Today’s photo shoot went well…

30 Apr

We shot today and we have another full day shoot tomorrow. Although the weather started off rough we ended up with a beautiful day and some great shots.

M. asked me, “How do they look?”

I was looking at one shot in particular. “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

She had never heard of that expression.

I am going to be shooting a former Miss USA and Miss California soon. I am looking forward to that one. I met her at Flagler House for a champagne reception for the Mayor of Palm Beach. She’s such a sweet woman. I’m looking forward to that shoot.

We’ve got thousands of shots at this point. It’s going to be tough to choose the best for all our purposes. C. and I definitely have our favorite models. There are some that really stand out.

Next week, I’ve got to go talk to a yacht company about the yacht shoot I want to do. I need to smooze in person because I know yachts. Laura wants a deal…


So they said to me, “Do you really think you’ll join the private course?”

I think I am. The private course I live was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by golf magazine. My view is absolutely gorgeous. I can image what the rest of the course looks like. Out my front is the semi-private. As an owner, I can play either course at any time. Then across the road we have a public course. I am so happy with real estate choice. I have a beautiful pool, gorgeous views. I have anything you could ever want. And then to be able to use the beach and pool at the Four Seasons, that’s just icing on the cake.

The photos I shot with my iphone do not do it justice. It’s stunning. My home is on hole number 2 with a lake and golf course view. I love the water.

I think I’m going to do it this fall.

The thing of it is – is that if I join the private golf course then I’ve got to give up going up in an airplane. The problem with expensive hobbies is that you have to choose. But right now I am really enjoying the golf. I grew up golfing. I love it.

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