I changed my hair….

25 Oct

I put the gold back in it that I wore years ago. Platinum is actually closer to the color it really is.

What do you think?

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DOJ has filed the first lawsuit

20 Oct

They did file the lawsuit. They’ve been charged. It finally happened. This has been years in the making.

Now DOJ, keep going and you know who’s on the list. It’s time to start the domino effect. Don’t quit until you have them all – Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. Winner takes all.


I heard that Google will likely be charged next week in the federal antitrust suit on Tuesday.

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Massage Chair

18 Oct

Here’s how the new massage chair looks:

I also replaced the bar stools:

And it’s a beautiful evening:

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Yes! Super exciting…

15 Oct

If you read the blog you may know by now that I’ve been doing work for a company that operates in the Medicare space. I’ve been doing it for the past year.

Today was the opening day of AEP (Medicare Annual Enrollment Period). You work all year in marketing and computer science and you don’t really know the fruits of your labor until AEP begins on October 15th. I am so happy to say that we set a company record for sales and leads today. We are substantially up from this day last year (over 30%). I feel like that’s a major accomplishment for us in a pandemic. A lot of hard work has gone into this.

That means that what we are doing is working. I am so excited by that.

And now onto my evening project…. I got a white leather, very modern looking massage chair that also does heat. I’m now putting it together. They are making me wire the thing. That’s my evening project.

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Complicated Day…

13 Oct

In the bad news, my guys in Arizona like to know this stuff. I am having to defend the expense on a Godaddy dedicated server. Usually with clients or people I work with, they try to change the server after I leave and then I get the phone call about the devastation it caused when they did it and how sorry they are to me. They usually call to get my help again after it’s all gone not the way they thought it would go.

It’s a long a painful track record of people who’ve done this. They just don’t understand that a server is not just a box. What we do to the server matters, the hardware matters, the software we build matters, the bandwidth matters, my engineering team at Godaddy on the dedicated side matters and the lead developer matters. And when you pick a cheap server, you don’t get the team of experts, you lose all the settings and modifications and you’ll cause enough stress on the lead developer that they might look for a new opportunity. It’s not worth trying to save a couple of thousand dollars.

I wrote a two page case for why it shouldn’t be transferred. I will never trust Amazon servers after they lost a server and all the backups failed. We had to rebuild it. Amazon is cheap, no frills. You have to pay a server admin for those servers. And I hate working with one server guy who doesn’t realize the knowledge he doesn’t have that an entire team has. Many heads are better than one when it comes to this stuff. And we run our backend off the cheap stuff. But for the front facing server, it needs to be a Godaddy server. We definitely get what we pay for and I’ve worked a lot of years in this business.

I hope they listen but it’s very unfortunate to hear this happening. This has never happened until I move on to the next project. I had no stress until I heard this.


And now for personal news of the day. I am going to start looking for someone new to date. I do have some dates lined up. I try to think with my head and not just my heart when I meet people. I dated a few over the summer and fall who I thought were just not right for me. I’m sorry to say that at least one reacted very badly to my saying I didn’t think I was the right girl for him. That was one that my heart really like but my head said, “This is probably not a good idea.” I think his heart was in it as well unfortunately. But the only way to find out is to date and spend some time with someone. I need for someone to respect my schedule and I want to make sure that someone’s heart is really in it and not for other reasons. It’s complicated.

I am looking for the right person. That’s the only way I can describe it right now. But it would be nice if the people I think I’m not right for could still be friends.


I am excited by a dinner invitation with people that I was friends with and did business with years ago. A lot of people are touching base with me again and I like that.

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It’s good to be home…

10 Oct

It’s good to be home in Palm Beach county. I always feel like I should have a pair of ruby slippers.

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Going home to Florida tomorrow…

09 Oct

It was fun today. We golfed. It was an ok day for me. I shot a 43. But it was fun.

I am looking forward to being home for a weekend to relax. I need a weekend.

