So grateful for someone who has my back…

05 May

Recently we were doing business with a very small magazine, when the owner asked me (unsolicited), “What do you think of so and so’s photography?”

I said, “Do you want my honest opinion?”

“Yes of course.”

“I don’t care for the shots.”

Then this woman went ballistic.

So M. had a previous deal with her to go to New York and shoot our jewelry on one of her models, who happens to be a former famous cover girl but who no longer has any following.

M. got screwed over in the deal and in New York nothing happened that was promised. Then is woman proceeds to bad mouth me and M. let her have it. She ripped her apart. C. came back and told me, “She really defended you. She said, “You don’t even know her. I work with her every day. How dare you say anything bad about her…”

I so appreciate loyalty. It means so much. I hate when people judge me and don’t even know me. I am very, very loyal to Monica and it means a tremendous amount to me that she defended me from something that wasn’t deserved in any way. And honestly, with my career, how dare anyone say anything bad about me. Anyone who’s ever known me knows better than to say anything bad or judgmental because I don’t deserve that. I am one of hardest working, nicest people you will ever meet – but I am also a smart business woman and I don’t let people walk all over me. I’m very fair.

M. came back and said we’re never doing business with her again. I heard it dissolved into a screaming match in a New York restaurant. I really, really appreciate the loyalty and I’ve got your back too….

I told her, “Don’t worry about. Wait until you get back and see the shots of our girl Julie. These shots are fabulous. We’ve found our girl. She looks FANTASTIC in these photos.” M. came home and said the same thing. “OMG I love these shots.

“Sexy as hell, eh?”


We’ve found our girl.

Kylie set it on fire too. Two different ages – two really hot women. We scored.

I am having dinner with Julie Monday and I can tell you this woman is a beautiful person on the inside as well as the outside. I am such a fan after working with her. I loved it.

She’s dated billionaires to princes – and through my camera I can see what she’s the “it” girl. She’s so easy to love.

M. also asked what happened on date number 2. I told her what he said. She said, “What a jerk. He should have apologized to you.”

I agree. I don’t need a man to criticize my career or what I do because I do it just fine. Some people that have smarts, have no people skills. You know what I mean? That’s a man with an ego that’s too big if he comes in on the second date judging you and telling you what to do with your life. I don’t need that kind of ego because frankly, he’s not bigger than I am.

M. reminds me of my students years ago. I once got judged on paper by someone who is now famous. This person never met me. My students went freaking nuts over it. Because they knew me and he didn’t.

I get tired of men and their egos when they come out for no reason. It’s a real turn off.

I told C., “After you look at these shots of Julie and Kylie, you’re going to need a cold shower. Seriously.”

Honestly, and I mean honestly – the pictures on the Internet do not do this woman justice compared to what I caught on camera. Freakin fabulous. She was pretty 30 years ago, but what I caught on camera was gorgeous.

One of the things I want to ask her is, “Ok, you see this body. It needs work. How DO you get that waist so small? Jewels, please advise..”

It also reminds me of my guys at Godaddy, “Hey guys I need to put Varnish on this server and I don’t have a management panel. Do you mind if I command line it all?”

“No Ma-mam!”


“We’re runway 30 are we cleared for takeoff?”

Rudders up. Tires check.

“Runway 30 _______ you are cleared for takeoff.”

Throttle forward.

“This is your captain speaking. We are now cleared for takeoff.”


Yeah I heard the whole thing ended up with “Fuck your cover of your little magazine!”

I agree we can afford to pay for our own on a real magazine.


Respect man. Women who deserve respect, who’ve earned respect,  love respect. When someone shows it we never forget it.

And I always pay it back two fold.

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