I don’t think it’s going to work…

24 Apr

It’s too bad because I really liked him… up until the point where he told me he didn’t need a website and that goes against the grain of his business model.

I guess he didn’t care what I did for a living and he choose to minimize the impact I can have on a business.

Then he told me he didn’t really care about business.

I’m sorry about that because I do care about business and I live on the Internet and I do this blog because I have found that through the years people ask me the same questions in person that I answer on this blog. And instead of one of my friends or business associates asking the question, I have hundreds or thousands of my friends asking the same question. So the blog ensued over 10 years ago and it’s lead to some amazing experiences and connections. And yes business people still ask personal questions, like “how was the reno tonight? how was the boat show? how was your date?” They all ask it.

I’ve got no apologies for it and it’s not going away. I think I need someone who really respects what I do.

My blog brought my ex so much business, I was happy to cut it off when we broke up. Why fuel somebody’s business who doesn’t appreciate you. Actually, I am actually guilty of doing that for a number of people.

I think I see the situation perfectly, he cared about my looks not what was inside my head. Which is too bad, because I am the other way around, I care about what’s inside your head first. No matter how good your looks, they will eventually leave you. I’ve spent my life building what’s inside my brain. I deserve a man who appreciates that.

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