It was not a good day…

23 Apr

I’m a nice person. I come from a good family and we’re nice people. And in the way I conduct business, I am a nice person.

Today I had to deal with someone who is not a nice person. The words that came flying out of their mouth towards all the staff was just plain mean. Really mean.

People always look at me and say, “You’re such a strong, independent woman..” That’s true. But I also have feelings that get hurt if someone’s nastiness for no reason goes deep enough.

It was like one of those days when someone scarred your psyche. It was horrible and if you read my blog you know it takes a lot to reach that level with me.

I hate when people have miserable lives and they feel the need to take it out on everyone around them. I don’t have a miserable life. You have to be smart enough to make yourself happy so everyone around you can be happy. Power is no excuse for mistreating people.

As a matter of fact, I would say that that person just seriously diminished their power in the eyes of the six people who took the brunt of it.

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