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From “Done Up” to “Undone” – Greetings from Hilton Head

07 Oct

I’m sure you can guess who this is with me at the Westin Resort on Hilton Head, SC. I went to the spa and we had a day at the beach. This is my completely undone look. Yes, that’s my Mom. I had one question for her – “Are those glasses magnifiers?” LOL

I loved this plant wall inside the resort.

The Heavenly Spa at the Westin on Hilton Head is my very favorite spa. I’ve been coming here for years. One time I left that spa and I bought that Porsche on the way home. True story. It’s that good. The Westin is in Port Royal on Hilton Head.

I finally got to me Sandro and Armando, my Mother’s dance instructors. That Sandro is pure sugar. He’s a five time Hungarian national champion dancer. I’m special because he shook his ass for me. It’s something to see. It really is. They are both fun. I thank them for letting me watch the dance lesson.

Yes, Mom liked my new Pearl White Lexus sports car. I still laughed when she tried to get out of it. She said, “You know, someday you’ll be this old too.”

It’s good for you mother. And why do you think I’m driving it now? There will be time for sedans later. She drove a Mazda Miata for over 20 years. She knows.

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Party Recap Photos

06 Oct

Not everyone is in the photos because I don’t some people well and they might object to the photos.

As you may or may not have realized, I’m the photographer who’s shot a lot of Julie’s recently modeling pictures that you see on the internet. We’ve also been friends for years.

We got together the other night to celebrate her 60th birthday. She was Miss California, Miss USA and first runner up for Miss Universe. Let me see if I can tell a funny picture story here.

Wow, those five dozen roses were goregeous!

The shoes she got as a present were killer.

Someone at the party gave her a replica crown of what Miss USA wears now. Here’s the shot with that crown. We made her haul it out and put it on. This is the real crown.

Of course we said, “Miss USA is turning 60. We want to see the real crown. I need a crown shot.”

And here’s Susie,

Ok, now let’s have some fun.

Now let’s see the shoes in front of the roses…

Can you tell we were fascinated with the shoes?

“Laura, how’s that Martini?”

“Why Jules, it’s a magical martini. Just magical.” It got even more magical after the third one…Needless to say I didn’t drive. I stayed in Palm Beach.

Let’s see the shoes again…

LOL. Fun birthday, girl.

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The party was good…

06 Oct

The party was good but it’s going to be a few days before I have a chance to select a photo for you.

I just got to South Carolina last night and have lots to do. So just hold that thought…

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Happy Birthday Beautiful

04 Oct

In honor of Julie Hayek’s 60th Birthday (Miss USA, Miss California, First Runner Up for Miss Universe), I am attending our dinner tonight dressed as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – For You My Dear Julie! I hope you like it. Happy Birthday Beautiful with much love – Laura. #laurakerbyson #breakfastatTiffanys #tiffanys #audreyhepburn #juliehayek #worldpeace

Sorry for the bad selfies! Maybe Susie can take a better photo.

You can note that the above photos of me are Laura Kerbyson at age 51 for Julie’s 60th.

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You are not going to want to miss this…

03 Oct

I just did a quick dry run on the dress, hair and jewelry. This is fabulous – so much fun! For Jules B-day dinner tomorrow night, I am going as a platinum blonde version of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I can get my hair up into a really fancy do….The outfit has a little Laura Kerbyson spin to it. I modernizing it just slightly as well. Oh, this look is fun! I will try to get some snaps shots before I leave for dinner in my dining room mirror and post them.

It’s very a very fun and classy, elegant, french look.

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I am seriously contemplating a nod to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

03 Oct

I have a private birthday party to attend tomorrow. When I mean party, I mean part of 4.

There’s a pre-party, high end dinner and after party at The Breakers.

I am seriously contemplating doing a nod to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I wondering if I can fit in the very small black gown that I have. I have the long black gloves. Going to put my hair up fancy. Add some stunning jewelry with the ring on top of the gloves.

It should be a rather elegant, yet fun look. There may be pics to post tomorrow.

I am packing today because I am taking an impromptu vacation home to South Carolina. I am thinking I am going to leave Monday. I’m going golfing, to the spa, my favorite restaurant in Savannah, to the beach to relax, the pool, to see some people I haven’t seen in a long time and of course my mother. I can’t wait to get out of town.

