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20 Apr

I shot 2000 photos at the shoot. I’ve edited 215 so far. I’ve got some serious speed to my work – Whether it’s a photo shoot, a web site, a print ad, a contract negotiation, a networking event – I’ve got speed to me. There’s a lot of good stuff in that shoot. Now I bring it to life. These photos are going to appear in Art Bodega Magazine as well as our Look Books, web site, Amazon, advertising, etc. There are some rock star shots in that group.

Then I spent the rest of the day handling operational issues like a dispute we had with AT&T, I had them issue in writing that I won and this whole thing would be taken care of – this went on for months.

Next I have to deal with an attorney who’s over billed us for preparing documents. We agreed on a price and they billed far over the price. I’m not happy about that.. I had to find a watch that no one could find on the Internet. I found one place to get it. Unfortunately, the price reflected it’s a watch that had to get. And so on and so forth went my day.

I modeled a necklace so they could figure out how to alter it.

Monica and I are going to a Chamber event on May 3rd. I think we’re going to rejoin the Palm Beach Chamber. I always love the Chamber meetings. I built my business on Hilton Head around being active in the Chamber. The Chamber was nice enough to pick up our tab for breakfast at The Breakers. I’m looking forward to it.

Beginning next week, for a month I’ll get to leave the office to do photo shoots for two days a weeks with different models. I get to wear my golf clothes to work.

I had some nice compliments today about how beautiful they thought I looked. Thank you – I was wearing one of “Marilyn” dresses with an aqua wrap and had my had down.


I also had to do one of my least favoriteĀ  but very necessary things – talk a customer down off a ledge. I’ve seen this happen so many times it’s like a broken record. The customer makes a great purchase. They go home and they Google the last name Kaufmann. Then they call the store wanting to cancel because they read about Christopher’s antics. Here’s the thing – First – the store is owned by Monica, who is as straight as an arrow. I know Monica and if a customer is not happy, she’ll bend over backwards to make them happy – sometimes remaking a piece one, two, three, four times to get it just the way they want it. Monica has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

I’m the one who opens the store, unlocks the safe and brings the gems out of the safe. The jewelers are not allowed in the safe, Christopher is not allowed in the safe. Some years back he broke off on his own and got into financial trouble over the store he owned. The guy can be a nice guy but he’s a disorganized mess. He doesn’t even know how to operate a computer. Even I have to manage his iphone. He has no technology skills.

For Christoper, the path to redemption will not be an easy one, but he’s on the path.

Monica put him on a short leash and brought him back into the store. He’s under my watchful eye and Monica’s watchful eye. We’ve actually not had any problems with him. His problem in life is women and the fact that he’s very disorganized. But it’s important for people to distinguish Monica’s store from Christopher’s old store. He’s a great salesman and that’s what we let him do – nothing more. He’s not running this show – that’s Monica and I’m her right hand. It’s unfair that people judge her business by what they read on the Internet about him. Keep in mind, he’s never been convicted of anything. But what can I say – he sells newspapers and sells a lot of jewelry. I don’t feel bad about the jewelry part because we sell the very best, first class products. Sell away… that’s what I tell him.

So after I explained all this to the customer, they were happy again and they will be thrilled when they pick up their purchase this weekend. We always make it right and just the way you want it. It’s so unfair to Monica but he’s her brother and she loves him and he’s part of us as group and we want to see him turn it around. She makes him send checks to people he owes money to every week. I’ll tell you one thing, he can’t pay people back if he’s in jail. At least working for us, we dock his wages to pay his creditors. And none, not one of those people are owed money by Monica.

Some of it gets a little dicey, we’ve had people from the Middle East show up in the store because he owes them money. So we offer to try to sell some of their pieces through our channels to pay the money back. We’ve got no obligation to do this but if it makes things right, we’re willing to try it.

Christopher’s old store was Christopher Kaufmann Le Salon. Monica’s two stores are Kaufmann de Suisse. Her brother Charles owns the store in Montreal. Sadly, some of how Christopher got in trouble was because he loaned the Montreal Store money that he couldn’t afford to loan. All three stores were started years ago by their father – the great Pius Kaufmann. Pius is one of my favorite people on this earth. I just spent a month and half with him. We still sell his jewelry designs today as well as those items created by Monica and Christopher.


So how do I characterize my life – I deal in diamonds, danger and all things that dazzle.

If you follow my lead and give me enough room, we’ll own this town justĀ  like I did on Hilton Head. Here comes the queen of networking…Add it to my “I’ve got this” list.

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