Here’s the Trip Down Memory Lane I Promised

01 Jan

These photos are from my senior year in high school in a scrapbook that I found when I moved to Palm Beach.

I’ll compare then to now. First is my Senior prom picture. I designed the dress and my aunt sewed it. I still love designing to this day. That’s Chris by the way in the photo. After the Senior Prom picture, I’ll show you our photo two years before when I went to his Senior prom (I was a sophmore). I went to prom 3 years. My name was Laura Fleming. I promise you, I saved the best photo of the scrapbook for last.

Notice the last photo of my doodles – Led Zeppelin and an airplane. What did I grow up to be – the Kickass Webmistress of Hard Rock Park who was on the team to build the Led Zeppelin coaster and learning how to fly an airplane.

All the pictures in the jacuzzi were shot at my parents vacation condo in Shipyard in Hilton Head Island. We got to take senior trips there without any parents.

The ET costume was my costume for Halloween at school. My aunt sewed it.

In another box in storage, I have my high school basketball pictures. I played basketball (point guard) and ran track 4×100, 4×200, 100 m, 200 m.
I also have my grades from the college courses I took. I had a semester of college courses finished before I graduated from high school on top of all the other stuff. My GPA for the college courses was a 4.0 – the same that my graduate degree ended up being. I also took guitar in high school and got my first electric guitar back then. The Midvale school for the gifted cartoon is in there because I spent middle to high school in a gifted program – back then gifted programs were for students with IQs over 136. Remember the older you get, the more points you lose….

I’m 46 now. How much different do you think I look? The pic in front of the airplane was shot this year. It’s G.’s plane that we fly on.
Additional trivia – my student bill for the legislature was made into a real state law the following year. I wasn’t voted “Most Likely To Succeed.” For the senior class, I was voted, “Prettiest Eyes.” I had a friend who told me his take on this – “Your eyes are green and they are pretty. But that’s not why you won the award. The eyes are windows to the soul. And you have a pretty soul and a big heart.” It was one of the nicest things a person has said to me.

I had already made the shift into computer science in 1996 when I won the MacDougal Award for Excellence in Research for my graduate thesis. I won for all master’s thesis and PHd’s in the country. My research indicated that in the future we would all read and get our information from the computer screen and that editors and people do make different decisions in human factor computing.
And yes, it’s true I am a confirmed Catholic. The Methodist church was my stepfather’s parents church and I went with them to church on Sunday. So for those of you going ????? Am I wrong? No, your memory is right.

And you are right – I am from Ohio. I was born in Ohio. Went to college in Ohio. But I went to high school in West Virginia because they had a better high school. Parkersburg borders Marietta, Ohio – where I was married, my daughter was born, was baptized and then Brian and I were divorced 15 years ago.

My daughter is now an adult and lives on the West Coast of Florida.

I’ve dated G. now for 3 1/2 years. We are now working through a long-distance relationship. This is G. When I write about “G. & Me” – that’s us.

G.’s been a pilot for over 30 years and has built his own airplane. He has a private pilot’s license and a commercial (like 747 kind of license). He doesn’t fly for the airlines. His business has been real estate for over 30 years. I think he’s owned something like 9 airplanes – one used to be Angelia Jolie’s old airplane. What we fly on now is a Twin (engine) Commanche – military guys love this plane. The one G. has is very rare because it was one the last built and has counter rotating engines and turbo chargers. It’s a fast plane as far as twin engines go. G. is 16 years older than me – but we really do not notice any kind of age difference. I always tell him, “You are like the child I never had. When are you going to grow up? :)

And Ohio University was true to their letter, that if I did well after the first year of a scholarship they would continue to find money for me. I ended up with 11 scholarships and awards in my undergraduate. I graduated after 2 1/2 years of school. Then I worked several years and when I applied for grad school, I tested well enough and had enough of a record that I was awarded a full scholarship to graduate school. Those are very rare for Ohio University. They were true to their word. And I was true to mine. I delivered the top prize in the country as repayment.

I never expected my parents to pay for anything. And I never borrowed a dime for school.

Love All – Serve All
~ LK

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