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Marketing & Selling Luxury Items…

01 Oct

I’ve had that come up in a couple of conversations this week. I’ve spent a lot of time marketing luxury items.

Right now because of what’s going on in this country, it isn’t the time for me to be marketing luxury items.

I was discussing the jewelry business with a friend the other evening at dinner. They could tell I love marketing stuff like that.

And so they asked, “What exactly does a 17 CTS D Flawless Diamond look like? Is it heavy?”

Here’s a video of it on my hand. I’m turning my hand so you can see the sparkle and the stone. It is heavy. CTS does equal weight.

The ring was shot on my hand for print and then I Photoshopped it onto the model for the two-page spread in Rolls Royce. I did the layout and design and placement in the magazine. My work was in all kinds of magazines in Palm Beach. Everything from The Breakers to Rolls Royce to Architectural magazines. Lots of back covers. The hardest thing you will ever photograph in your life will be diamonds. I’ve done everything from high end real estate, to developments, to cosmetic dentistry, to affluent lawyers, to music, entertainment, fashion, medical, sports cars. A long list….

I used to show and model the ring for people when they expressed interest. I would lock the front doors to the store and close the store.

I would do private marketing packets on rare jewels and market them. I did the web site and created the kiosks as well, print advertisements, CRM Inventory System on the jewelry for the stores, SMS with clients, social media, identifying leads, negotiating certain items, photography of course and many more functions. I would take the jewels out of the safe and put them in the windows and cases, lock and unlock the store and set the security. I loved the high end jewelry business and the interesting people. In a lot of cases I did phone conversations, text conversations and letters as the owner because it was just easier and we needed to clone her. So we did in a way. Not always but sometimes. She and I are still friends.

We even shot the Paraiba (it’s the World’s Largest Paraiba Tourlamine – Guinness Book of Records) on me but I ended up telling her we couldn’t use them. She used to tease me – “It’s your favorite color…” And it is. I’m known for that color.

I have more the right look now then I did back then. You look is an evolution. I was also worried about dealing with overseas contacts on the necklace and they shouldn’t see the woman in the photo and then be negotiating with her. But it is my super white skin that sets that color off in the stone. I am slightly albino and people always comment on the unusual skin. I was born with purple eyes. When I was going out with the Rock Star this summer, I think the nicest thing he ever said to me was, “You are prettier in person than your photographs.” I’ve always thought so. I think I am difficult to photograph.

Click on the photo to see the video of the ring.

It’s one of the few things in life that when you market it, you serve champagne to the clients. It’s why I wore a great outfit every day. I have a whole closet full of gowns from work and my current social life in Palm Beach. But I’ve always been in the business of style. Right now is the exception because of what’s going on with the economy. I’m marketing something that’s not a luxury good.

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Picking out a gown…

29 Sep

Well, Jules is turning the big 60 and we are all going to dinner on Sunday to celebrate. I’ve got to pick a gown out of my closet. I always dress up when we go out. We like to rock it.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Miss California, Miss USA and first runner-up for Miss Universe. You can see some of my work tagged of her on a fan page There’s even a few shots of us on that page.

Personally, I like the shots I took of her when I was working on Worth Avenue. The Internet Fan Boys liked them too. Happy Birthday Beautiful. We’ll make it a fun one.

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In a time of disaster, we’re making money…

28 Sep

Everyone keeps asking me how it’s going.

I think we can all be proud of how we’ve moved this company forward during one of the toughest periods in business. I once read that the Fortune 500 was derived out of the Great Depression.

But to give you a small idea, when I started working with them a year ago, the budget for one of our channels was a quarter of a million a year. In the last 90 days, for that channel, we spent almost $500,000. We’re spending a lot more because we’re successful at what we are doing. The size of the company from a man power perspective increased 1/3 this summer when we added Charlotte to the list.

