I found clues to the thief…

21 Mar

I think other people in the office are completely wrong that this robbery was done because the person was involved in drugs.

The laptop was used after it was stolen. I found a record where it was used that traces back to Iran. I traced the IP back. The site accessed was in Farci. I’ve got the site, the time and day stamp. Server logs don’t lie. It was one of Monica’s logins and emails used to access the site.

To me this is very clear.

The thief was not someone from a drug rehab house. What a terrorist wants with that laptop, I’m not sure. That laptop is only worth $50  – tops. So to me, the interest would be the data.

They didn’t wipe the drive. If they had stolen it to resell, they would have wiped the drive. And they took the time to steal the power cord.

I wish this email server had been one of my Godaddy servers. It wasn’t. It’s one of our Canadian servers. Those servers don’t track nearly enough data like a Goddady dedicated server. Had this been running through one of my servers, I could of had them arrested already. But the reality is that I have limited data to access.

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