Martha Stewart’s Business Book & The Pool

25 Apr

It was a gorgeous day. I packed up a lunch and some icy drinks and went to the pool.

I started reading “The Martha Rules – 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build or Manage a Business.” This is the book that she wrote while she was in prison. You gotta love Martha.

There hasn’t been anything in the book that I don’t know but it’s Martha and she’s just such an easy and enjoyable read.

The are redoing the golf courses right now. The pool has a view of the courses and the lake. I never lay in the sun. I am always looking for the chair with shade.

I started the day off on one side of the pool because of the shade. That’s the Cabana house on the right….

I was there so long I had to move to the other side of the pool….

You have to love it because it ends up being so private because there’s no one here but me for the day.

It’s such a perfect day when I get to go. I always tell myself the same thing, “You need to do this more often. This is paradise.”

The water was the perfect temperature today.

Then I went home and baked one of my crustless quiches for breakfast for the week. I make it lowfat as well.

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