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I got a new sketching device for my computer so I had to test it out by making a new character – Omar the Orchid. He’s a buck-toothed blue orchid. He tells bad gardening jokes.

He’s got a sidekick in the works – Polly Poppy. I’ve got one of hers up on the Polly Poppy page.

Omar was pretty popular the first night on the web. He might have to get his own web page. These homely looking flowers will be joined by a third character in the works – Will the Weed. Yes, I just got the email. (Not that kind of weed you idiot. A garden weed! These are gardening jokes and stories. Geesh people!)


Be sure to check out the complete Omar the Orchid site at I’ve added several more characters. The film script is at the half-way point. This project will hopefully evolve into an animated film (that’s what the script is for) and a series of books (based off the script). I am really happy with the way things are moving.

More Omar the Orchid…Page 2

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