What a fabulous day…

29 Apr

I spent my day cooking in the new kitchen and golfing.

In the kitchen I made lunch for Monday and Tuesday – I made homemade vegetable soup (I use vegetable juice as the base) and spinach salads with egg, carrots, celery, raisins, cranberries, nuts and croutons.

For dinner I made organic pasta with sun ripened tomatoes and pesto with yellow peppers, onions and shrimp.

In golf I am definitely making progress. Although I didn’t initially like my Big Bertha 5 wood, I have warmed up to it now and I like the way I shot it today. I made progress on the lower irons but the upper irons still need more work. The 1, 3 and 5 woods are still my best. I went to the driving range before I golfed the course but I didn’t practice putt and it showed. I need to work on that.

Overall there was progress compared to the last time I was out and that’s what I am looking for – progress.

It’s interesting because on the drivers, I know exactly what I am doing wrong if I do something wrong. And then the next shot, I correct it and it goes better. I have to keep reminding myself, “Let the club do the work…” On the upper irons, I am beginning to feel like I need a golf pro to evaluate my shot, because I don’t know what’s causing that problem.

Overall it’s coming along to the point where I am thinking about joining the private course in the fall. They only have enrollment 2 times a year. If I join then I will also get beach and pool access to the Four Seasons because they have a reciprocal agreement with the country club where I live.

What did I wear for golf today? I wore a navy Nine & Nine skirt and sleeveless shirt.

But this was my kind of day – cooking, golfing and enjoying a nice Bloody Mary – cheers to the Queen.

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