I’m back to working on the deal tomorrow…

19 Mar

And that’s where I am in my element. I spent this weekend talking to lawyers and now I have additional papers to prepare…

In other news, I finished painting the guest bathroom. I looks good. As soon as it dries I’ll have a photo. You know I ended up having to do this stuff because the renovations went over budget and I said, “I guess yours truly will have to do some of the work to finish it…”

It wasn’t as bad as when I had to patch the ceiling. That’s at my list of “all time jobs I hated the most.”

The smart thing would be just to complete this deal and pay someone else for this stuff. But then of course, if I have to work for it then I won’t be selling it anytime soon because I had to work hard for it…

See the logic?

My neck is killing me. That’s why I got shots last week. I shouldn’t be doing this stuff. Yes, I know I still have to do the doors and the new doorknobs…

By the way in case you were wondering… I mastered that safe and the security systems. I am an old pro at it all now. Whatever I need to learn in life, I keep at it until I master it. Always.

I’ve been opening the store for weeks now. I did end up reprogramming both systems in order to tighten security.

Yes, there’s something thrilling about putting hundreds of millions of dollars in merchandise in place every morning. You know I’m a woman and what woman doesn’t love diamonds?

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