There is some gratification in the numbers…

04 May

I may have told you some time ago about a platform I wrote to replace lead generation obtained from Facebook. However, it is not a social platform. Because of the changes to iOS, Facebook and Google will undergo substantial changes and challenges in their businesses this year. I wanted something that was independent of all those companies. In the business in which I am involved, leads turn into sales and it’s all about the leads.

I saw this coming last fall. My challenge and idea was to write something that could generate leads outside of Facebook. It took me 2 months to hand code and to develop it.

This was a project that was controversial from the beginning. I understood right from the beginning what it could be worth to the business we are involved in. Some members of the team, did not and at one point, it was a fight to keep it from being shut down. I never once doubted that I could do this and had they said they didn’t want to do it – I would have done it. I believe in it that much.

At one point, I asked if I could buy my work back. They said, “No” and we continued on.

Today I logged into the reporting panel and I could see that our CPAs were below what we achieved on Facebook. And I think that says something. We hired a Facebook expert in the beginning who had worked for them for 10 years. And then I took over and beat that performance and then we broke up my job and started hiring people so I could do things like build this platform. We even hired an analyst. We have definitely been more successful at Facebook than their prior employees.

So to see CPAs less than what we could achieve on Facebook by building our own lead generation source is in a word at this moment – “gratifying” to say the least.

As a company, you’d be very hard pressed to find another company who could run lead generation as well as we do.

In 30 years of a career, I had never worked with someone I could really learn from until I met one of the partners of this firm. Rather than duplicate one another, our skills compliment one another. Our working relationship has been a successful one. I hope that he has learned as much from me as I learn from him. Sometimes you recognize that you could have the makings of a perfect storm and you’re in it to see what happens.

I just want to get it to the point where we can throw some real fuel on the fire. I want to see how far it can go.

For people who don’t work with lead generation – What does it mean to have a better CPA in this case? It means our own platform is generating better, qualified leads at a better price than we could generate on any other platform. We’re getting the leads and they are converting to sales at a very competitive price.

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