I’m not doing it…

14 Mar

I saw the photos today from yesterday and I was horrified. The makeup was bad. The photography was bad. They are the worst pictures I’ve ever seen of myself.

I have an appointment Saturday to have someone remove these stupid eyelashes. I absolutely hate them. I can’t wait to get them off.

I’m not the right person to be doing this. I’m not comfortable as a model. I want to stick to the business and design side. I prefer to be behind the camera. The whole experience did not make me feel good about myself.

Florida Design’s Palm Beach The Island hit the newstands today. The ad I designed is on the back cover. Also they ran an editorial piece about Kaufmann de Suisse. I shot the photos of the model.

This is how I want people to see me. Not overdone as I would expect a hooker to look. This is “me” below and this is part of what I do. I just need the right man who finds this sexy. That’s what I think. I don’t want a man who likes the overdone look.

I don’t like drama in my makeup or my life. I like excitement, a little edge and brillance. I admire intelligence more than anything in this world. I find that sexy.

My personal opinion is if the buyer is a serious jewelry collector, he doesn’t want to see it on a model. He wants to see it in a case. I feel the same way about the guitars I collect. I don’t want people playing them. I want to see them as they are… for the beauty they have.

Honestly, I feel like the only usable shot was the oneĀ  showing my cleavage and no head. Because I appeared to be “well endowed” in the shot. But I still like the photos best of the necklace in the bust in the case. That’s my opinion. The necklace should never be worn by anyone. It looks better off of a person.

With my most prized guitar, I never liked a shot with my hands on the guitar, it took away from the instrument and it’s value. This was the best shot. It also showed off my car. I am just a third party to the shot.

At the end of all of this, I almost feel the need to hire a real photographer to prove that I don’t look like those pictures today. I can take a decent shot if it’s the real me.

Those photos were shot just a few years ago. They aren’t that old.

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