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18 Jun

This is the overview of the Catholic Funeral Rites. Since that’s what I am, I am inclined to say let’s follow this:

I would want the mass to be at St. Mary’s and someone would need to get permission since it is a previous parish of record for me. The church is a few hours drive to that cemetery and I attended that church and contributed to it for years. All of my significant life moments were in that church.

Right now I am inclined to say that that would be my answer.

So there’s our serious answer to the question – what will I want?

Mass at St. Mary’s and burial at Beverly Hills.

That means that I will be buried next to my mother, stepfather, grandfather and grandmother.

Should be daughter decide to be buried with me, if the cemetery permits it, then you would have my permission to stack the caskets (hers and mine) into my plot (it’s called a double depth plot) as long as she agrees to let me “Rest in Peace” :)

I knew that would crack a smile.

The plots were purchased a long time ago.

I took out a policy for her years ago that cover whatever her final wishes would be. If she were to desire her own space and one is available nearby, there will be money to cover it if it is available. But that’s the problem with family plots, you never know if an extra space will be available.

And the next question you want to know is what kind of casket do I want? I want one in my color and I like stainless steel. I have no idea if these places will be in business when I die, but you can now order caskets off of the Internet.

But a few pics would give you an idea of what I want.

I like the look of top one best. Places to look at:

Just remember there’s a big difference between blue and aqua. Aqua is my favorite color. I don’t really like the heavily quilted look. I like modern lines like the casket on top. I prefer chrome or silver accents over gold. As a designer, I am kind of famous for that color on the first one.

I mean if I were designing the casket above, I would take the top one but make the interior white so that I can wear aqua. But since they don’t make that, I guess you would have to bury me in white with aqua accents. You never know what they’ll make in the future. I’ll have to give that one some thought…

Maybe I should go into designing these things…

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