Changing the flow of the energy…

06 Jun

I just finished a Yoga and meditation session. It’s amazing how you can tap into your energy and change it’s direction.

You want to know some of the profound wisdom that I was contemplating?

A couple of years ago (around age 45) I was starting to age in a way that I didn’t like the way it reflected in my face. So I gained some weight. As you are aging, gaining a little weight makes you look younger. When women my age try to lose too much weight, it really makes them look older in the face because they lose their fat in their face. Fat in the face is what fills in the lines and gives a youthful appearance.

I was fortunate that when I gained some weight, I gained some curves that were flattering. In my 20s and 30s, I had no curves. In my 40s, I’ve gotten to enjoy curves. More men asked me out on dates in my 40s then all of my 20s and 30s. It’s true.

So in my great meditation today I was wondering how much weight should I lose?

Catherine Deneuve once said it best, “A older woman has to choose between her face and her ass.”

Meaning – if you are too skinny, you look old. If the face is nice and filled out, you’ve got some curves. Finding that magic number for the balance is key.

So after contemplating my lines, I decided that about 5 pounds would be the right amount to lose. Five pounds may not sound like much, but the first place you lose weight is in your face. I think that’s perfectly achievable within a 10 day time frame. What I really need is more Yoga. And anyone who works with computers or drawing really SHOULD do Yoga.

I’m a person that has an intense personal energy and when I do the Yoga, I tap into it and channel it in just the right way. You really can find your bliss when you know how to tap into it.

Yoga and lose five pounds – that’s what I need. It’s not just personal that that decision affects, when I gained the weight, business was better. People were spending more time looking at my face than ass. Catherine was a pretty smart gal.

I am enjoying my bliss.


On a cold, rainy day Yoga is a great fix because it raises your body temperature.

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