Working with me is a real trip…

03 Apr

Once people get to know me they are surprised by how much fun and edginess my personality is. You have to work with me for a while before it comes out.

One of my co-workers was laughing saying, “We need our own reality show…”

This is not the first place of employment or client that ever suggested that to me.

I could tell you endless funny stories about work and how we’ve dealt with things. It’s just my nature.

It’s always a good day when everyone is laughing. Today was one of those days.

Can you tell I’ve reached that age in life where I don’t care what people think? I’m going to be who I’m going to be.

And guess what, we have another party interested in the Paraiba.

Fabulous. Welcome Dubai.


After 4 years my case on the Porsche is going to trial soon. I don’t think they will win because they have been so bad about collecting evidence. But basically, the safety cage of the Porsche savd me from the other driver’s fault. Even though my cell phone in the door was shattered and so were pieces in my neck. I don’t expect this lawfirm to win anything. The guilty party’s insurance didn’t event pay to fix the car all the way or the medical bills.


Monica once said to me and it’s true, “You have so much confidence.”

I do, because it’s what’s in my head that gives me that confidence. No one I know has lived a life or had the experiences I’ve had. Knowledge is power and you learn to use it. You have to live your life to gain that knowledge and the confidence will follow.


Even Godaddy, who I’ve worked with for a long time has some funny Laura stories.

I called in one night to the dedicated team because something I did wasn’t working on a server and this was serious.

I am on the speed dial of many of those guys.

Paul P answered and said, “Don’t you worry Laura. I know how to fix this.”

Then he starts singing (really loud). “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes. She’ll be coming around the mountain…”

All the guys in the server room are staring at him now. I’m laughing hysterically.

When Paul P. gets done doing his thing he says, “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready. Execute that command.”


“Did you just say Yee Haw?”

And it didn’t work the same as when I tried it.

“Oh shit. Just what I thought.”

It didn’t matter. It was so damn funny. I didn’t care that it took us another hour to fix it.

So every time I call in and get Paul, I say, “Sing to me Paul. I love it when you sing.”

And the guys in the server room are like “Who ARE YOU TALKING TO?”


“Oh well then…”

And yes, all that commradie and expertise between the two of us – Laura and Godaddy has resulted in in good sales for Godaddy.

I have a code name ________. And every server that begins with _________1, ____________2, _____________3, ___________4 is my dedicated server. Not to mention the shared hosting I put on their system. I should have my own rack at this point. But they know when they see the code name, it’s Laura’s server.


Outside of work there’s a lot of pics that people miss – my stratocasters, my Porsche that wad destroyed in a crash, me with the airplaine… the list goes on

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