Not the weekend I had hoped for…

03 Jun

I was afraid this was going to happen and it did.

As I’ve been contemplating what the next big project is going to be I decided to finally go into to get my tennis elbow looked at after 2 years. I’ve tried everything including babying it over the course of two years. It has just slowly continued to get worse. The interesting thing is that tennis elbow tends to happen on your dominant arm. It’s my left arm that got nailed.

In an abundance of caution, I’m sure, the doctor ordered all kinds of tests. It was like, “You know you haven’t had stuff checked in while, let’s get it all done now.” So now my entire next week is blown with a bunch of tests.

The first one I went to this week, to get blood drawn, they blew the vein in my right arm. So now when I walk out of house, everyone is staring at my right arm. It’s fine. It’s just a blown vein. I have little veins. Always have. This was no surprise to me.

What was a surprise was mid morning when it started to pour rain here in South Florida and I started to get a fever and chills. This is why I hate going in for tests because you are going into offices where there have been sick people.

So now I am doing something I never do – spend a day in bed. This was not the Saturday I was looking for, at all. I am not good at staying in one place.

I have the resistance of a mule. I never get sick. I will probably be done with this fever by tomorrow. Nonetheless all this is putting a damper on the weekend and my week ahead. This is not what I had planned but I have to do it to make these doctors happy.

I honestly think what we’ll end up with is doing some Cortisone shots.

This stupid tennis elbow is one of the reasons I haven’t picked up one of my guitars in a couple of years. I just kept thinking it would heal on it’s own because that’s what most of the Internet tells you. I think we have to find out if I tore something or if it just needs Cortizone shots.

It presents a problem for me because I am ambidextrous. I need the full use of that left arm because that’s the way I am. I am tired of putting up with it. So now we’re going to fix it.

So that’s why it’s going to be a low key week. One of the things I have to start doing is find a Plan B for the next big project in case New Orleans can’t put money on the table. Right now, I have no idea what project B would be.

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