We’re growing. We’re moving into new offices and we’re putting gasoline on our advertising. You only do that when it’s working really well for you. I went through today and looked at campaigns I had created and the numbers they had generated and I felt good about what I had achieved. There are places where I can make comparisons because we’ve had some high priced consultants but I was eventually able to outperform their models.

We brought a new team member in a couple of months ago who is also very sharp and overall we have a nice team on which to build. We’re moving in a positive direction. It’s exciting to be doing well in a period like this.

We’re heading into a very exciting period of the fall – traditionally the biggest selling season of the month. I feel like I am going to the races!

And now for the question, “How was the meatloaf?” Ridiculously good. So good I have to get a good workout tonight. I have tweaked this recipie over time and it’s delicious. What’s in it?

1 lb ground Turkey

1 cup breadcrumbs

1 beaten egg

1/4 milk

3/4 to 1 cup Ketchup

1/4 cup A1 Sauce

1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup

1 tsp Parsley

1 chopped onion

1/2 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Pepper

1 tsp fresh garlic

Mix your liquids together. Mix in the rest. Knead well. Put in a loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees for an hour. Slice a loaf of french bread. Serve the meatloaf as meatloaf sandwiches on french bread. Delicious and low fat.


I recommend my homemade green tea with lots of fresh sliced lemon a little Stevia and Agave. It’s basically half green tea and half lemonade.

I also do a version of green tea with fresh oranges.

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What a great Sunday…

27 Sep

I spent the day at the pool – swimming, reading a new novel, having lunch, sipping Raspberry Pellegrino with fresh lemon.

The air was perfect. The temperature was perfect. It was such a great day. I need to do this more often. I love it so much.

I came back and took a long bath and did a pedicure.

Then I decided to mix up a Turkey meatloaf for my lunches this week. It makes great sandwiches.

It was a nice, laid back Sunday. Loved it.

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Links to Work This Week

25 Sep

I promised you some links to recent work I created. These are from this week.

This is the newsletter we are mailing out now:

All the Facebook Marketing Ads I created this week seem to be doing really well. The volume of leads is good.

Below are links to the videos I created this week. They go from serious to creative to funny. We’ll be testing some of these.

Five Things to Know About AEP

Looking for Answers About Medicare

Creative General Positioning

Stick to what you do best and leave your Medicare to us

Life is About More Than Medicare

We’re Ready for AEP

Tired of Researching Medicare

Horizontal Dental 1

Horizontal Dental 2

Dental Vertical 1

Dental Vertical 2


Vision – Disability Younger Models

Dental Short

Hearing Benefits

There’s more but that’s enough for you to get a look.

Some of my friends wonder what I do all day. Now you know…

Of course I still churn out tons of web sites.

Like this We haven’t used this one yet but we will.

as well as the regular corporate stuff too

There’s also presale, post sale email drip campaigns that run through the CRM as well as the social channels for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and the Corporate Blog.

What’s a presale email look like? I’ll show you one so understand. You’ll see variable names because this is outside of the CRM. There might be 5-10 different versions of a drip.

Of course my favorite part is to make the header graphics all different as well as the pitch. I have an eye for beautiful things and always looking for a place to use that. For Example:

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What can I tell you…

24 Sep

They want to know what I can tell you about my new friend.

Of course I never say the real names. He’s from Greece. A Sagittarius who’s fun. He owned a successful company. He happens to have the same initials that I do – L.K. He tells me he’s intimidated by me when he meets me in person.

I told him, “Don’t be. In my heart, I’m still just a girl from Ohio. Midwestern values you know? I just have more fun now. There’s not a lot of people like me running around Palm Beach. Now let’s go joy ride your golf cart at night on the course.”

He wanted to know if I wanted to play golf in the dark. I said, “Are you crazy? My game is bad enough in the daylight.” Although why do I have the feeling, we’re going to play golf in the pitch black night some night?

It’s like, “What’s you budget? How many windows are you willing to pay to replace? LOL.”

I think we’ll have some fun. For sure.

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It was a fun date…

23 Sep

I went on a fun dinner date last night. It was really nice to go to an easy, breezy place and sit out on the water. The weather was perfect.

