15 Apr

During the photo shoot today, the sky suddenly turned and a rainbow circle appeared framing the moon. I’ve never seen anything like it. Unreal…

The original weather prediction was for rain and chance of tornadoes. So we scaled back the photo shoot to only four models and three photographers. One of the models was a former Miss Brazil. She was beautiful but in looking at all the photos I shot tonight, it was an unknown American who kicked her ass in the photos. One of the girls was just unbelievably good and such a natural. I haven’t seen a model like this in a long, long time. She really doesn’t take a bad shot and her look is very, very striking.

I went to Spring Fling on Saturday and was asked out on a date within ten minutes of arriving at the party. It was a very interesting dinner.

You know I like talented and intelligent men. He designs office buildings, his first degree was in Chemical Engineering and then he went to Harvard Business school (graduate school). His hobbies are photography and golf. There’s some common ground here. Unfortunately Palm Beach is just one of his residences and he’s not here very often. He works in upper Manhattan. But it was an enjoyable dinner in a very nice restaurant in Palm Beach. What got us talking was that he used to own a Porsche and we were at the car school and got to swapping car stories.

Now he’s driving the most expensive and sporty Mercedes. But we both said, “There’s nothing quite like the ride of Porsche is there…”

It turns out his home is here in my country club within walking distance. Obviously, we have the same taste in real estate…

I gave him a tour of my newly rennovated home and he was nice enough to say, “You did a really, really nice job.”

That’s good because you know I can’t go out with a guy who doesn’t love my work. Because my work is me…

And not to brag but I had to tell him that when I was in graduate school, I kicked Harvard’s ass to win the first place research prize for Master’s or Doctorate research in my field. I graduated 4.0 on a full scholarship and took this country’s top prize. There was nothing more to win…

I’m just a girl from Ohio who inherited some awesome genes from some brilliant parents and I knew what to do with it…

We’ll see.

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