’ll make.

I can’t wait.

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I have been so busy…

03 Mar

I’ve been so busy, just trying to keep track of it all is a major deal.

I worked all day trying to knock off items on my list.

I know that’s not exciting but it’s life…

But I did manage to squeeze in a little trip to the salon today.

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