We had a great time.

It’s nice to break up the work week like that.

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How it go?

21 Sep

There’s a lot of swelling back there.

Either this is getting harder or I’m getting older.

These were the two vertebra that are less injured. We did the other two (the bigger problems) last time. But for some reason there’s a lot of swelling.

I found out my insurance company is finally going to be realistic. In the past, they would only allow me to do 2 at time. I have four that have a problem. I heard today that next year, we might not have to choose levels.

That would be great because I pay a lot of money for this insurance, it goes seem crazy that you can’t treat the whole thing at once. And that was because of money I’m sure.

I’m by myself tonight. This is par for the course for me. My friends are smucks, they are never around when I need an icepack and a nurse. LOL. I should fire you all. Next time, I might hire myself some cute young thing to wait on me.

Don’t worry. I am hitting my favorite pain killers tonight – Wine and Jewelry. Sometimes you just have to say, “Uncle.” Those earrings are going to make me feel better! LOL


Yes, I worked a long, full day. I am a very sweet person but I am tough as nails.

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Same deal six months later…

20 Sep

I am having my usual six months neck procedure first thing in the morning. It’s the same thing we always do.

I am having someone over for dinner tonight. I am cooking one of my favorite french recipes.

Will I be working tomorrow? Absolutely. I do plan on working a full day tomorrow. I know he tells me not to but I always do. It’s better to have my mind busy.

I miserably failed at relaxing this weekend. Try, try again. Eventually, I’ll get it right.

I did get a chance to shop for one of my bestie’s birthdays that is coming up.

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We’re reopening…

19 Sep

As you may know we are reopening in South Florida.

And that means that I will be going back to a brand new office in Boca after October 1st. This company that I have been working with wants me in the office.

I saw a pic of the gutted rebuild going on at the moment. I am told my office will be a big one with a window.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again as we have not had face time since February.

What I am not looking forward to is the couple of  hours this will add to my day. Commute time before going and back was like 2 hours. I am hoping with a sports car and fewer people on the road, I can shorten that commute.

I think it will take a while to build my stamina back up to those long kinds of days. As you know, it got dinged in April. But it was exhausting even before April. I still manage to churn out way more volumes of work that other people that do what I do, but that couple of hours is now time I take to cook decent meals, exercise, sleep and take care of myself. It also means that my productivity will likely go down. I am far more productive at home but people are social by nature and so are most businesses.

But on the other hand, I am looking forward to leaving my home and wearing the cute outfits, shoes and jewelry that just put me in a good mood. I love style. I always have. I could never work in Silicon Valley because of their wardrobes. Sorry guys…

I know have some people in my life that are going to freak out over the fact that I am going back into an office environment. Of course, I will take every precaution.

I am looking forward to seeing the new office. I just hope they don’t paint it dark colors. Light and bright is important to me. I offered free design consultation if they needed it but no took up the offer for a free but normally very expensive designer.

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It was a fun day…

18 Sep

It was fun because I got to churn out 10 videos that we might use for the upcoming Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

Last year, I got creative during AEP. I churn out web sites, email drip campaigns, lead pages, animations, printed newsletters – you name in the marketing collateral world, I make it. There’s not much in life I don’t design.

After the newsletter gets printed, maybe I’ll put up a link to the PDF so you can see. I know some of the followers of this blog follow to see work links. I’ve got some company sites that I’ve never shown, videos etc.

Something came up that reminded me of the old park projects. If you don’t know the story, I figured out how to raise $750 million of $780 million to build a park in New Orleans. I did the business plan and designed the park, found the land, you name it. I went to New Orleans and started on the project when one day, inarguable evidence came forward on how much they had lied to me about fixing the drainage systems in New Orleans. We got a hard rain and I had 3 feet of water in downtown New Orleans. I had already designed this park to be as mobile as it could be but even at that, it was way too much water. All of my restaurants could actually be driven out of the park. I went to great lengths to think about how to get around the problems out there.

