I was right – he’s a terrorist

22 Mar

We received a demand letter today, one day after I had already figured out the thief that broke into her house and stole the laptop is from Iran. . He identifies himself as being from Iran in the letter.

He threatens to blackmail and extort money from her. He’s also a hacker.

Policy number one – we don’t deal with terrorists. I will be contacting the Department of Homeland Security tomorrow and filling them in on everything I figured out.

I know certain people in the office doubted me when I told them what I found. I don’t think they doubt me anymore.

The scumbag even threatens to make fake porn videos of us and to send them to all of our contacts on the laptop.

As I said, I don’t deal, negotiate or pay terrorists in anyway.

I knew this had nothing to do with a drug rehab house resident. These people cased that house for the right moment.

Server logs don’t lie. There’s dark data on those servers that leads to clues and information.

And everything in my bones tells me he’s still in the U.S.

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