Why do you have three drills???

30 Mar

On her last visit my mother found my tool closet – which has 3 drills, innumerable screwdrivers, channel locks, socket sets, etc. etc.

“Why do you have 3 drills?”

“Those of us who are mechanical just never know when we have to fix something. You know like taking a nose cone off a plane to jump start it or ripping apart an engine or a server. You know I’m not into paying people for things I know how to do.”

When I had the Porsche I could never work on the engine because it’s sealed. But I did rip the dash out of it and redo all the electronics…I did it the way it should have been done in the first place had Porsche employed real designers and computer science people.

It made me laugh just thinking about it – do you remember the first car I ever had and when we took the dash out and put in a “cassette player” only to learn that the car designers didn’t do that because the heat from the engine melted the tapes?

Monica said something super funny today. She said, “What title do you want?”

“I don’t want a title.”

“How about ‘Wiz?’”

My title in life will forever and always be, “Laura Kerbyson.” No title needed.

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