I had a back up plan for Florida but backed out that one too after the land I needed, the owners had made a serious mistake. There’s a major corporate headquarters sitting on it. They agreed to sell me the land. The problem is that in the middle of all the land, they had sold a track where a townhouse development was put in. The minute I would build this park, I would be sued by every home owner. I also was never comfortable with the fact that I feel there is not enough population right there. The major population is 20 minutes away.

After Hard Rock Park, I wasn’t going to pull the trigger on a project that I had reservations about. I never liked the location of Myrtle Beach park because there wasn’t enough population. I risked a bunch money in New Orleans. I made sure investors lost nothing. I took the loss when I shut it down. It’s always important to me to have the reputation in tact.

I decided I wanted to think about it for a few years. When the Pandemic came along, I thought, “It wouldn’t have mattered if I had selected the most golden piece of land in the United States. It would have gone under because of this.”

I seriously doubt I would ever do a park project again. However, I still design everything and anything.

I’ve been able to keep going in the Pandemic by doing marketing, computer science and creative works for a Medicare business. And we are gearing up for Annual Enrollment Period.

When one of my friends and former clients was in town we were talking about all the work I did since I came to Palm Beach for a variety of big names and the luxury business. Sadly, some of those big names went under in this Pandemic.

He said, “You’re still going strong. Except the numbers on your heart and BP are scary. But you’re making progress.” I am making progress but I cannot let fear get the best of me. We do this in flying where you have to hear the alarms but don’t “react” to them. Focus on what you have to do. The only thing to do is address the problems and keep moving forward. That’s how I’ve gotten out of every tough situation in my life. Like New Orleans, I didn’t want to lose that money but at a certain point you have to accept that some people lie and some people are dishonest.

I cut my losses. Hard Rock didn’t do that and the hotel they were building in New Orleans collapsed. My situation could have ended up much worse. I could have moved ahead with the project.

Yes I’m doing ok, because I always move forward. I did not let a pandemic or a major heart problem slow me down. You know it isn’t my style.

But one of the things I don’t do is watch the news. I mentally check out of this situation. I have to. And he told me he quit Facebook because things have gotten so bad. If you have a race to run, you don’t focus on the other runners at the starting line. You focus on what you have to do to get through it. You have to be responsible for your own success in life.

The recession after the closure of Hard Rock Park was a difficult one for me because I was still in my 30’s when it began. I had to go back to being a college professor for 3 years. And then I got promoted to being the Department Head of two campuses.

After I left, I opened up my business while we were still in a recession. That wasn’t easy. But I kept moving it all forward no matter what. And now when you think back over the number of businesses that I ended up representing and building and the body of work, it’s impressive.

I actually turned down another client this year on a deal I will always wonder about. I had the health issue I needed to deal with. But this client is a serial entrepreneur who has started a number of businesses. Once I made the mistake of taking on a client that was in the drug rehab business. The reason this ended up being a mistake was that the owner was a recovering addict who was NOT a nice person. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. But for the client I ended up with – he said, “Oh I’ve never touched drugs but I sell all these centers there testing supplies.” I ended up helping him with several of his companies. This year he came back and offered me 50% profit on a business that could supply the COVID-19 testing supplies.

That would have been interesting but I think risky for me personally. I love this client. We’ve worked together for years. I hated to turn him down but again, I listen to my gut. The Pandemic has been a little crazy and unpredictable. All along, I have chosen to bank on business that I thought could survive it. It’s a very conservative approach right now.

And I’ve got former clients and employers, who just decided they aren’t going to operate their businesses right now. They are waiting and holding their money. And they still stay in touch. I’m looking forward to when we come out of this and some of my former clients try to rebound. What doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. I do have personal experience with that one.

And for the Medicare business, they just opened an additional office in Charlotte.

So that’s why the work I might show you will be related to that business.

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This weekend I swear I am doing nothing…

16 Sep

No projects. No work. Nothing but relax.

I have sworn to myself that’s what I am doing with this weekend. This weekend needs to be down time.

