It was so much fun…

22 Apr

I went to the driving range today. This golf bag is so heavy because of the way I’ve configured it. I basically have 3 sets of clubs and I put my favorites into this bag. I don’t hit Calloway drivers the same as I hit my old Wilson graphites but I just seem to know the Wilson graphites the best so I get good shots with them. But the bag is heavy when you stack it this way.

I really need to be going to the driving range every weekend. The drivers are my favorites and I hit them pretty good today. I need to go one day where I don’t allow myself to touch the drivers and I need to work just on the irons. I spent some time putting afterwards and that has to be the hardest putting green I’ve ever been on. It’s very, very sloped. My putting needs a lot of work. I need to spend more time on it.

But it’s so much fun to chase that little white ball around.

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