Funny & Good Stuff – Cleaning out Storage…

04 Jun

It will take me a week or more to get through everything I need to sort through, but there was some seriously funny and some good stuff in that storage unit.

Some of the stuff is dusty and dirty and I just shot it with my phone.

Here’s what I found today. Some of it goes together to tell a story.

My Led Zeppelin the Ride shirt. I bet there are some guys and gals in Vietnam who want to see this shot.

More Hard Rock Park memo. My jackets and hats.

This one is super funny. My daughter was nine years old when we started building the park. She’s 20 years old now. This was a poem that she wrote for me when we were building the park. Her first name is Sarah. Her middle name is Faith. I always called her Faith. I love the part about she needs “at least 11 hours of sleep” and “her video games” and “wants to be 10 already.” Girvan Drive is in Legends because we lived in Legends.

And you will not believe what this is from. There’s a group of four guys who worked for Hard Rock who will laugh when they see this one. Hard Rock corporate put me through a week of management training when we first started the park project. I went to Orlando for it. They broke the group into small groups and we were each assigned stores to spy and scope out their visual merchandizing. So myself and four guys, were assigned to Victoria’s Secret. So walking around the store I said, “You know we have to buy something. Who wants to try this on?” Funny, I was the only taker in the group.  It’s a black silk night gown. So I did, we bought it and they couldn’t stop smiling. It’s not your usual corporate trip. It was fun. I think they eventually used our little story as inspiration for an ad campaign for the Hard Rock Hotel. We kept laughing because I said, “I must look like the biggest hussie ever walking around a Victoria Secret with four guys.”

This one has a story too. This was my Unreal Tournament disc. The story was that prior to joining the park project, I taught all kinds of stuff including game design. So when Steven interviewed me for the park, he asked me, “You ever build anything?”

“Yes, a couple of houses and does this count?” On my computer I had some buildings I had put together in the Unreal Editor. I also had some other games I had built outside of that toolset. I loved always loved this game. That was the original interview when I went from Chicago interviewing at Northwestern University to become a professor to South Carolina and I showed up in a black leather skirt,  gold silk blouse, my gold dolphin ring and my ruby ring. I needed something that screamed “rockstar.” That outfit did the trick and the rest became history. It was an hour long interview. He let me get 10  minutes out of the door before he called me.

Well that and I gave him a bottle of Balls and letter of recommendation from M.I.T. That didn’t hurt either. I guess you gather why I am the “Kick Ass Web Mistress” of Hard Rock.

Then there was this really funny old portfolio disc of mine. It was all the Macintosh applications I wrote from 1990-1994. My name wasn’t Kerbyson then but I packaged them into a portfolio disc somewhere around 2002. The really funny thing is, they are all animated. It takes forever for the objects to move across the screen but I have these cheesy little animations. It’s hilarious. When I started doing this stuff back then the computers were in black and white. Yes, kiddies, I am 47 and my old work shows it.

All that stuff was written when I worked at F.I.U. Here’s a copy of our landmark presentation we did and that’s a black and white photo of me and Sonia Van Dalen going to some lunch event at F.I.U. We were styling that day.

This photo is also from the F.I.U. days. I was 21 at the time and taking one of my employees to visit SCAD in Savannah. She took the photo.

This one I absolutely love. I found my original business plan for Snowboarding Magazine. I won first place in the Writer’s Digest magazine proposal contest when I was a student at Ohio University.

This one is when  I was 17 and did my first aerial photograph from a helicopter. This is the Dupont Plant.

I love this one below. This is from 1989 when I was 19 years old and working for a GE Plastics company. It’s memo I wrote to Bob Bedillion the CEO letting him know that I had ordered the company’s first lapel pins. I can not believe I still have this memo….

This was a sign that used to hang in my Victorian. I love Martha Stewart, I really do but I thought the sign was funny. Maybe I could sell it to Snoop Dog?

In my 20s and 30s I had two dogs. These were my heathens – Tesla (left) and Tobi (Right). I haven’t had a kid or a dog in my house for years. I have such an uncomplicated life now…

This is the cart load of old software books that I am donating to Goodwill. I have no idea who will want these…

Now I am saving the best of today for last here. I found my recipes from when I used to cook. The first one, really and truly, is my secret sauce. It’s a Louisiana barbecue sauce. Yes folks, that’s beer as one of the ingredients. If I do Jazzland in New Orleans we will have to serve this chicken. I wrote these cards in my 20s.

Laura’s Secret Sauce…

Yes, there was some good stuff in today’s finds…

What do I look like today with no makeup on and cleaning out storage. Not as pretty as with makeup….

One of my friends texted me, “Do you still have your long hair???” Of course darling. Always.

See. Does this shot show it better? It’s just not done. A day of cleaning out storage – you know?

Yes, I usually wear makeup.

I also found a great textbook in storage that I taught for over five years written by Debbie Rose Myers. And interestingly enough, she offered me a job last year teaching at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. It was a great honor to meet her.  While I didn’t accept the position, I thought I would snap a photo this evening of the t-shirt she gave me – I sleep in it.

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