I had a guest in town last night so we had a nice dinner and went to The Breakers for some cocktails and a tour and a little more nibbling. The Breakers parked my car in the number 1 spot again. They are so sweet.

It’s always good to see old friends and get caught up. I really enjoyed hearing what’s new with everyone and of course we discussed a fair amount of business.

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I’m going to go out again in a week or so…

15 Sep

You know I live on a lake and there are villas and houses across the lake. One of my neighbors wants to go out. I can see the houses he owns from across the lake.

He’s in Arizona for another week.

He has an interesting story. If you’ve ever bought a car and purchased a warranty on that car, you were one of his customers. He just retired and turned over the business to his kids.

He called me from Arizona and I told him when he comes back, yes we’ll go out. We’ll have some fun. He’s going to St. Louis first, where he owns a lake house.

Since he’s lived here a while I asked him what’s the story with the big house I walk by at night that has that sign that says, “The Ice Cream House.” It turns out it’s own by the people who own Carvel Ice Cream. Now I understand…

It makes sense.

Most of the guys I’ve dated are business owners. That way they can relate to my life.

I joked with him that while he’s in Arizona, “Why don’t you stop by and say hello to my team at Godaddy?” He laughed.

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So excited that one of my friends and clients is coming to town…

14 Sep

There won’t be a post tomorrow night because we’ll be getting caught up on old times.

We’ve known each other 9 years. We’ve been through everything from parties to business problems to their kids. They were clients and then they were friends.

I was there when he quit medicine because he had had enough of Medicare not paying for years. He was there texting me everyday when I was in New Orleans and decided to shut down the park project and take the biggest business loss I hope I will ever see.

I remember when one of his daughters’ schools had a problem because the teacher was suddenly out and they called me to see if I would come in and spend some time with the kids.

I about died when I got to the classroom and this teacher had tarantula, snakes and lizards all over the place.

His daughter J. was like, “What do you think of them? Aren’t’ they cool.”

I lied through my teeth and said, “Why they’re charming sweetheart!”

I could not wait to get away from those “little friends.” I thought, “I am going to pass out if they tell me she’s taking one of these guys home.”

His wife and I had one of the coolest luncheons ever where we got to meet a designer who’s merchandise we really love. I remember the person introducing the speaker singled us out and said, “And here are two more designers sitting in the audience…”

It’s been everything from The Chamber Ball to T. setting his house on fire accidentally. The tiki torches got a little out of control. That’s a completely different story. Collectively, I have some history with this family. Most of it is pretty funny.

I can’t wait to see him.

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I actually finished it…

14 Sep

I finished painting all the trim and the doors in the condo. Everything looks brand new again. It’s so nice to see those pristine white doors….

I was under a “deadline.” I didn’t finish painting until 1 a.m. last night and then I cleaned everything today. It looks really good.

Next weekend, I have sworn to myself that I am  not doing anything. I’m going to the beach or the pool just to chill out and read a book and do nothing next weekend so I can recuperate.

If it were daylight I would take pictures or a video for you but I’ll get to that another day.

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How do you break a collarbone playing basketball?

12 Sep

Answer: When the other player has a technical called on them. Some girls do not play nice.

I shot the technical shots with a broken collar bone. I got my points and then I left the court and said, “Ok, I’m done for the day.”

To this day, you can still tell I’ve had a broken collar bone if you look for it.

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Now I’m in a hurry…

12 Sep

I’m in a hurry now to get some of painting projects done.

One of my friends and former clients lives in North Carolina. He’s married to one of my girlfriends. I knew him before I knew his wife.

He’s coming to Florida on business next week. So he’s going to come and stay at my home for the night and we can get caught up as old friends and have some dinner and drinks. It’s not unusual for me to end up having clients that end up being friends or knowing their wife and the kids. They are kind of like family after a while.

It will be fun.

But in the meantime, I was taking my good, sweet time to finish some of those painting projects. I’m now trying to speed it up this weekend.

I had a nice productive work week but now it’s time to shift gears for the weekend.

Now here’s a piece of fun trivia. My friend that is coming played college basketball for a college that tried to recruit me for their girls college team. I played 11 years of basketball.

