Meeting tomorrow

06 Jun

I received an interesting phone call yesterday and I have a meeting scheduled with them for tomorrow.

Someone was wants to tap into an interesting area of my background. I don’t know how serious they are but they asked for hour and half of my time.

As I am sorting through opportunities these days, I’m interested in what many people have to say. I am keeping an open mind.

This is part of the reason why if New Orleans wants to do this project, they need to act quickly. Because as much as I am enjoying my vacation these days, it will not be a permanent one.


Another inquiry came in 15 minutes after I made the post.


So after the interesting things arrived, a bunch of non-interesting things arrived.

I had no idea this post would set off all kinds of things. Let me save some people some trouble. I do not live in Myrtle Beach. I was only there the year we built the park. I have no desire, intention, etc to ever live in Myrtle Beach again. Although I loved Legends, Myrtle Beach was never my cup of tea.

I live in Palm Beach county, Florida. I do travel to see clients.

Other things I do not entertain and have no interest in whatsoever – Java Programming or the banking industry. I do not take clients in those areas.

Thank you, but no thank you.

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