Oh, you have no idea….

25 Mar

When it comes to hackers, the Chinese just want your IP. But the Iranians, are ruthless, destructive, out for blood…I’ve tangoed with them before. And admittedly I’ve always won, but it’s never, never easy.

I can’t tell you how many days I ask myself, how long can a 48 year old woman, ACE in the U.S. continue to kick their ass? These guys are vicious. Unrelenting. You have no idea.

The FBI retires agents at 40, which is a huge mistake in my case….

How long can I continue to dominate?

But is is a joke what I knew at 40 compared to what I know at 48.

I won, because I always win. But how many more years will this continue for?

A new acquaintance called from Switerland and asked, “Laura, how large is the stone?”

My darling, it’s 191.87 carats.

Enough said.

Go get them my deal…

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