Well my day didn’t go the way I had planned…

06 May

I was supposed to be golfing 18 holes at the Atlantis Private Club. When I got to my 10th hole, it was pouring rain. So I quit on my 11th hole.

I golfed the North Course and had just started down the East.

As far as the North Course, there were some seriously long holes on that course. I can’t tell you that it was my favorite course that I’ve ever played. I didn’t know the course and that showed. The hole that was dog legged, I’m like, “Where is the flag? I have no idea…”

I did like their driving range and I spent some time there before going out.

I think next I am going to golf Atlantis’s semi private/public course. I had dinner Friday night on the edge of the course and that course looks more like your gentle rolling hills from Scotland. The view was quite pretty. But next weekend, I’m flying an airplane not golfing.

For that course, I just walk across the street. I don’t need to drive.

There’s also a course on Palm Beach Island that I want to play.

At least at The Kentucky Derby yesterday, my horse won. I am looking forward to watching Justify race again.


Then I am starting back on my “Continuous Self Improvement Program.” Translation – time to put some work into me. I am doing several things – I am going to have my chin tightened up at the end of May ( I am going back to see my old friend Faigen but this involves no knives), in June I am doing some Cool Sculpting on my waist to get it smaller and with age my teeth have shifted a bit so I am going to use those Invisalign things for six months to try to put them back. By August I should see some improvements in my looks overall.

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