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09 Jun

I’m going to getting a briefing this weekend on the entire situation. I did not know that there was a bill in the Louisiana House that passed that would have transferred control of the property to another group. As of 6 p.m. last night, it had passed the House and is on the way to the Senate.

That certainly complicates the picture.

I’ve got to tell you – this stuff is never easy. Even in my Florida project I want to do – there were two tracks of land available off of I95 that were made available for sale to me. On one track, I could never fit a park. I could put a waterpark and a campground there but not a park. On the other piece of land, it’s a famous corporate headquarters and they are willing to sell, but they screwed up. It’s a large piece of land, but they sold a narrow piece of land down the middle of the land and some homes were built on it. That was not a good use of the land because who wants a house near I95?

The minute I buy the land to put a park there, those homeowners will sue me. My plan was that I would have to raise enough money to buy them out. But not every homeowner would want to do that plan. This stuff is never easy.

I would hate to see the Louisiana situation end up like a Myrtle Beach or the way that Arizona had tried to go about raising the money for a park.

I’m going to look at everything carefully this weekend. I am certainly willing to help if I can.

Here’s the kicker:

House Bill 262 from state Rep. Jimmy Harris, D-New Orleans, gives the city authority to require that the City Council approve any contract or incentive¬† — including a sale or lease of property — by the Industrial Development Board.

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