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28 Apr

After a boost coming out of the hospital, my energy is taking a hit.

I saw the cardiologist yesterday and we are rushing to get tests over the next couple of weeks because I’ve swung to hyptotensive, which is more dangerous than hypertensive.

The reality is he said this is, “a disaster waiting to happen.”

I know. I’m aware of that. But until I have all my appointments and tests then I am putting one foot in front of the other and this show goes on.

The last two days, I wrote the 30 page brand book for the client I am working with because there needs to be a document that can outlive me in case of disaster. You know I’ve written many brand books in my day. Every company needs one.

You’ve probably seen some of the business risks I’ve taken in my life and of course you know I fly – I am not a panicker. I’ll do what I’ve got to do, but mentally the work is good for me while I wait to get my answers. They are hoping to solve this somehow. I wish that could be true, but I don’t know if it can be done. We’ll see. But I know this, I’ve been more right than some of the doctors. At this point, we all know we are probably dealing with more than a heart and blood pressure problem.

In a lot of ways, living through something like an aviation engine failure is good training for handling the worst in life. It’s my job to keep everybody safe and that means drowning out the noise and focusing on what I’ve got to do. I’ve lived through a few Internet disasters that were other companies that affected me. The same mentality kicks in.

My former college students probably remember the day that a student threatened to shoot everybody. I kept my head about me and everybody got out just fine. That was a day to remember wasn’t it?

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