The freaking amazing job on my hair….

07 Apr

The black dress wins – see below.


Bryn did a fabulous job on my hair. I just did the Keratin treatment. I can’t wash it for 3 days. I love it.

She told me to skip the Yacht Walk – I’ll sweat and I can’t wash it. Just go out tonight instead… I never wear black but I just wanted to show off the ends of the hair. It’s supposed to last 3 months. 4 if you really, really baby it.

Now we’re talking…

I think I’ll go to The Breakers for a drink tonight. HMF at the bar is always fun on a Saturday.

Time to select a dress. I’ll see if I can get a finished shot later.

I have always been partial to what I call my “Marilyn Monroe” style dresses. They are a throwback to the 50s and they are very flattering to my figure. I have a whole closet full of these. I love them.

I did some full length and close up shots so you can see what I’m talking about. And you know I really like blue because I don’t like the color of my own birthstone (Ruby). I don’t like red.

I have a black dress in the closet. I am contemplating it because it makes the hair pop.

No the black one wins. It just makes the hair pop and I can wear the sexy shoes….Cute earrings, eh?

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