We are like the Warriors of Worth Avenue…

25 Apr

Two days of shooting in two rainy days. Wait for the rain. Oh the sun is out, let’s go! We got five minutes.

Tired, sweaty and eaten by 300 mosquitoes we emerge victorious. Of of the fun of being a fashion photographer when you’re not an executive…

Brutal people. It just is. Some of the mean looks those models shoot you are for real – because they don’t get to eat. And then some of these girls are real fun….

I don’t understand why Lyndsey and I (two blonde women) were the only ones to get eaten and attacked by mosquitoes. I don’t get it. Cesar and Tom were never touched by them. No joke, Lyndsey was ready to cry by the end of the day. “We just made a trip to the Congo, eh?”

Honestly though, I think Cesar beat me on the photos. I saw his shots and they were fantastic. I’ve waited weeks to see this – finally that talent comes to the top. I’m happy for him.

Some of those mosquitos have like vampire fangs….

It was so good to get a shower this evening.

I have to laugh though because Cesar shot the worst photos I ever had taken of me in my life and I 86xed that deal right away. No. No way. Not ever. I take better photos with my iphone….I am also very, well aware that I am not as pretty as one of the models we shot today. She was gorgeous material. Perfect.

I’ve got friends who are fashion bloggers and web developers with blogs – how would I characterize the past two days in that weather? Very challenging…of course I love bloggers because they fuel so much Internet traffic…

Personally, I am ready for a yacht shoot or a helicopter shoot…

I’ve got to work a deal on the yacht shoot because that’s an upcoming item on my list as well as a shoot with Rolls Royce for their magazine.

One of the models said, “Wow, look at this street.”

I said, “You have to understand that Worth Avenue is the Beverly Hills of the East Coast and you’re at Grand Central Station right now.”


Hey guys, my diamond hoop earrings just arrived from overseas. I love them. they are huge. Maybe this weekend I’ll shoot some selfies. They are flawless…I am wearing them to work tomorrow…


Remember the pinks? Isn’t it cute?

Who doesn’t love diamonds….


Ok, I am giving lessons tonight… Here’s the post I like best, hand on the hip, hip to the side (ignore that I have no makeup on and no bra)…ladies you look fabulous in this pose….

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