I’m taking a plane up next weekend…

05 May

Fantastic – Joe just called me and I have a 3 p.m. flight time with next weekend. I’m looking forward to this.

I can’t wait to see what I’m flying next weekend. Joe will give the run down on the plane.

There’s 2 things in life I think you are better off renting – planes and yachts.


I’ve called about availability and time slots for taking a plane up next weekend.

Because I moved in January, I’ll be switching airports. The Palm Beach FBO is right by my house so I called about an outfit over there. They’ll call back this week and hopefully there will be a slot.

It’s getting too hot to do this. When you take a little plane up this time of year in Florida, it gets really hot. I’m thinking I want to do this before I start to feel like a fried egg up there.

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