I’m going to be in Trouble with a capital “T”

21 Apr

Well by now you know that’s it been a few years since I was in a relationship. I always just use a first name on my blog so no one has an idea.

We had our second date last night and I can tell you right night that on the third date I’m going to be in Trouble with a capital “T.”

He really seems to have it all – he’s brilliant, he’s good looking, he’s successful, he’s charming.  And he really seems to be into me.

We had dinner at the Brazilian Court Hotel. Again he managed the best table in the whole place. Then we went to HMF at The Breakers.

Sadly, he left for New York today and I don’t know when he’s coming back. He doesn’t know when he’ll be working out of the Palm Beach office next. So I don’t know when that third date will be but I’m looking forward to it. But it might be a while before that happens.

So in answer to everybody’s question – “What did you think?” I think he’s fabulous.

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