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12 Apr

We may have to reschedule the photo shoot and party scheduled for Sunday. There is now an 80% chance of rain. I really need outdoor shots. We’ve got 18 models and 4 photographers, catering and servers lined up. We were planning on breaking the girls into groups – each photographer would be a station, then we go into a fast paced shooting mode and all the girls rotate through the stations. And lots of drink and food so everyone has a good time working.

We’re spending a lot of money on this and I don’t think we’ll get all the shots we need with an indoor shoot. At the same time, we would have to post pone for weeks and we don’t want to do that either.

I’m in a holding pattern waiting over a gemologist’s opinion on pricing, accurate descriptions and the need for new photos. The new site is held up on all of this. The inventory management is waiting on all of this. We’ve only got 40 items on 1st Dibs waiting on all of this, the Look Book is waiting on more shots. All I can do is be patient because I really need this stuff.

Even our Paraiba deal has gotten held up with lawyers and legal paperwork that has to be done first.

I want this whole show moving forward. I really do. But right now, we’ve got to spend some time on a matter we didn’t plan on spending time with – but it’s necessary.

That’s just where we are at – in a holding and waiting pattern. I hate not being able to put a throttle to all of this.

Yes, we have one massive house party planned for Sunday. We even got a Rolls Royce for the shoot. What to do…, what to do..we all have all those hair and makeup people booked…

How are we going to shoot a car if it rains?

On the 1st Dibs items we will have new stuff. A dealer came into today with consignment – some good stuff, some Paraiba Tourlamine rings, emeralds, ruby earrings. I’m shooting the stuff now and he gave me pricing today. Hopefully, I can shoot, cut it out, create the postings and get buyers for these items.

I had to model a Philipe Patek diamond and ruby covered watch today. It’s pretty. I think the price is a deal.

Jewelry really is such an interesting business. It’s fun to work with the Crown Jewels.

I have fun with some of the dealers too – one called me from Switzerland. We’ve met in person before. He says, “You know I really love you darling…”

And my response, “And you know I’d love you back if you brought me a buyer for the Paraiba…”

When people call in from another state or country and want to see a 4 ct, 5 ct, 10 ct, 15 ct diamond or gemstone ring, someone shows up at my desk and says, “Put your finger out..”

We snap photos and videos and then the clients can judge proportion when it’s on a hand.

There’s been some really nice pieces of ice on my finger.
The compliments keep coming on my hair. Yes, this look is staying a while. I agree it’s amazing. I love it.

One of my favorite compliments was, “Did you turn EVERY head on Worth Avenue with that hair?”

Thank you so much. Bryn did a great job with the hair and I have no problem replicating her look she created.

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