Laura Kerbyson, M.S. – File Photos September 2014

I’m Laura Kerbyson and at the heart of it all, I am just the girl next door from Ohio who now lives and works in Bluffton & Hilton Head, SC and Palm Beach, Florida. We set out to take some pictures so that people can see I am as complex and varied as the brands and companies that I have represented. Whenever I had a file photo in a suit – the only people who tended to call me were, well um “Suits.” And it’s hot in the South so we don’t tend to wear suits.

Laura Kerbyson

Laura Kerbyson

So here’s the shot to make the “suit” people happy.

Laura KerbysonAnd here’s the shot that makes me happy because this is me.

Porsche’s motto is, “There is no substitute.”
Fender’s motto is, “Let’s make history.” Keep scrolling.
Laura Kerbyson

My motor is, “There is no substitute for making history.”

And that’s what I do – I help people make their history on the web, in print, in product, in real estate, in almost anything you can imagine when it comes to code & design.

Laura Kerbyson

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