My weekend…

01 May

I am spending it at home, which is my favorite place to be.

I am taking it easy while we wait on tests. I went from hypertensive to hypotensive and anemic and we have to find the answer why. I lost a lot of blood but no one knows where it went.

In the meantime I am taking super high doses of a iron medication that function like a blood transfusion each day.

I have four doctors now. One is very suspicious of the first Coronavirus vaccine and fears that it attacked my red blood cells and caused this reaction. We’ve all decided to run all the tests and if they can’t find anything, then look at the vaccine. They feel quite confident that they will find the source of this crazy problem. Unfortunately, I got the call this week that they will not clear me to get the second shot until we know what’s going on. So if we actually find the cause of the missing blood, I would get a booster shot in the fall.

This was not what I wanted obviously. I want to get the tests over with as soon as possible but my blood is not cooperating. They need a blood sample before they can give me anesthesia and I went to 2 labs and no one could get it because my blood volume and pressure are low. That and they blew every vein I had in the hospital. I need at least a week to heal. In the meantime, I am turning my spare time towards investments, cooking, watching some shows and extra sleep.

So this weekend, I am babysitting a computer anyways because I am doing an IP warmup.

My books arrived this week. I wanted the 2 volume 40th anniversary set of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Among the first things I am interested in are the recipes for lamb with sauces and a salmon and mushroom quiche because I love quiche. I adore french food and french cooking.

Right now I am having to increase my intake of red meat in order to boost my blood cells. After they had taken away my salt, caffeine, red meat, etc. with high blood pressure, they are now encouraging it all. I actually feel better today than I did yesterday.

I am looking forward to a nice, relaxed weekend.

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