It was the BEST NEWS EVER…

01 May

They called me today. They said, “Laura, you are a lucky, lucky dog. Every biopsy of the spots came back benign. Lucky dog, girl.”

“Wanna pet my head…”

So the spots are just spots – they’re like freckles but on the inside of my organs. All I ended up needing was prescription Pepcid. Problem solved. I got a complete bill of clean health.

You might want to check back and read further this evening. I had even more good news today.


Two more things of good news -

Advertising people LIVE for this moment – You know last month I took out the back page ad in Palm Beach, The Island magazine. And they ran an editorial on Kaufmann de Suisse after we got to chatting. In the editorial, they ran the photos I shot of Lyndsey. A customer comes in to the store today with the ad and editorial in her hand and says, “I want this…” She had literally ripped it out of the magazine.

YES! This is what I live for is moments like this when the client sees that the advertising works. It made my day. Freakin fabulous…

Then I got to spend all day shooting a former Miss USA. We needed a beautiful older woman as a model and boy did she rock it. She’s as beautiful on the inside as the outside and we became fast friends. I love the shots. I love her. I was so excited to work with her. We’re getting together for drinks on Monday we hit it off so well. She was Miss USA in 1983 and Miss California. She’s beautiful – Perfect for our advertising.

Then we had a younger model. She’s the one I pegged from the beginning as a “future super model.” Her look is spectacular and her shots were incredible.

What a great day to be in Palm Beach and photographing gorgeous models and spectacular jewelry. I have such a good life. These shots will look great on the web site, in the Look Book, in Social Media and in our advertising.

What a great day.

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