I opted not to play college ball. I ended up doing my undergrad on 12 academic scholarships and awards. In basketball, I was tired of getting beat up. Three broken fingers, a broken collar bone and knee surgery. 11 years was enough.

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I think you can expect those antitrust charges to made soon…

10 Sep

If you’ve been a long term reader of the blog then you know there were many of us, who are developers, who asked for investigations into a list of companies. You’ll often see the press report on Google and Antitrust, but there were others that we encouraged investigation based upon what we knew and had seen.

I think Google will the first to be charged and it could happen this month. But the one thing that this shouldn’t be with any of the companies on that list, is a slap on the wrist. A slap on the wrist will do nothing for what this has cost businesses.

Enough said right now. More later…

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Absolutely sinful dinner…

10 Sep

I went with a friend to dinner. We went to Benny’s on the Beach and had dinner on the pier.

We decided to be “bad” and get messy. Crab legs, corn, potatoes and all you drink Pina Coladas. It will take me a week to work off all that food.

But I will tell you, I was told the chef was amazing. He is spectacular. I can’t remember a meal where everything tasted that perfect. The Pina Coladas were made with fresh pinapple and some ice cream I suspect and they were served in a pineapple. They were like dessert. And we had far too many of them because they were so good.

The person I was having dinner with wanted to hear the stories about the old days and how I turned one thing into another and why it happened. It’s a given that I’m a smart lady but it was probably more charisma than anything that got me through each door. Those are stories for another night.

Dinner was fabulous. The ocean was relaxing. The company was fantastic and now I should starve myself for a week.

The chef is phenomenal.

We talked about how I take my work very, very seriously but I also want to make more time for fun because I am fun and let’s face it – we all need it.

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So what did I decide?

08 Sep

I had some friends who were waiting on me to say something about this -

They wanted to know if I decided to actually get into that relationship. You know what I mean about that.

I decided, “No.”

I sat back and saw what I needed to see, I even gave a second chance,  and then decided, “No.”

Enough said. Now you know what my decision was.

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I went golfing…

08 Sep

I went golfing. I had a fabulous time. It was so much fun.

I need to get more. This was really good. The weather was nice and breezy and not to hot.

It turned out to be a fantastic labor day full of fun.

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I’m going a little geek here but that is Wicked Cool…

03 Sep

Let me put into context the type of business that I work with day in and day out.

We generate leads from all kinds of sources. Those leads funnel into a CRM. We have agents and calls centers in an outside the U.S.

This is not an unusual situation for a variety of industries. But it takes a lot of systems to power – web sites, advertising, CRM, dialers, call recordings, Twillio, systems that process and route the leads, internal software systems, IVRS, dialers and a small army of people, etc. There’s a lot of intricate systems that have to work together. We are constantly hooking systems together.

Then I had to go looking and find a web application for a Click to Call system and I found this thing that pop ups, the user puts their phone number in and either gets called immediately or schedules a call, they can SMS, they can email if you turn on that option, the system sends this to an IVR. The IVR and the bot calls the user, records the call, sends it into a management panel, emails me to tell me what the agent did with the call or I can see it in the panel and the lead can be connected to Zapier which is how we connect most leads to systems. The SMS has automated responses and initiates the conversation. It’s unusual to find this in “one box.”

Now I am wondering if there’s a way to connect it to Google AI’s Dialog FX CX. I am wondering if I should suggest it to the developers.

It was like all in one box. Slick and Wicked Cool. Instead of lead forms, this is actually a good system for generating calls from your web site. And you can see and hear how the agent handles the call just like you do in all the other separate systems that you now have.

It did not take me long to install, setup and configure everything. I like a fast, well thought out product.

If you have no idea what I just said, welcome to 99.9% of the rest of the world. Just trust me, this is cool and can generate revenue for a company.

Now if I could just get Level 3 and Cloudflare to quit having problems and crises at the same time, that would be nice.

It’s hard to get traffic and funnel traffic when there are outages in one of the primary backbones of the Internet.

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